Sweden Consulate in Chennai

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Sweden Consulate in Chennai

The embassy or High Commission and consulate general are the diplomatic missions of a foreign country in India. The function of the embassy and consulate is to offer immigration services and assistance to foreign residents residing in India and to Indian citizens planning to travel to the foreign nation.

India is a host country for many countries, and one such country is Sweden. The Sweden consulate general in Chennai plays a crucial role for Indian nationals planning to visit Sweden, offering a range of services and assistance.

In this guide, we will delve into the details of this Swedish consulate in Chennai.

Sweden: Land of Picturesque Beauty and Culture

Sweden, a Scandinavian nation in northern Europe, is a land of breathtaking beauty. From its glaciated mountains to extensive forests and numerous inland lakes, the country is a paradise for nature lovers.

With over 100,000 lakes and about 63% of its land covered in forests, Sweden offers a unique sanctuary for those seeking a connection with nature.

In addition, Sweden's climate varies from temperate in the south to subarctic in the north. This variation allows for a wide range of activities throughout the year and many travellers across the globe visit the country because of this.

However, to enter the nation and enjoy its beauty, Indian residents need to obtain a Sweden visa for Indians. That can be done via the Sweden consulate in India.

Sweden Consulate in Chennai: Contact Number and Operating Hours

Here are the details of the Sweden consulate chennai address, contact address, operating hours and days.

Country Sweden
Consulate Address 6, Cathedral Road, Alwarpet
Chennai 600086
Tamil Nadu India
Contact Number 91 44 2811 2232
Email Address chennai@consulateofsweden.in
Working Days Monday to Friday
Working Hours 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Difference Between a Consulate and an Embassy

The embassy and consulate both work as diplomatic missions in the host country. While some of their responsibilities may be the same, there is a difference. Below are some pointers differentiating between consulate and embassy.

Parameters Consulate  Embassy
Purpose The consulate is an entity that works under a country's embassy. It is basically an extended arm of the embassy and offers only specific services. The embassy or high commission office is a central point of contact between a home country and a host country. The embassy has various responsibilities.
Location The consulate general office can be found in various major cities in the host country. The embassy office is only located in the capital city.
Leadership The consulate office works under the consulate general leadership. The embassy works under the ambassador's leadership.
Operations The scope of work in the consulate general office is very limited, such as visa-related services, passport-related services, document attestation, etc. The embassy performs various functions to improve diplomatic, economic, social, and political relations between the home and host countries.

Functions of Sweden Consulate in Chennai

There is an array of functions performed by the Sweden consulate and embassies office in India. Some of the primary functions are listed below:

Represent Sweden in India: The consulate and embassy of Sweden's primary duty is to represent their home country in the host country, India. Their job is to establish strong relationships between the two countries.

Diplomatic Relations: Another function offered by the Swedish consulate in Chennai is to improve diplomatic relations between India and Sweden.

Economic Relations: In addition to this, the high commission and consulate general work to find ways to improve economic relations between both countries.

Cultural Exchange: The Sweden consulates in India are also responsible for organising events and programs to raise awareness about Sweden's culture and heritage.

Assisting Embassy: The consulate of Sweden in Chennai also assists their high commission office whenever required.

Services Offered by Sweden Consulate General in Chennai

Here are some of the standard services offered by the consulate of Sweden in Chennai.

Visa Services: One of the primary services offered by the consulate office is visa-related services. To obtain a visa, applicants need to fulfil the Swedish consulate Chennai visa requirements. From visa eligibility to visa submission to approval, everything is approved by the consulate general.

Passport Services: In addition to this, the Swedish consulate in Chennai also offers passport-related services to citizens of Sweden visiting India if their passport has been lost or damaged.

Visa Interviews: There are various visa types for which an interview is mandatory, such as a work visa or obtaining a Sweden PR for an Indian. All these interviews are conducted at the consulate general office.

Document Attestations: The Sweden consulate in India offers the document attestation service to visa applicants.

Emergency Assistance: In addition, the embassy and consulate general office offers emergency assistance, such as evacuation and medical services, to citizens in case of natural disasters, civil war, etc.

Jurisdiction of Sweden Consulate in Chennai

The jurisdiction is basically the office's operating range. For the high commission office of any country, the jurisdiction is the whole geographical area of the host country. However, the jurisdiction of the consulate office is based on the city location.

The consulate of Sweden in Chennai has jurisdiction over Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.

Do Indians Require a Sweden Visa to Enter the Country?

Yes, Indian nationals who want to enter Sweden need to obtain a Sweden visa for Indians. There are different types of visas available based on the purpose and stay, such as work, transit, visit, study visa and more. To get the visa, applicants need to fulfil the visa requirements.

The Swedish embassy and consulate office in India provide detailed information about the visa requirements, process, fees and more.

How to Apply for Sweden Visa

To apply for a Sweden visa, applicants can either apply through a VFS Global website or by visiting an embassy or consulate office in India.

Online Application: VFS Global**

Step 1: Visit the VFS Global website.

Step 2: Click on the "Apply for a Visa" option.

Step 3: Further, select the type of visa based on stay duration.

Step 4: After selecting the type, fill out the visa application form for Sweden.

Step 5: Once done filling out the visa application form, book an appointment in the nearest VAC.

Step 6: After booking an appointment, pay the visa application fee.

Step 7: Visit the centre on the scheduled date and time and submit the application form and other documents to the authority.

Step 8: After the documents are submitted, the authority will give the acknowledgement receipt with a reference number. This number can be used to track visa status.

Step 9: Wait for visa approval. Once it is approved, carry out the further procedure as needed.

Offline Application: Embassy or Consulate Office**

Step 1: Visit the VFS Global website and download the visa application form. Please fill up the form correctly and sign it.

Step 2: Book an appointment in the consular office in advance for in-person document submission.

Step 3: Visit the embassy or consulate general of Sweden. Depending on the visa type, gather all the necessary documents.

Step 5: On the scheduled appointment, submit the visa form and other requested documents to the authority.

Step 6: After submitting the document, pay the visa application fees and collect the acknowledgement receipt.

Step 7: Wait for the visa status. If it is approved, collect the confirmation letter from the embassy.

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Sweden offers a host of opportunities to travellers, including good work-life balance and a high quality of life. If you’ve resided in Sweden for a long period and are in the country for work, studies, etc., you may be eligible for a Sweden PR for Indians. However, the first step to entering the country is fulfilling the visa requirements.

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How much is the visa fee for Sweden?

How much is the visa fee for Sweden?


The visa processing fee for Sweden depends on the type of visa and the applicant's age. An individual over 12 years of age must pay €80.

How long does it take for a Sweden visa to be approved?


The visa processing time for Sweden may take up to a few weeks to months, depending on the volume of applications, efficiency of staff, etc.