Pakistan Embassy in India

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Pakistan Embassy in India

The Pakistan Embassy in India plays a crucial role in maintaining diplomatic relations between these two neighbouring nations. Established in 1947, the embassy serves as a vital bridge between the governments and people of Pakistan and India.

The Pakistan Embassy in India also plays a significant role in the lives of the Pakistani community residing in India. It provides a sense of connection and support to these individuals, helping them to maintain their cultural identity and navigate life in a foreign country.

Despite the complex history and occasional tensions between Pakistan and India, the embassy remains a vital link for cooperation and dialogue.

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Pakistan Embassy in Delhi: Contact Number and Operating Hours

The High Commission for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is in New Delhi, India. Let’s take a quick glance at the Pakistan Embassy appointment details of the Embassy of Pakistan in India below:

Name The High Commission for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Location in India New Delhi
Address No. 2/50-G, Ramnagar, Chanakyapuri South West Delhi 110021 Delhi India
Contact Number +91 11 2611 0601
Fax -26872259
Pakistan Embassy Working Days Monday to Friday
Operating Hours 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Indian Ambassador to Pakistan Aizaz Khan

*Closed on Saturday, Sunday and other national/public holidays recognised by India and Pakistan.

Difference Between an Embassy and a Consulate

Features Consulate Embassy
Location Major cities outside the capital Capital city only
Function Primarily provides consular services and assists the local population Acts as the main diplomatic channel between governments
Scope of Services Visa applications, passport renewals, emergency assistance, cultural promotion, local trade relations Political negotiations, international agreements, major policy discussions, bilateral relations
Head of Mission Consul or Consul General Ambassador
Size and Staff Typically, smaller with fewer staff Larger with more staff and diplomats
Hierarchical Relationship Subordinate to the embassy in the same country Independent mission reporting directly to the home government

Functions of Pakistan’s Embassy in India

The Pakistan Embassy in India serves a multitude of purposes, playing a crucial role in maintaining diplomatic relations and supporting both Pakistani citizens in India and India-Pakistan ties.

Facilitating communication: Acting as a channel for official communication between the Pakistani and Indian governments on topics like trade, security, and cultural exchange.

Negotiating agreements: Representing Pakistan in bilateral discussions and negotiations with the Indian government.

Assisting Pakistani citizens: Providing support to Pakistani citizens living in India with passport renewals, visa applications, emergency assistance, legal matters, and community welfare.

Visa issuance: Processing visa applications for Indian citizens who wish to visit Pakistan.

Gathering information: Providing reports and analysis on India's political, economic, and social situations to the Pakistani government.

Services offered by the Pakistan Embassy in India

Consular Services and Responsibilities of the Pakistan Embassy encompass a variety of essential functions, including:

Representation of Pakistan: The embassy plays a crucial role in fostering the relationship between Pakistan and the host country. It actively engages in diplomatic efforts to enhance communication and collaboration in political, economic, social, cultural, and defence matters, as well as other issues of national interest.

Facilitating Authorities from Pakistan: The embassy is committed to assisting officials from Pakistan who may need to visit India. This involves facilitating their entry into the country and providing necessary support during their stay.

Issuance of Indian Visas for Pakistan: The embassy manages the visa application process for Indian citizens, involving key responsibilities such as:

Accepting Visa Applications: The embassy accepts both online and offline visa applications, covering various categories such as tourist, employment, resident, or business visas.

Form Verification: Thoroughly verify visa application forms to ensure the accuracy and validity of the provided information.

Document Attestation: The embassy authenticates documents, an integral part of the visa issuance process, involving obtaining stamps for long-term visas like residency, employment, or student visas.

Visa Interviews: Conducting interviews for visa applicants when necessary, with a dedicated department handling the visa application process.

Assisting Pakistani Citizens with Passport Issues: Embassy officials provide assistance to Pakistani citizens in India who encounter passport-related problems, offering support for scenarios such as lost passports.

Lost Passport Affidavit: In the event of a lost passport, the individual is required to file an FIR complaint at the police station. Subsequently, a lost passport affidavit is issued to facilitate further assistance from the embassy.

Issuance of Temporary Passports: The embassy may issue temporary passports in cases of lost passports, ensuring that citizens can continue their stay with the necessary documentation.

Consular Assistance in Legal Matters: The embassy extends support to Pakistani individuals facing arrest or legal issues, offering consular assistance during such challenging situations.

Commercial and Financial Affairs: The embassy actively manages financial and business-related matters concerning Pakistan's government, providing essential support in these domains.

Jurisdiction of the Embassy of Pakistan in India

The jurisdiction of the Pakistan Embassy in India is somewhat complicated due to the unique diplomatic relationship between the two nations. As of now, there is no Pakistan Consulate in India due to the complex political climate.

The embassy itself, located in New Delhi, possesses primary jurisdiction over the entire country of India. This means Pakistani citizens residing anywhere in India can access its services, such as passport renewals, visa assistance, and emergency support.

Do Indians Require a Pakistan Visa to Enter the Country?

Yes, Indian passport holders intending to travel to Pakistan must obtain a valid visa. When applying for a Pakistan tourist visa, certain essential documents are required. This visa category is designed for individuals seeking to explore Pakistan for tourism and recreational purposes.

It provides an opportunity for foreign travellers to immerse themselves in the country's diverse cultural heritage, natural wonders, and historical sites.

How to Apply for a Pakistan Visa for Indians

The High Commission of Pakistan in New Delhi issues visas. The application process involves filling out the form, paying the visa fee, submitting the application, and waiting for processing. Physical presence and interviews may be required in certain cases.

Follow these steps to apply for a Pakistan visa from India:

Step 1: Fill Out The Application

Download and complete the visa application form in capital letters (four copies). Leave no column empty.

Step 2: Pay The Pakistan Visa Fee

Deposit/credit the visa fee (₹120/- per entry for Indian citizens) to RBL Bank, Vasant Vihar Branch, New Delhi, or pay by credit/debit card at the High Commission (additional 3% processing fees).

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Visit the Pakistan High Commission during working days with the completed form, required documents, and visa fees.

Step 4: Wait For Your Visa

Wait for the visa to be processed. The high commission or embassy will return two copies of the application form along with your Pakistan visa. One copy must be submitted to the Pakistan Immigration Officer on arrival and the police registration office.

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I am a Pakistani citizen living in India. How can I get my passport renewed?

I am a Pakistani citizen living in India. How can I get my passport renewed?


The Pakistan Embassy in New Delhi offers passport renewal services for Pakistani citizens residing in India. You can visit the embassy in person or apply online through their website. You will need to provide the required documents and fees, and the processing time can vary depending on circumstances.

I am an Indian citizen and want to visit Pakistan. Do I need a visa?


Yes, Indian citizens need a visa to visit Pakistan. The type of visa you need depends on the purpose of your visit (tourism, business, etc.). You can apply for a visa online or at the embassy in New Delhi. Be sure to check the embassy website for current visa requirements and application procedures.

I lost my passport while travelling in India. What should I do?


If you lose your Pakistani passport while in India, contact the Pakistan Embassy in New Delhi immediately. They can help you obtain an emergency travel document to return home. You will also need to report the lost passport to the local Indian authorities and file a police report.