UAE Embassy Delhi

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UAE Embassy Delhi

There have been strong ties between UAE and India for decades; this connection is based on mutual benefits and the will to develop into great nations. In today’s time, the relationship between India and UAE is not limited to just exports and imports. People of both countries are travelling back and forth continuously for tourism and trade.

To make this relationship more substantial, the UAE established its embassy in Delhi, India, in 1972. Post the embassy establishment, the process of visa issuing, verification or any related tasks are done here.

In this article, you will get to know all about the UAE Embassy in Delhi, its functions and the services provided for Indian citizens. But before that, let’s know a little bit more about the UAE.

About the Glory of the United Arab Emirates

Comprising seven emirates from all directions, the United Arab Emirates culture consists of a mixture of modernisation with its history. The country’s economy highly depends on oil and crude manufacture and exports. However, in recent years, the UAE government has decided to decrease its dependence on oil and crude and focus on earning revenue from other sectors.

One sector that the UAE is focusing on developing is tourism, which is why it has developed its infrastructure and has built wonders like Burj Khalifa. All this, in return, has benefited them, with more and more people visiting UAE from around the world, including Indians. Thus, to promote easy travel and tourism, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates was established in Delhi, India.

UAE Embassy in Delhi: Address & Other Details

If you wish to connect with the UAE Embassy, then connect to the given UAE Embassy in Delhi contact number and address.

Country Name United Arab Emirates
Address 12, Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi – 110021 India
Contact Number 911126111111
Fax Number 011 26873272
Official Website www.
Working Days Monday to Friday
Working Hours 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Difference Between Embassy and Consulate

Embassies and Consulates of countries play significant roles in establishing and maintaining international relations among the nations. The central purpose of the embassy and consulate is to represent their nation in the host country in various high-level meetings. Both the embassy and consulate are essential and play similar roles, but there are significant differences between them.

An embassy is the primary communicator and diplomatic representation of one country in the host country. These are located in the capital of the nation, headed by a government appointed ambassador who acts as the organiser and facilitator between the two nations during significant events.

On the other hand, the consulate is the secondary diplomatic representation of the country in the host nation. Their primary task is to assist citizens in tasks like visa application, solving passport issues and issuing visas. Unlike the embassy, the consulate is not located in the capital but in the major cities of the country.

Functions of UAE Embassy in Delhi

As the representative of the United Arab Emirates, the UAE Embassy in Delhi has to fulfil several functions. Some of its primary functions include:

  • There are several events where a representative of the UAE visits India for meetings. It is the responsibility of the UAE Embassy to organise and oversee the whole visit and the meeting held between the two nations.

  • It is the responsibility of the Embassy of UAE to organise events to promote their nation’s culture, values and ethics.

  • The Embassy of UAE also works towards protecting and promoting the interests of its citizens in foreign nations.

  • The embassy oversees the process of visa applications and issuance to the citizens of India.

  • It is the task of the embassy of the United Arab Emirates to help Indian officials in catching criminals who fled to the UAE.

Services Offered by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

There are set services that the UAE Embassy provides to the Indian citizens as well as its citizens visiting India. These services include:

Visa-Related Services for Indians: The UAE Embassy has to assist Indian citizens applying for UAE visas during the whole application process. The services they provide are:

Accepting the visa applications of Indian citizens made through both offline and online modes. The applications can be done for any visa type like, tourist visa, business, work or diplomatic visa.

The embassy also verifies the applications and all the submitted documents to determine whether to accept or reject the application.

Once accepted, it issues the visa to the applicant, and in case of rejection, embassy officials assist the applicant in reapplying.

Document Attestation Services: Anyone who wants to go to UAE for higher studies or employment needs to get their original documents attested. The UAE Embassy attestation in Delhi provides this service to all such applicants.

Assisting UAE Citizen: If any UAE citizen visiting India requires any legal or visa-related assistance, they can contact the consular at the Embassy to take further steps.

Representing the United Arab Emirates: The UAE Embassy works to represent the culture, ethics and government of their nation. They have to take care of political, financial and cultural matters related to the UAE.

Jurisdiction of UAE Embassy in Delhi

Every embassy has its designated jurisdiction, within which they represent their country and provide all the services. In the case of the UAE Embassy, their jurisdiction is in Delhi, India, from where they can assist citizens and fulfil their duties.

Other than the embassy, the consulates of nations also have their jurisdiction. In India, there are several UAE consulates. There is a UAE Consulate in Delhi, Mumbai, Trivandrum and Hyderabad providing services to citizens.

Do Indians Require a UAE Visa to Enter the Country?

If you want to experience the beauty of Arab desserts, the wonders of skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, and shop in majestic shopping palaces, then yes, you need to have a valid UAE Visa to enter the country.

Indian citizens need to apply for UAE visas before their trip, as visa-on-arrival services are not available for them. For applying for a visa, you can contact the UAE Embassy in Delhi or any trusted visa application service provider. Once your visa application is accepted and all the necessary procedures are done, you can move forward with your plan to visit the UAE.

How to Apply for a UAE Visa?

The visa application process for UAE is quite simple; you just need to have all the documents with you. Some of the documents that are required for a UAE visa application are a valid Indian Passport, the latest passport-size photo, a photocopy of round-trip plane tickets, hotel booking documents, and valid overseas travel insurance documents. Once you have all the documents, you can go ahead with the application process.

Process for Applying for Visa at UAE Embassy in Delhi

Here are the steps to follow to apply for a UAE visa at the Delhi Embassy:

Step 1: Choose the visa type you want to apply for (tourist, business, work, transit) and carry all your documents with you at the UAE Embassy office.

Step 2: After reaching the embassy office, ask for the visa application form from the embassy official.

Step 3: Read and understand the form thoroughly before filling out the application carefully.

Step 4: Attach copies of all your required documents along with the application form.

Step 5: Submit the application and documents at the embassy office with the visa application fee payment.

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Who is the head of the United Arab Emirates Embassy in New Delhi?

Who is the head of the United Arab Emirates Embassy in New Delhi?


Abdulnasser Alshaali was appointed as head of the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Delhi. His appointment was held on 19th September 2022; previously, he was Assistant Minister for ETA.

How long does it take for the UAE embassy in Delhi to approve a visa application?


It takes around 5 to 8 working days for the UAE Embassy to approve your visa application. It might take longer in case of additional document requirements.

Can a minor apply for a UAE Visa?


Yes, a minor can apply for a UAE visa with the written consent of parents or guardians.