Singapore Transit Visa

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Singapore Transit Visa

As a world-renowned aviation hub, the Changi Airport of Singapore is a unique travelling experience of its own. With a slew of accolades to its name, it is the perfect place for some duty-free shopping for your loved ones.

So, if you have a layover in Singapore, you can truly make the most of it by exploring the butterfly garden, movie theatre, and even the swimming pool. However, with a layover come formalities, and for a smooth travelling experience, every traveller must acquaint themselves with the necessary documents required.

When transiting from Singapore, travellers from India will have to procure a Singapore transit visa for Indians.

A transit visa is an official document that allows travellers to pass through a country until they reach their final destination. As it is a temporary travel document, it is only valid for a short duration. If, for some reason, travellers need to wait for longer than the duration permitted, they will have to apply for a different visa type.

Let’s explore all the necessary formalities for the Singapore layover visa.

Is There a Singapore Transit Visa-On-Arrival for Indians?

No. Indian passport holders are not eligible for the Singapore visa-on-arrival facility.

All citizens hailing from countries listed under Level I and Level II assessment must, therefore, procure a visa prior to their arrival.

India falls under assessment Level I and so Indians must apply for a visa to enter Singapore before they land in the country.

If Indian nationals intend to enter Singapore for tourism, transit, or any other reason, they will have to apply for a Singapore visa from India. Travellers who would be leaving the transit area must get a Singapore layover visa, which is essentially the standard Singapore visa. This is because there is no specific “Singapore transit visa for Indian passport holders”, nor is there a transit visa for other nationalities in Singapore. So, going forward, we will refer to the standard Singapore entry visa as a transit visa.

There is, however, a visa-free transit facility (VFTF) in Singapore for certain eligible Indian nationals. This means travellers who are eligible for the VFTF can transit via Singapore without needing a visa.

Conversely, travellers who are not eligible for VFTF and don’t possess a valid Singapore visa will not be permitted to enter Singapore if they decide to leave the transit area.

When is the Singapore Transit Visa for Indian Passport Holders Not Required?

Here is the eligibility criteria that Indian nationals must meet to avail of the VFTF in Singapore when transiting through the Changi International Airport:

  • A single ticket to your final destination has been reserved by you

  • You have completed the check-in for the entirety of your trip until you reach your final destination

  • Your baggage has been checked in for the entirety of your trip

  • You don’t need to leave the transit section

  • You don’t require a pass from immigration

  • Additionally, there is no need to apply for a Singapore visa if:

  • You are flying through the same airline

  • Or if you are just changing terminals at Changi International Airport (this is because the terminals are connected, which makes it convenient for travellers to move between them without having to go through immigration)

When is the Singapore Transit Visa for Indian Passport Holders Required?

Here are the scenarios wherein an Indian national will need to procure a Singapore visa:

  • If there is a need for you to leave the transit area in Singapore airport, you must apply for a standard Singapore tourist visa to ensure a seamless travel without interruptions

  • If you are travelling with an airline that will need you to switch your flight to a low-cost carrier or book separate tickets - in which case you will need to leave the transit section and check in again - you will need a Singapore visa.

Essentially, if you think you will need to pass through immigration at the Changi International Airport, you will need a Singapore visa.

VFTF Singapore - Eligibility Criteria for Indian Nationals

You will not require a transit visa if you qualify for the VFTF or the visa-free transit facility when travelling via Singapore. Here is the eligibility criteria for the VFTF facility for Indian applicants:

  • Indian nationals are only permitted a 96-hour Visa Free Transit Facility in Singapore

  • If you are transiting to or from a different country by flight

  • Travellers must possess an onward air ticket, cruise ticker, or ferry ticket to their next destination

  • They must either have a long-term visa or a visa from allowed countries (minimum one-month validity from the date of entry in Singapore). The list of these permitted countries includes the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Germany, and Switzerland.

  • All the documents must be prepared in advance before heading to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

  • You can get a VFTF in Singapore if you return to India with a single journey visa from a third country. There is a condition for this: you have not been to your home country since the last time you used your single journey visa.

Singapore Transit Visa Requirements for Application

As mentioned earlier, because there is no concept of a “transit visa” in Singapore, the process for application would be the same as for a standard Singapore visa. There are two ways for Indian nationals to apply for Singapore visa:

Visa Application via Authorised Agents

The High Commission or the Singapore Embassy in India does not permit direct visa applications. In other words, travellers cannot apply for a visa by themselves. Instead, to apply for a Singapore visa, the process has to be done through authorised visa agents.

The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs website provides a list of authorised agents for specific cities. These authorised agents are located in five states: Delhi NCR, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab.

Visa Application via the ICA Website

The Singapore transit visa apply online process can be done through the ICA website. However, for this method of visa application, travellers need to have local contacts within Singapore. This can include friends, family, or business partners who can apply for a visa on behalf of the traveller. Once you share all the necessary information, they can apply for your visa online.

To check the status of your visa application, you can reach out to your agent or visit the ICA website and enter your passport details, application reference number, and application date.

Documents Required for a Singapore Transit Visa for Indians

Here is a list of Singapore transit visa requirements to apply for a standard Singapore entry visa:

  • Form 14A (Singapore visa application form) - duly filled out and signed

  • Passport with minimum six months validity

  • A copy of the bio-data page of your passport

  • Passport size colour photograph. Details: size - 45mm by 35mm, head size - 25mm to 35mm, background - solid white, taken in the last three months. It is important to check all the specificities regarding the photograph for a seamless application process.

  • Proof of payment of Singapore transit visa fees for Indian nationals

  • Proof of funds

  • Copy of return flight ticket

There are also certain additional documents, such as a cover letter. It is important to confirm all the necessary documents required from official sources prior to application.

Singapore Transit Visa Fees for Indian Passport Holders

Currently, the Singapore tourist visa costs USD 30, which is about INR 2,500. To process the visa application, Indian nationals must pay this processing fee, without which your application will not be taken forward. Travellers who fail to pay the processing fee for their visa application must note that the High Commission of Singapore will not process their visa.

It is also important to note that the visa fee is non-refundable regardless of the application outcome. Additionally, the application fee needs to be paid upfront at the time of submitting the Singapore visa application.

Processing Time for Singapore Transit Visa for Indians

The processing time for a Singapore visa is between three to five business days. This excludes the day the application has been submitted, weekends, and holidays.

Every visa application is considered on its own merit, so some applications can take longer to be processed.

For a stress-free experience, it is advised to apply 3 weeks in advance for your Singapore visa.

Importance of International Travel Insurance

Although there is no joy in thinking about accidents, illnesses, and other unpleasant scenarios when on a trip, there is still a need to plan for them. Without appropriate planning against unforeseeable scenarios, you are left clueless about handling them in a strange country away from home.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to invest in international travel insurance to secure your overseas trip

Travel insurance is often an essential document for procuring a visa. So, if you are going to make the most of your layover in Singapore, you can buy travel insurance for Singapore to have a safe and happy trip.

With international travel insurance, you are covered against a host of unpleasant scenarios, including flight delays, trip curtailments, loss of passport, misplaced luggage, accidents, illnesses, and more.

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Key Takeaways About the Singapore Transit Visa for Indians

  • Indian nationals can avail of visa-free transit in Singapore for up to 96 hours, provided they don’t leave the transit area and fulfil the VFTF criteria

  • Indian passport holders will need a regular Singapore tourist visa if they want to have a longer stay in Singapore and intend to leave the airport during their layover

  • The status of your visa application can be checked online by visiting the ICA website. Usually, the Singapore High Commission takes about 3-5 business days to process your visa application.

  • The validity of a Singapore visa is anywhere between 14-30 days. However, regardless of the length of stay permitted, travellers can apply for an extension in person at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. However, travellers must note that this extension must be applied for before their visa expires.

  • You will need a Singapore visa if you will be passing through the immigration desk at the Changi Airport


Information last updated Jan 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Can my Singapore stay be extended with the VFTF?


There is no provision for Indian nationals to extend their stay under Singapore VFTF. In other words, if you are travelling on a VFTF Singapore, you cannot extend your stay beyond the permitted period, which is a maximum of 96 hours.

Can I apply online for my Singapore visa?


The application process to procure a Singapore visa necessitates applying via authorised agents or through the ICA website by Singapore locals. Both these processes, however, are done online. The only catch is that travellers cannot directly apply for a visa to Singapore.

Can I apply for a Singapore tourist visa during transit?


As there is no visa-on-arrival facility for Indians, the necessary visa must be procured before arriving in Singapore.