How to Get PR in New Zealand

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How to Get PR in New Zealand

New Zealand is considered one of the best countries to live in for its better living conditions, culture, education, increased quality of life, and great work-life balance. These factors make it a prime destination for many international citizens, especially Indians.

If you want to live in New Zealand someday, you need a New Zealand permanent residency visa. It is a visa that allows you to stay in New Zealand for an extended period and affords you many of the same rights as a valid citizen of the country.

A New Zealand PR visa can help you get better job offers depending on your age, years of experience, and educational qualifications. Furthermore, you can also travel back and forth between New Zealand and other countries with a New Zealand PR visa.

Eligibility for Citizenship: How To Get PR In New Zealand For Indians?

Indian citizens who want to apply for a New Zealand PR should note the difference between a New Zealand permanent residency visa and a resident visa. They are both different types of visas with varying expiry dates. You must first have a resident visa of two years to be eligible to apply for a permanent resident visa.

Additionally, the expiry date for a resident visa is when you either leave the country or the expiry date of your travel-related conditions. A New Zealand PR for Indians is usually the next step after acquiring a resident visa.

Furthermore, investing in a travel policy before your travels is also good practice when applying for or renewing your residence visa. It shows that you can financially support yourself during your stay in the country and are covered in case of emergencies.

There are many ways to get a PR In New Zealand for Indians after finishing their studies. It can be done through the Skilled Migrants system of points. You also have the option of looking for employment within New Zealand. Those with a valid job offer from a company based in New Zealand can apply for a general work visa instead.

The basic requirements when applying for any New Zealand PR visa include the following:

  • You must have held a resident visa of at least two years.

  • You have adhered to the terms and conditions of the resident visa.

  • You have demonstrated a commitment to the country in the prescribed ways.

  • You can speak and understand English.

Let us look closer at the requirements for applicants wanting to apply for a permanent residency visa in New Zealand. There are mainly two types of applicants, principal and non-principal applicants.

How to Apply For A New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa

Here is what you can expect and what to do when applying for a New Zealand PR visa:

**- Step 1: Check Your Eligibility **

Before you apply, make sure you meet the basic requirements for application. You can also seek additional help in this process through an immigration expert.

- Step 2: Take The NZQA Assessment

Applicants that have received qualifications from institutions outside of New Zealand need to take an NZQA assessment. This can sometimes be skipped if your overseas qualifications are recognised and mentioned under the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment. This step is done to assess and verify your educational qualifications.

- Step 3: Submitting Your Expression Of Interest (EOI)

This step requires applicants to express why they want to immigrate to New Zealand. It involves two steps, a document submission process and checking the applicant's profile. After which you will be sent an invitation.

- Step 4: Wait For The Invitation

You must wait to have your EOI accepted and for officials to send you an invitation to submit a residence application. Along with the application, you must provide supporting documents to verify your age, work experience, qualifications, language proficiency, etc.

- Step 5: Approval Of PR Visa

The last step involves verifying all your documents. Then, on approval, they will grant you permanent residency in New Zealand.

Types Of New Zealand PR Process For Indians

You will be happy to note that the processing time for a New Zealand PR visa is relatively short. Around 90% of the applicants get processed within 43 days. You will, of course, need to fulfil the minimum 2 years residence visa requirement before applying for PR.

You can apply for PR in New Zealand for Indians under these categories:

1. Skilled Migrant Category

This is the most common way to gain permanent residence in New Zealand. If you can find skilled employment in New Zealand, you can apply to live and work there permanently. Eligibility Criteria For Skilled Migrants

  • Proficiency in English

  • Age is below 55

  • Of good character and health

Applying for a Skilled Migrant Category Visa

This is a two-step process, and the points are allocated based on age, educational qualifications, and work experience.

- Step 1: You must submit an expression of interest (EOI) and other applications to show that you meet all the requirements. The information you must submit should include your qualifications, skills, etc.

When officials receive your EOI, they will send you an 'Invitation to Apply' if you have gained a good score in the NZ point-based immigration system.

- Step 2: You must then submit a residence application under this category.

2. Business and Investment Category

Applicants interested in doing business in New Zealand are eligible for permanent residency as they contribute to the country's overall growth and economic development. There are two types of visas under this category:

- Investor Category Visa: If you want to live in the country by investing in property.

- Business Category Visa: Applicants who want to establish a business in New Zealand can apply for this visa. However, you need a two-year business background in New Zealand to apply for this. For some, it can be six months.

3. Family Category You can file for a PR visa if you are a partner, dependent child, or parent of someone with a PR visa. However, to finalise the PR process, you must have a relative sponsor your application.

Points System For New Zealand PR Requirements

Anyone applying for a New Zealand PR process must have a minimum of 100 points on the NA-point System for PR based on their age, qualifications, years of experience, employment, etc. Here is a break-up of that point system:

1. Work Experience: Applicants get 10 points for 2 years and 30 points for 10 years. There are bonus points for career growth, appraisals, bonuses, etc.

2. Employability: 60 points for skilled workers with more than one year of experience and 50 points for skilled workers with experience of less than one year.

3. Family: 10 points for applicants with close family or relatives living in New Zealand.

4. Academic Qualifications: 50 points for applicants with a bachelor's degree or diploma and 55 points for a master's or doctorate degree.

5. Age: 30 points for those between 20-29 years. The minimum points allotted for this section is 5 points for those between 50 - 55 years.

Requirement for PR Application in New Zealand: Principal Applicants

Here is what you will need as a PR principal applicant.

1. Identity Proof

You must provide two acceptable passport-sized photos with a full view of your face and shoulders and a valid passport (the original or a certified copy). If you can not present a passport, then a certificate of identity must be produced in its place.

An identity certificate can be any government-issued document that allows a person to travel. Note that a certificate of identity confirms a person's identity but not their nationality. It can only be used for travel when a passport is not available.

2. Character Certificates

You must provide a Police Certificate as proof of good character. The Police Certificate must be under 6 months old when submitted for the visa application and be in English. The Police Certificate is sometimes called criminal checks, police clearance certificates, or penal records.

To get a Police certificate in India, you must apply for it at a Regional Passport Office or apply to the Deputy Commissioner or Superintendent of Police for your area. You must provide a letter outlining your request.

3. Resident Visa

You must have a valid resident visa that you must have held for at least 24 months (2 years). Your 24-month period starts from the date your visa was issued if you already reside in New Zealand. However, if you were residing outside of the country, your 24 months start from the date you arrive in New Zealand.

You must apply for your New Zealand PR within 3 months of your resident visa expiring, regardless of whether you have returned to New Zealand when you apply.

4. Conditions Of The Resident Visa

You must present evidence of your compliance with the terms of the resident visa. These terms can vary according to different categories like:

  • Travelling to and from New Zealand within the allotted time stated in your visa.

  • Staying a minimum number of days in New Zealand.

  • Having money invested in New Zealand.

  • Working in a specific job or for a specific employer.

You can check your visa label for the terms.

**5. Commitment To The Country **

The evidence you provide will depend on how you show your commitment to the country. At the least, you must spend a minimum of 184 days in New Zealand on a resident visa each of the two years before applying for a New Zealand PR. Spending time in the country automatically qualifies you for the New Zealand PR process.

Here are some accepted forms of evidence:

  • You Have A Tax Residence Status In New Zealand

You qualify as a tax resident of New Zealand if:

  • You have stayed in New Zealand for 41 days or more within each of the 12-month periods of the 2 years before you nappy for PR.

  • Have been assessed as having a tax residence status of 2 years before you apply for a New Zealand PR.

  • The evidence you will provide for this will be a statement from Inland Revenue or a Confirmation of Tax Resident Status endorsed by them.

  • Invested In The Country

You have invested a minimum of NZ$1,000,000 in acceptable investments in the 2 years or more of your stay in New Zealand. The evidence provided can be:

  • Bank Statements.

  • Property Deeds Or Reports.

  • Share Certificates.

  • Business Ownership Documents And Evaluation Reports.

- Owning A Business In New Zealand

You must have started or purchased a business in New Zealand at least one year before applying for PR. If you bought into an existing business, you must have at least a 25% share in it. The evidence provided includes the following:

  • Your latest business accounts are certified by a New Zealand chartered accountant.

  • A letter or email from the chartered accountant that your business is operational and makes a profit.

- Establishing A Base In New Zealand

You can do this by living as a resident for at least 41 days in each year of the two years before you apply for a PR visa. Everyone else under your residence visa has also been living in the country for at least 184 days for the 2 years before you apply.

You could have also purchased a home within the 12 months before or after becoming a resident, still own that home, and/or live in it. Evidence can be,

  • The House Deed,

  • Mortgage Documents,

  • Home Insurance Papers,

  • Utility Bills Of the House, Etc.

Or, worked full-time for at least 9 months or more in the two years before applying for a New Zealand PR. You will need to present evidence of employment,

  • An Employment Agreement

  • Confirmation From Your Employer

  • Pay Slips.

Requirement for PR Application in New Zealand: Non-Principal Applicants

For non-principal applicants to be eligible for PR, the principal applicant must hold a New Zealand PR. However, in some cases, the non-principal applicant can be granted PR independently.

- Eligibility for Partners

Partners of principal applicants can be eligible to apply, provided they meet certain conditions.

  • You have a protection order against the PR holder.

  • You and the principal applicant are separated or divorced.

  • The PR holder has been convicted of an offence against you or your child.

  • The principal applicant is a citizen of New Zealand.

The evidence provided can be certified copies of your divorce, protection order, partner's death certificate, evidence of your separation, or evidence of conviction for an offence.

- Eligibility for Dependent Children

The eligibility, travel conditions, or a new resident visa will remain the same for children included under a residence application as dependents.

  • Children under 16 whose parents are no longer together will be assessed based on the parent that has custody over them.

  • Those over 16 will be assessed based on the parent they live with.

  • Those living alone will be assessed by the parent who was the principal applicant at the time of residence application.

  • Suppose the principal applicant dies or becomes a citizen of New Zealand. In that case, the dependent child will be assessed based on the eligibility of the other parent.

The dependent child can also be assessed independently if the other parent was not included in the residence application, has died, or has become a New Zealand citizen. PR can also be given for some instances like:

  • You were granted a residence visa before 30 October 1995.

  • You legally arrived before 2 April 1974 in New Zealand and held a residence permit under the Immigration Act of 1987.

  • Your principal applicant was killed in the Christchurch terrorist attacks on 15 March 2019.

Documents Needed For A New Zealand PR For Indians

Here are the following documents you will need to present when during a PR application form submission:

  • A job offer letter including details of your employer, working hours, remuneration, job title, and other relevant information.

  • Medical certificate to show that you are healthy.

  • Police certificate for proof of good character.

  • Suppose you are applying as a partner of a PR resident. In that case, you must show proof of your relationship with your partner.

  • New Zealand Qualification Report.

  • Proof that you are fluent in the English language.


There are plenty of ways to apply for a New Zealand PR as an Indian citizen. It is one of the top countries people want to immigrate to for a better quality of life, work-life balance, culture, and many other reasons. One thing all applicants will appreciate about this process is its comparatively short waiting period compared to visa processes for other countries.

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