Romania work visa for indians

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Romania work visa for indians

Romania, a beautiful European nation with a rich history and stunning scenery, is also a land of growing opportunity. The work environment in Romania fosters a strong work ethic, with many industries actively seeking skilled professionals.

If you are an Indian citizen with an exciting job opportunity in Romania, you will need a work visa to live and work there legally. This process involves two steps: securing a work permit from your Romanian employer and applying for a work visa at the Romanian embassy in India.

This article will cover everything you need to know about obtaining a Romanian work visa as an Indian national, from eligibility requirements to the application process.

So, let us dig in!

Romania Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

To be eligible for a Romania work permit visa, you must be eligible under one of the following conditions:

You must engage in educational, scientific, or specialised activities at a recognised Romanian institution.

You must demonstrate high skills in your field of work.

You should participate in employment governed by a bilateral agreement between Romania and your country.

You must obtain authorisation for specific work from the Minister of National Education.

You must perform artistic work as directed by the Minister of Culture.

You should benefit from labour market access through a bilateral treaty between Romania and your home country.

You must serve in a capacity for a ministry or another entity within the central or local public administration.

You must assume leadership roles in a subsidiary or Romanian branch office of a foreign-based company.

Romania D-Type Work Visa Requirements for Indians

To be eligible for a long-stay Romanian work visa (D-type), you must fit into one of the following categories:

You must be engaged in academic research.

You must be an entrepreneur intending to establish a company.

You should be a highly-skilled, self-employed professional.

You should be getting transferred to your company’s branch in Romania.

You must be employed by a local company with a Romanian employment contract.

You must be employed by a company providing services to Romanian clients.

You must be engaged in artistic work sanctioned by the Romanian Minister of Culture.

You must be working under a bilateral agreement between Romania and your home country.

You must be planning to conduct scientific, educational, or specialised work in a Romanian institute.

Romania Work Visa Process: Guidelines and Requirements for Romanian Employers:

As you explore opportunities for employment in Romania, it is important to understand the steps Romanian employers need to take to facilitate your work visa application process.

Romanian employers are responsible for initiating the work permit application on your behalf. They must obtain a work permit from the Inspectorate General for Immigration in Romania. Before proceeding with the application, they may request certain documents from you:

Resume or CV: Provide a detailed overview of your educational background, work experience, and skills relevant to the position you are applying for.

Proof of Basic Romanian Language Knowledge: Demonstrate your proficiency in the Romanian language, as effective communication in the workplace is essential.

Diplomas, Degrees, or Relevant Certifications: Ensure that your academic credentials and certifications are translated into Romanian and certified to showcase your qualifications for the desired position.

Certain job positions may undergo a "Labor Market Test" to prioritise local Romanian or EU/EEA nationals. Employers must demonstrate that there are no suitable candidates available locally before considering foreign applicants like yourself.

Once your prospective employer obtains the work permit on your behalf, you will need to apply for a Romanian work visa at a diplomatic mission or consulate within 60 days. This step is crucial to obtaining legal authorisation for employment in Romania.

Types of Romanian Employment Permits and Visas for Indian Nationals

Securing a work permit is imperative prior to applying for a work visa. Prospective employers can only request work permits, which they must submit to the Office of the Inspectorate General for Immigration (IGI).

In Romania, work permits are typically classified into four main categories:

Romania Work Permit Visa for Indian Types Validity Renewability
Romanian Work Permit for local hires 1 year Renewable
Romanian Work Permit for Highly-skilled Employees Up to 2 years Extendable
Romanian Work Permit for Intra-corporate Transfer (ICT) workers and trainees Up to 3 years for professionals and 1 year for trainees -
Other Work Permits 1 year -

Romanian Work Permit for Local Hires: These permits are designated for foreigners who hold valid local employment contracts in Romania. Initially valid for one year, these permits are renewable for subsequent periods as long as the local contract remains valid.

Romanian Work Permit for Highly-skilled Employees: Reserved for foreign nationals employed in highly-skilled positions, these permits necessitate prospective employees to showcase their skills and qualifications. To be eligible, the salary must be at least double the gross average. These permits are valid for two years and can be extended upon expiry.

Romanian Work Permit for Intra-corporate Transfer (ICT) workers and trainees: Designed for employees and trainees transferring within the same company from another country, these permits have specific criteria.

Professionals under ICT permits must possess a minimum of three years of experience in their field, while trainees are required to have three consecutive months of experience within the same company. The permits are valid for up to three years for professionals and one year for trainees.

Other Work Permits: Additional categories include permits for seasonal workers, au pairs, athletes, interns, nominal workers, trainees, and cross-border employees. Each category caters to specific employment circumstances and durations, catering to diverse professional needs and arrangements.

After your employer secures a work permit on your behalf, you become eligible to apply for a Romanian work visa. This visa is essential for all non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals intending to work legally in Romania.

Employment Visa Type Validity Renewability
Short-stay (C-type) visa Up to 90 days Non-renewable
Long-stay (D-type) visa More than 90 days Renewable
Digital Nomad/Remote Work visa 1 year Up to 12 months

Short-stay (C-type) visa: Short-stay visas allow visitors to stay in Romania for up to 90 days. While citizens of many countries are exempt from applying for this visa and can enter Romania upon arrival, short-stay visas do not permit long-term employment.

However, visitors can engage in specific activities, such as installing and maintaining machinery during their stay. It is important to note that under this visa type, individuals cannot apply for work or residence permits to prolong their stay in the country.

Long-stay (D-type) visa: This visa enables individuals to reside and work in Romania beyond the initial 90-day period. Although technically limited to 90 days, holders of D-type visas can apply for a residence permit, allowing them to remain in the country for long-term employment.

Applicants can only request this visa after their employer has obtained a work permit from the Romanian Inspectorate General for Immigration (IGI).

Digital Nomad/Remote work visa: Romania has recently introduced a digital nomad visa catering to remote workers. This visa ensures that individuals residing in Romania while working for a remote overseas company maintain legal work status and comply with labour laws.

Valid for one year, the digital nomad visa can be extended for an additional twelve months and does not require a work permit for issuance.

Documents for Romania Employment Visa for Indians

To successfully apply for a Romania work visa, you must gather and submit the following comprehensive set of documents:

Work Authorisation: This authorisation is obtained by your employer from the Inspectorate General for Immigration in Romania.

Romania Work Visa Application: After receiving work authorisation, you must proceed to apply for the Romania work visa at a Romanian diplomatic mission or consulate within 60 days.

Employment Documentation: Documents outlining the nature and terms of your employment in Romania.

Certificate of Police Clearance: Issued from your country of residence, certifying your criminal record status.

Travel Insurance: Valid for the duration of your visa, ensuring coverage during your stay in Romania with robust travelling insurance.

Proof of Accommodation: Documentation demonstrating arrangements for accommodation during your time in Romania.

Proof of Sufficient Financial Means: Evidence ensuring you will receive at least the minimum gross salary required for the duration of your work visa.

Romania Visa Application Form: Available for download from the website of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The application form must be completed in typed letter and signed.

Recent Photographs: Two recent pictures meeting Romania visa photo requirements, including:**

Size: 3cm x 4cm

Face occupying 70% – 80% of the picture

Taken against a white background

Valid Passport or Travel Document:** Your passport must meet the following criteria:**

Recognised by Romania

Valid for at least three months beyond the expiration of your visa

Issued within the past ten years

Contains at least two blank pages for visa affixation by Romania consular staff.

Flight Ticket: Proof of booked flight arrangements.

Documents Required for Romania D-Type Work Visas

In addition to meeting the aforementioned document criteria, applicants for a long-stay Romanian visa (D-type) must submit the following documents:**

A duly filled Romanian visa application form.

Flight ticket or proof of travel plans.

Work permit obtained by your employer.

Document detailing the nature of your employment.

A visa appointment confirmation letter with Romanian consular services.

Documents Required for Romania Nomad Work Visas

To initiate the application process for a digital nomad visa, you must furnish the following supplementary documents:**

Letter of Intent: A formal statement outlining your purpose and intention to reside and work remotely in Romania.

Flight Ticket or Travel Itinerary: An evidence of your planned arrival in Romania.

Proof of Employment Outside Romania: A documentation demonstrating employment outside Romania for a minimum of three years.

Proof of Financial Means: A verification of financial resources equivalent to three times the current Romanian salary, ensuring financial stability during your stay.

Remote Working Contract: An evidence of a remote working agreement, accompanied by a translated copy in Romanian.

Apostilled Document: A Certification confirming the applicant's fulfilment of tax obligations in their home country.

Romania Work Visa for Indian Citizens: Application Process

Now that you are aware of the requirements, here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for Romanian work permits and visas.

Work Permits:

Employers are responsible for initiating the application process to obtain a Romanian work permit through the Inspectorate General for Immigration (IGI).

They may require you to furnish certain documents from the list provided earlier to demonstrate that your qualifications and experience align with the company's needs.

Additionally, employers are required to pay a tax of €100 (₹9,053) for each permit. A copy of the permit is essential to commence the application for the work (D-type) visa.

Work Visas:

You should submit your Romanian work visa application at least two weeks before your intended arrival date but no earlier than three months prior to your planned entry into Romania.

Here is a step-by-step process for applying for a Romanian work visa directly through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

Submit Romania eVisa Application Online: Begin by filling out the Romanian eVisa application form on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Attach Electronic Copies of Required Documents: Scan and attach electronic copies of all the necessary documents as specified in the application guidelines.

Gather and Submit Original Copies: Once your online application is completed, gather the original copies of the required documents and submit them to a Romanian consulate, embassy, or diplomatic mission in your home country.

Wait for Application Validation: Allow time for your application to be processed and validated by the Romanian authorities.

Schedule and Attend Visa Interview: If required, schedule and attend a visa interview at the designated Romanian consulate or embassy.

Pay Visa Processing Fee: Pay the required visa processing fee of €120, following the instructions provided by the consulate or embassy.

Wait for Application Approval and Visa Issuance: After completing all the necessary steps, wait for your application to be approved and your visa to be issued.

Romania Work Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

Romania Work Visa Type Romania Work Visa Fees
Short-stay C-Type Visas €80 (₹7,240)
Long-stay D-Type Visas €120 (₹10.860)

Romania Work Visa Processing Time

The Romania e-visa processing time may vary depending on the type of application and individual circumstances.

Work Permits: Work permits in Romania generally take approximately four to six weeks to be processed and issued by the Inspectorate General for Immigration (IGI).

However, in some cases, the IGI may request additional documentation, which can extend the processing time by an additional 15 days.

Work Visas: The processing time for Romania work visas typically ranges between 10 and 14 business days. This period starts with the submission of a complete visa application to the Romanian consulate, embassy, or diplomatic mission in your home country.

Romania Job Visa for Indian Status Check

To check your Romania work visa status, you can go to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and provide your File Number and Password.

However, there are a couple of other ways by which you can find out about your application's progress:

Contact the Romanian Embassy in India: The embassy is the ultimate authority handling your application.

Track the Work Permit: If your job requires a work permit before the visa application, you can inquire about its status with your potential Romanian employer. Once the work permit is approved, the visa process usually moves forward more smoothly.

Embassy/Consulate of Romania in India

Embassy of Romania, New Delhi

Address 3/6 Shanti Niketan, 110021, New Delhi
Telephone Number General Enquiries and Emergency:
+91 11 24111014; 
+91 11 24111016, +91 11 24111017
Operating Hours Monday - Friday
08:30 am – 15.30 p.m.
Ambassador Daniela-Mariana Sezonov Ţane

Romanian Honorary Consulate in Chennai, India

Address 412, Apeejay Centre 39/12, Haddows Road Nungambakkam Chennai - 600006
Phone Number +91 98 1007 1115
Working Hours 09:00 am – 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday)

Romanian Honorary Consulate in Kolkata, India

Address Suite 2B, Shree Ganesh Centre 216 Acharya J.C Bose Road Kolkata - 700017
Phone Number +91 33 2287 7083
Working Hours 09:00 am – 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday)

What to Expect When You Arrive in Romania

Within 30 days of arrival, register your residence with the General Directorate for Immigration (IGE). Your employer might assist with this process.

  • Apply for a long-term residence permit if your work visa is valid for more than 90 days. This allows you to stay and work in Romania beyond the initial visa validity.

  • If your visa was contingent on a work permit, collect the original permit from the Romanian General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI). Your employer might handle this.

  • Open a local bank account for salary deposits and manage your finances. You'll also need a Romanian tax identification number for tax purposes. Your employer can likely guide you through this.

  • Be prepared for adjustments in living expenses. Research average costs for housing, transportation, and groceries in your chosen Romanian city.

  • Whether you prefer an apartment, hostel, or temporary accommodation while searching, research options beforehand. Renting an apartment might require a deposit and proof of income.

  • Learning the Romanian language might not be your top priority, but learning a few key phrases will go a long way in daily interactions. Consider enrolling in a Romanian language course if you plan a long stay.

  • Romania offers a vibrant culture with stunning landscapes, delicious food, and warm hospitality. Explore local markets and historical sites, and do not hesitate to ask friendly locals for recommendations.

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Does the visa for Romania require a bank balance?


Yes, the visa for Romania does require applicants to demonstrate a sufficient bank balance. Here are the specifics: Daily Stay Requirement: You must have at least 50 Euros for each day of your intended stay in Romania. Minimum Total Bank Balance: Additionally, you must maintain a minimum total bank balance of 500 euros altogether. Consistent Transactions: The transactions reflected in your bank statements must be consistent and demonstrate financial stability.

Can My Romanian Work Permit Get Rejected?


Yes, unfortunately, a Romanian work permit application can be rejected for several reasons. Here are some common causes: Incomplete or inaccurate application: Ensure all documents are included and filled out correctly. Missing qualifications: Not meeting the specific requirements for the offered position. Labour Market Test not fulfilled: The employer might not have adequately demonstrated a Romanian or EU citizen did not fill the position. Criminal background: A criminal record that could hinder your ability to work in Romania.

Can I bring my family with me on a Romanian work visa?


Yes, you might be able to bring your spouse and dependent children to Romania under family reunification rules. However, this process typically requires a separate application and additional documentation. It is recommended that the Romanian embassy be consulted for the latest family reunification visa requirements.