Qatar Work Visa for Indians

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Qatar Work Visa for Indians

The flourishing economy in Qatar is one of many variables that make this central eastern country an appealing objective for unfamiliar organisations, labourers, and financial backers.

India-Qatar cooperation in various sectors has been steadily increasing. The credit goes to both governments' highest levels of involvement, as well as India's contribution to Qatar's progress.

If you intend to work in Qatar, you will need to familiarise yourself with the immigration process for all the necessary visas and permit requirements.

However, before securing a Qatar work visa, it is important to know the Qatar new work Visa rules for Indians and navigate through a set of requirements and processes.

This guide aims to shed light on the intricacies of obtaining a Qatar work visa for Indian nationals, offering a roadmap to ease the transition into the vibrant Qatar job market.

Qatar Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Securing a work visa for Qatar can lead to remarkable career prospects in a country recognised for its creativity, cultural diversity, and bicycle-friendly way of life.

Indian nationals may find the visa application process intimidating at first, but with the right planning and information, it can be an easy process.

In order to qualify for a Qatari Visa, Indian nationals must meet the specific requirements listed below:

Valid Passport: Ensure your Passport is officially valid for at least six months beyond the intended period of stay in Qatar; ensure to provide clear photocopies of the passport’s bio-data page.

Job Offer from a Qatari Employer: Obtain a formal job offer letter from a Qatari employer, specifying the position, salary, and contract duration and ensure the job offer complies with Qatari labour laws.

Educational Qualifications: Submit authenticated copies of your educational certificates. Some professions may require specific educational qualifications or certification; ensure to verify these beforehand.

Health Certificates: Obtain a medical examination at a facility that has been authorised. Get a certificate of health attesting to your immunity to communicable diseases.

Police Clearance Certificate: Provide a police clearance document from your nation of origin, certified by the appropriate authorities.

Note: It's important to remember that these are only general guidelines; depending on the particular reason for your visit, there may be additional requirements and restrictions. A student visa, for example, might have different requirements than a work visa.

Work Visa Guidelines and Requirements for Qatari Employers

Navigating the Qatar work visa process is not only the applicant's responsibility, but also requires active participation from Qatari employers.

Here is a general overview of the typical requirements and guidelines for employers in Qatar:

Security Clearance: Some professions or positions may require security clearance, and the employer may need to facilitate this process

Contract Verification: Check that the employment contract is in accordance with Qatari labour regulations. Check that the contract contains all relevant information, such as working hours, leave policies, and other employment terms.

Financial Sufficiency: Show that you have enough money by presenting documents such as payslips, salary statements, stock ownership, or a letter from a benefits provider.

Work Visa Application: The Qatari employer is typically responsible for initiating the work visa application process. They may need to submit the necessary documents to the Ministry of Administration Development, Labour, and Social Affairs.

Types of Qatar Work Visa for Indian Nationals

In Qatar, Indians can apply for a variety of visas based on their intended purpose of travel. There are 5 work visa types for Qatar:

Qatar Visa Type
Business Visas
Tourist Visas
Work Visas
Family Visas
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) residents visas

Business Visa: The Qatar business visa is primarily intended for employees who will travel to Qatar and work for a Qatari company for a limited time.

Business visas can only be sponsored by entities authorised by the government. The two-week maximum validity period for the business visa can be extended to four weeks.

An exit visa is needed to exit the country after a stay longer than four weeks. The worker may conduct certain business during this time but not direct work.

Tourist Visa: Those who have the Qatar tourist visa requirements for Indian citizens should know that it is available on arrival for citizens of 33 countries, including India. This visa is intended for short-term stays for leisure purposes.

Tourist visas are mostly valid for two weeks and can also be extended for an additional two weeks. A hotel reservation in Qatar or a relative living in Qatar is required to apply for and pay for the visa.

A longer tourist visa is available for stays of up to three months and must be applied for prior to arrival at a Qatar embassy.

Work Visa: Work permits for Qatar are acquired via the employer and are good for one to three months. This is especially important for Indian employees who plan to work in Qatar for an extended period of time.

To be eligible to apply for a work visa, the employee should have a valid and authorised employment contract that has been approved by the Ministry of Labour.

Unless there are provisions for the employee's transfer to another employer, the employee must remain with the employer for the duration of the work and must leave once the contracted job is completed.

Family Visa: Any employee who is employed in Qatar may become a sponsor for their family, allowing them to visit and live in Qatar. A Family Visa has no expiration date and is valid as long as the employee continues to sponsor them. The family sponsor must plan ahead of time for his or her family's residency permits.

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Resident Visa: The resident of a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country who works in an approved profession may apply to a Qatari embassy for a one-month GCC Resident Visit Visa.

The visa may be extended for another three months. During the application process for this visa, they must provide proof of their profession

Required Documents for Indian Nationals Seeking Qatar Work Visa

Filing an application for a work permit in Qatar from India can resemble negotiating a maze. Even though the specifics change based on the type of visa you choose, having the appropriate paperwork on hand is essential for a seamless application process.

Here is a thorough explanation of the necessary paperwork as well as any possible extra requirements to take into account:

  • Valid Passport and passport-size photographs

  • Comprehensive resume outlining education with work experience

  • Educational certificates and qualifications

  • Evidence of financial stability during the job search period

  • Cover letter expressing the intent to seek employment in Qatar

  • The necessary documentation and paperwork will be specified by your employer, guaranteeing that it is in line with the reason for your visit.

Additional documentation proving family ties will be necessary for people planning to bring their families to Qatar. Passports, birth certificates, and marriage certificates are a few examples of these kinds of papers.

Qatar Work Permit Visa for Indian Application Process

Obtaining a Qatar Work Visa is an important step for Indian citizens who want to work in Qatar. There are several stages to the application process, and understanding each one is critical for a successful outcome.

Pre Applications Steps

Meet the Eligibility Criteria: Check that you meet the Qatari authorities' eligibility requirements for the work permit category you have chosen. Educational qualifications, professional experience, and health standards are all possible criteria.

Select Your Visa Type: Determine the appropriate type of work permit visa based on your employment situation and job category.

Gather Required Documents: Gather the following documents for your Qatar Work Permit Visa application:

A valid passport and passport-size photographs are required.

Educational certificates and qualifications that have been authenticated.

Letter of employment acceptance.

A health certificate stating that you are free of contagious diseases.

Your home country's police clearance certificate.

Financial statements or other evidence of financial stability.

Application Process

Apply Online: Begin the application process by visiting the official Qatar immigration website. Ensure to fill out the online application form completely and accurately.

Pay the Application Fee: Pay the required visa application fee via the online portal using the payment methods specified. Keep the payment receipt for future reference and documentation.

Biometric Appointments: Schedule and attend a biometric appointment at a designated location. During the biometric process, provide fingerprints and photographs.

Post Application Process

Case Handling: Qatari authorities will thoroughly review and process your application. Make sure that all documents submitted are accurate and meet the requirements.

Visa Determination: The online portal allows you to track the status of your application. After processing, a decision will be made on whether your Qatar Work Permit Visa will be approved or rejected.

Registration and Arrival: Plan your trip to Qatar once your visa has been approved. Complete all required registration procedures with local authorities within the timeframe specified.

Additional Tip

On-Time Submission: To account for processing times, submit your Qatar Work Permit Visa application well in advance of your intended travel date.

Checking in on a Regular Basis: Check the online portal on a regular basis for updates on the status of your application's processing. Respond to any additional information requests as soon as possible.

Keep Up to Date: Check official government sources to stay up to date on any changes in visa regulations or procedures.

Qatar Work Visa Fees for Indian Nationals

The cost of a Qatar work Visa is determined by the type of visa that you might need to travel with.

The following is a breakdown of the Qatar work visa price for indian:

Qatar Fees Fees
Business Visas (30 days) QAR 437.35 (₹9,994)
Tourist Visas (90 days) QAR 200 (₹4,570)
Work Visas (2 years) QAR 852.80 (₹19,488)
Family Visas (30 days) QAR 200 (₹4,570)
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) residents visas (30 days) QAR 100 (₹2,285)

Note: The fees listed are estimates and subject to change. It is critical to confirm the most recent and accurate fee information with the relevant Qatari authorities or embassies.

Qatar Work Visa Processing Time in India

The maximum duration of Qatar work visa processing time for Indians is 14 days after your application is considered complete. It is important to remember that, in some cases, this period of time could go up to a month or more.

This extra time frame might be required if the Qatari immigration officials from India need more paperwork or permission to fully review and process your visa application.

As a result, even though the typical processing time is rather quick, it is wise to plan for possible variations depending on the particular needs of your case. This will help to ensure that your submission is complete and accurate and that the visa process runs more smoothly.

Qatar Job Visa for Indian Status Check

By taking these easy steps, you can effectively track the status of your work visa application for the Qatar:

Access the Track & Trace System: Begin by visiting the official portal of the Qatar visa track and track system.

Country and Language Preference: Select your country from the dropdown menu. For a more user-friendly experience, select your preferred language.

Submission: Log in with your existing account or create a new one. Navigate to "Application Status" or a comparable section.

Enter the Following Tracking Number: Find your unique application reference number, which was provided when you submitted your visa application. Input the tracking number in the designated field.

Review Status Information: Look for information on whether your application is being reviewed, approved, or if more documentation is required. Examine the processing status for any changes.

Remember to go with the specific instructions provided on the Qatar Visa Portal in order to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information about your Qatar Job Visa status.

Under What Circumstances Can Your Work Visa for Qatar Get Cancelled?

Work visas for Qatar may be revoked in a variety of circumstances. Here are some examples of situations that could result in the cancellation of a work visa:

Expiry of Visa Term: Work visas are typically issued for a set period of time. If the employment contract is terminated and the visa term expires, the visa may be revoked.

Termination of Employment: The work visa may be revoked if the employment contract is terminated for any reason. This includes resignation, employer termination, or mutual agreement.

Violations of Qatari Laws and Regulations: Any violation of Qatari laws, regulations, or the work visa's terms and conditions may result in its cancellation. This includes illegal activities, violations of labour laws, and violations of visa regulations.

Failure to Comply with Visa Conditions: Noncompliance with work visa conditions, such as failing to report changes in address or employment status, may result in visa cancellation.

Failure to Renue: If the work visa is not renewed before it expires, it may be cancelled, and the employee may be considered to be in the country illegally.

Embassy/Consulate of Qatar in India

" "
AddressEP – 31 A Chandragupta Marg Chanakyapuri New Delhi – 110021 India
Telephone Number 911126117988
Fax 911126886080
Operating Hours 9:30 am-4 pm
Designations  Ambassador - Mohammad Hassan Al-Jaber

Embassy of India in Qatar

Address 86 & 90 Al Eithra Street, Doha, Qatar
Telephone Number  +974 4425 5777
Operating Hours 9:30 am - 5 pm
Designations  Ambassador - H. E. Vipul

What to Expect When You Arrive in Qatar

Make sure your work visa and all required travel documents are with you. Upon arrival, the first procedures will be passport verification and customs clearance.

The Qatar airport has excellent amenities. Get acquainted with amenities like information desks, baggage claim, and various modes of transportation.

Make travel arrangements from the airport to your intended location. The public transport system in Doha, Qatar, is very effective, and taxis are widely accessible.

While English is globally spoken, especially in business settings, learning basic Arabic can help you integrate and have a better experience.

Make sure you have health insurance. The Arabic healthcare system is excellent, and insurance is required.

Keep up to date on any COVID-19-specific measures in place, such as testing or quarantine requirements.

If your employer has not provided temporary housing, make sure you have a place to stay when you arrive. Many cities provide short-term housing.

An orientation programme may be provided by your employer or a relocation service. This could include things like opening a bank account, obtaining a residence permit, and learning about local customs.

Take your time exploring your new surroundings. Qatar is well-known for its beautiful scenery, historic cities, and cultural events. Spend your weekends exploring the country.

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Obtaining a Qatar Work Visa is a significant process for Indian citizens looking for work in this Gulf nation. Navigating the Qatar work visa process for Indian citizens requires careful planning, strict adherence to requirements, and a thorough understanding of the various visa types.

Following this comprehensive guide, aspiring expatriates can confidently begin their professional journey in Qatar. Keep up to date on the latest regulations and, if necessary, seek assistance from relevant authorities.


Information last updated Jan 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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