Norway Citizenship for Indians

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Norway Citizenship for Indians

Norway is a Scandinavian country officially recognised as the Kingdom of Norway. It is famous for its deep coastal fjords, glaciers and mountains. The country is home to different habitats larger than any other European country. The progressive country ranks second in GDP among European nations and sixth in GDP in the world.

Because it is richly endowed with natural resources such as forests, petroleum, minerals, etc, the economy of the country is strong. The people of Norway have a high standard of living. Every year, people from all over the world travel to Norway either for work, study or tourism purposes.

However, individuals who have been in the country for quite some time due to work or education look for a way to get permanent residence or citizenship. Indians are not behind in this list; every year, thousands of Indians travel to Norway either for work, tourism or education.

And those who are there, because of its economy and standard of living, want to get citizenship. However, the country has a permanent set of instructions and processes in place to grant citizenship in Norway to Indians.

Here, in this post we will talk about how to immigrate to Norway from India and what is the procedure to get Norwegian citizenship for an Indian.

Eligibility Criteria For Norway Citizenship for Indians

To get Norwegian citizenship for an Indian by investment or any other process, individuals need to meet the eligibility criteria. There are different criteria for Norway citizenship for Indians, which are listed below:

Norway Citizenship with Permanent Residency

Norway Citizenship for Partners of Norwegians

Norway Citizenship for Children

Norway Dual Citizenship

Other Criteria for Norway Citizenship

Norway Citizenship with Permanent Residency

The very first category is for an individual or adult who has been residing in Norway on a permanent basis due to work or any other reason needed to fulfil the below eligibility criteria to get citizenship.

The individual must have lived in the country for a minimum of 7 years and a maximum of 10 years.

The applicant must hold Norway PR for India at the time of submitting the citizenship request. The PR should be valid at that time.

The applicant must know Norwegian culture, society, language and more.

The applicant must live in the country and have the intent of living during the citizenship process and afterwards.

The applicant should submit the criminal history if there is any. It can affect the decision of citizenship requests after analysing the documents.

Norway Citizenship for Partners of Norwegians or Spouse

Another way to get citizenship in Norway for Indians is if you are married to a Norwegian citizen. However, before getting citizenship, applicants need to live with their partners for three years. Besides this, they need to fulfil the following requirements:

The entire duration of stay in Norway, including the marriage, should be at least 7 years. It means if the individual has been married for 4 years and living with their partner and before that individually lived for 3 years then they are eligible for citizenship.

The residence permit of individual living should be valid for at least one year each.

Applicants need to have a valid residence permit at the time of submitting the Norway citizenship request.

Besides this, individuals must pass the Norwegian language and social studies test.

Individuals need to hand in their criminal records, if any, at the time of the Norway citizenship process.

Norway Citizenship for Children

There is a separate criteria for children who want Norwegian citizenship. However, the requirement generally depends on the child's age.

Children under age 2

The parent or legal guardian either has a valid residence permit or applied for one.

The applicant child should reside in the country at the time of application and continue to live after getting citizenship.

Children between the ages of 2 to 18

The Applicant's child should have been living in the country for the past 2 years.

The earlier residence permit of the applicant child must be valid for one year at least.

If the child is above 12+ and they want their parent or legal guardian to apply on their behalf, they must provide the consent letter.

If the child is above 15 years of age, they must present a criminal record, if any.

Children who are 12+ and applying alone

Individuals must have resided in the country for a minimum of 5 years out of 7.

The consent letter from the parent or guardian for applying on their own.

Applicants should hand in their criminal record if there is any.

A valid residence permit for at least one year each.

Norway Dual Citizenship

This is the new category started in January 2020, in which the Applicant can apply for Norway citizenship without giving up their current citizenship. However, to be eligible for dual citizenship, the home country also allows for the same.

Other Criteria for Norway Citizenship

If one of the parents of a newborn baby has Norwegian citizenship or a passport, the child will acquire the citizenship irrespective of the birthplace.

Fluency in the Norwegian language is a must for getting citizenship. Applicants need to complete 250-300 hours of Norwegian language training.

Further, applicants need to clear level 2 or 3 of Norskprove written and oral tests for getting citizenship.

Lastly, applicants need to pass the citizenship or social science test, which is based on Norway's history, law and more.

Benefits of Getting Norway Citizenship for Indian

There is a wide array of benefits one will get by applying for citizenship in Norway for Indians, which are listed below:

Education-The very first benefit of getting Norway citizenship for an Indian is access to the best education. The country offers free education to its citizens at all levels, including secondary, primary and higher education. All the citizens in the country will have access to top-rated universities and schools, which helps in promoting equal opportunities for everyone.

Social Welfare- Another reason why Norwegian citizenship for Indians is essential is because of its social welfare system which provides protection and security to all its citizens. Under this, citizens of Norway will have access to parental leave, unemployment benefits, pensions and more.

Universal Health Care- The country is known for its strong public healthcare system. Under this, the citizens of Norway will get universal health coverage. It offers access to medical services such as hospitalisation, preventive care and more to all its citizens.

Visa Requirement- Other than this, individuals who own Norway citizenship don't need any kind of visa to enter listed 189 countries and territories such as Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica and more. To travel to other countries, Norwegian citizens only require a passport. Not only this, citizens will have access to work and live in other EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries.

Documents Needed for Norway Citizenship From India

Documentation is necessary either for Norway immigration from India or permanent residence or citizenship. Without a proper set of documents, authorities can reject the application's request. To permanently immigrate to Norway from India or get citizenship, the applicant needs to gather all these documents such as:

Proof of birth certificate.

A legitimate ID proof such as a passport.

A copy of the marriage certificate, if any.

Copy of tax statement during the residency or PR period.

Criminal records copy, if any.

Certificate of passing social studies skill and language test.

Copy of proof of residence.

How to Apply for Citizenship in Norway for Indian

Individuals who are applying for citizenship need to be eligible for Norway citizenship. There are guidelines released by the official authority that need to be fulfilled. If the Applicant is eligible, there is a procedure that needs to be followed to apply for Norway citizenship for Indians. The steps include:

Step 1: To initiate the Norway citizenship process, open the official UDI website.

Step 2: Next, click on the "Want to Apply" option.

Step 3: Further, applicants need to complete the sentence "The applicant is a citizen of" by typing India and then clicking on "Choose".

Step 4: The portal will display the personalised information for Indian nationals. After that, click on the "Citizenship" option.

Step 5: Next, select the correct answer for the question and then click on the "Choose” button. The process for Norway citizenship application may vary based on the answer.

Step 6: Next, answer the questionnaire with all the correct information.

Step 9: Fill out the Norway application form for citizenship and upload the necessary documents.

Step 10: After uploading the documents, pay the application fee and save the acknowledgement receipt.

Step 11: Submit the application and wait for the decision from the Norway embassy.

Rejections of Norway Citizenship - Reasons

Getting Norway permanent residence for Indian or Norway citizenship or any other visa-related thing is solely in the hands of authority. The officials can reject or accept the application based on the application submission. Below are some of the reasons for rejections of Norway citizenships.

Discrepancy in Application Form- The very first reason to reject Norway citizenship for Indians is any kind of discrepancy in the application form. If the information provided doesn't match, the authority has the right to reject the citizenship application request.

Invalid Document Submission- Another reason that Norway immigration officials are very serious about is the proper document submission. If the document submitted by the Applicant is improper or incomplete, then authorities have the right to reject the application.

Language Test- Further, applicants applying for Norway citizenship also need to pass the language test. It is recommended to have proficiency in the written and oral language of the country. Other than this, applicants are required to complete 250 to 300 hours of language training sessions. If the conditions don't match, the application can be rejected.

Identity and Residency Verification- Another crucial requirement for citizenship is residency and identity verification. The applicant must have valid proof of residency in the country for at least three years. Further, they should also have proper identity proof.

Criminal Records- Applicants with a criminal record can affect their citizenship application even after submitting the record.

How to Check the Status of Norway Permanent Residence for Indian?

If the Applicant has already submitted the application and is waiting for an answer, then they can also check what is happening with their application. There is no way to track citizenship status, but authorities have started a help desk to help applicants with citizenship and other visa-related queries. Below are the steps that need to be followed to know what's happening with the Norway citizenship process.

Step 1: To know the application status, go to the official UDI website.

Step 2: Next, click on the "Have APplied" option. Under that option, click on the "Citizenship" option.

Step 3: On that page, there are many questions regarding the citizenship query, which might help.

Norway Embassy and Consulate In India

Below is the detailed information of the Norway embassy and consulate in India.

Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi
Address 50-C, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri  New Delhi - 110021
Contact Number +91 11 4136 3200
Working Days Monday to Friday
Opening Hours 8:30 -16:30
Norway Consulate in Mumbai
Address 3rd Floor C-53,   G Block Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 
Contact Number +91 22 22842042
Working Days Monday to Friday
Opening Hours 9:00 - 16:00
Norway Consulate in Kolkata
Address 5B, Rawdon Street Kolkata 700029 West Bengal India
Contact Number +91 33 2247 8804
Working Days NA
Opening Hours NA
Norway Consulate in Chennai
Address 6th Main Rd, Govindaswamy Nagar, Raja Annamalai Puram Chennai 600028 Tamil Nadu, India
Contact Number +91 44 2435 7537
Working Days NA
Opening Hours NA

Some Interesting Facts About Norway

Norway is the safest and most beautiful country, packed with rich history and natural wonders. Below are some of the famous and exciting facts about Norway.

The Norwegian capital has been the destination or venue for the Nobel peace prize ceremony since 1901 because of the dying wish of Alfred Nobel.

The Japanese undoubtedly introduce sushi but Norway has a part to play in that. In 1980, a Norwegian delegation suggested using salmon in Sushi.

Norway is one of the most robust and most prosperous countries in the Winter Olympic Games. The country has won more medals than any other country.

The beautiful country has around 400,000 lakes, and Hornindalsvatnet Lake is considered the deepest lake in the whole of Europe, at 1512 feet deep.

Sami people are the original inhabitants of Norway, with their history dating back to 10000 years.

The Laerdal Tunnel, which connects Bergen and Oslo, is one of the longest tunnels in the world, at 15.23 miles long.

Norway is known for its picturesque beauty, and its mountains have the biggest contribution to that. Two-thirds of Norway's landscape is made up of mountains.

Svalbard is a Norwegian island that lies close to the North Pole and has more bears than people.

Norway houses the tallest waterfall, Vinnufossen, which is 2280 feet tall and is regarded as the eighth highest waterfall in the world and first in Europe.

Do's And Don'ts in Norway

There are certain sets of do's and don'ts for individuals immigrating to Norway from India or applying for Norway citizenship.

Norwegians give importance to personal space, so while conversing, it is customary to keep a distance. Don't get too close or touch another person without their consent.

Norwegians are highly valued for their modesty, so it is best not to brag about wealth or accomplishment in group gatherings.

The country has the highest regard for nature, so make sure to follow all the cleanliness rules and outdoor guidelines.

Tipping is not customary in the country, so don't force yourself to do that. If you can, it is best to leave tips; otherwise, don't.

While roaming in the country, don't venture into private property as it is considered trespassing.

It is advisable not to cut the line in Norway while waiting in the queue; locals are very sensitive about cutting the line.

While outside, if you are not using the bench or table at a public site, don't occupy it.

Be polite to people or service staff in Norway. After using the service, always say thank you.

Haggling is something which is not common in the country but people can bargain. However, keep your voice low and don't complain about the product.

If you are visiting the western part of the country and consuming unattended berries, then it is best to leave some cash.

Need for Travel Insurance in Norway

If you are visiting Norway for a short duration - work or tourism purposes - having travel insurance is essential. Under the Schengen visa category for Norway, travelling insurance is mandatory.

Besides this, having a travel insurance policy comes with many perks in foreign nations, such as travel assistance, asset protection, medical coverage and more.

Further, there is flight cancellation insurance or cover under the policy where individuals will get reimbursement under certain conditions for cancelling the plan at the last moment. Tata AIG's overseas travel insurance plan is a budget-friendly plan which commences at ₹40.82 per day.

Further, the plan is custom-made based on the needs and requirements of customers. Visit the Tata AIG website to learn more about travel insurance plans.


Norway is definitely the best part of living in because of its friendly people and culture. The country has the highest standard of living. With the unemployment rate close to zero, it is the best place to shape your career. However, to get the Norway PR for Indian or Norway citizenship for Indian, the eligibility criteria need to be met. The whole Norway citizenship process takes time, so individuals should be prepared in advance.

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