Check Uzbekistan Visa Application Status

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Check Uzbekistan Visa Application Status

Uzbekistan is a melting pot for cultures, customs, and languages. However, the country has strict visa rules for foreigners. Those who wish to experience its impressive collection of majestic cities, regal shrines and grandiose mosques will have to get their visa formalities sorted.

After you apply for a Uzbekistan visa, it is easy to track your Uzbekistan visa application status. Knowing the process for Uzbekistan visa tracking in India can help you determine the status of your application and plan the next aspect of your trip.

So, without further ado, let’s understand everything there is to know about Uzbekistan visa check.

What is Uzbekistan Visa Status?

Uzbekistan visa status is the process for understanding the progress of your visa application to the country. Uzbekistan visa tracking processes can help applicants know exactly what the status of their application is and whether their visa has been accepted, denied, or is still under process.

The official visa portal of Uzbekistan will show an approved status if the respective visa authorities have accepted the application. If the application has been denied, the portal will show a rejected status. And, if the application is still being processed, the website will show a pending status.

After finding out the status of their application, potential travellers can plan the rest of their trip. The processing time for a Uzbekistan visa depends on the type of visa that an individual has applied for.

Types of Uzbekistan Visa for Indian Citizens

The type of visa you apply for depends on the purpose of your visit to Uzbekistan. As an Indian passport holder, here are the types of visas for Uzbekistan that you can apply for:**

Tourist Visa: Indian citizens who wish to visit Uzbekistan to travel and experience the culture of the country will need to apply for a tourist visa. With this visa, individuals can witness the natural beauty of the country, enjoy its delicious cuisine, and bring back some quality handmade gifts.

Business Visa: This visa is intended for Indian citizens who wish to engage in business activities in Uzbekistan. This includes attending business conferences and conducting meetings. You can not work in Uzbekistan with a business visa.

Work Visa: With a work visa for Uzbekistan individuals are allowed to stay and work in the region under an Uzbekistan employer. To be eligible for this visa, applicants must have a sponsorship from an organisation in Uzbekistan. This visa type is ideal for those seeking employment in the country.

Student Visa: Students who wish to study in Uzbekistan will have to apply for a student visa. With this visa, one can pursue higher education in the country. It enables travellers to experience the rich educational culture and attain professional opportunities in the country. However, a critical prerequisite for this visa type is to have a letter of acceptance from a university in Uzbekistan.

Before applying for any of the aforementioned visa types, it is important to do a Uzbekistan visa validity check to know how much time is permitted under each visa. An Uzbekistan visa validity check can help you plan your trip better. Here’s the validity for each visa type:**

Tourist visa: 3 months and a maximum stay of 30 days

Business visa: 3 months and a maximum stay of 30 days

Work visa: 1 year

Student visa: one year or for the duration of the course

Uzbekistan Embassy and Consulate in India

The embassy of Uzbekistan represents its government and is primarily concerned with foreign affairs related to the country of residence (in this case India). Here are the details about the Uzbekistan embassy in India:

" "
Uzbekistan Embassy in Delhi, India
AddressEP-40, Dr. S. Radhakrishna Marg, Chanakyapuri South West Delhi 110021 Delhi India
Phone +91 11 2467 0774
Email contact
Official Working Days Monday to Friday
Official Timing 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM

How to Check Uzbekistan Visa Status Online?

Uzbekistan has enabled the e-visa facility for Indian travellers. This feature can be availed of from the official electronic visa portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan. On the same website, individuals can also do their Uzbekistan visa tracking. Let’s take a look at the process for Uzbekistan visa check online so you can plan the rest of your trip better.

The Process to Check Uzbekistan Visa Status Online: Using Application Code**

Step 1: Visit the Official Electronic Visa Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the “Application Status” tab

Step 3: On the next page, you will have to enter the application code which you will have received on your registered email address

Step 4: Enter the unique text from the image displayed on the screen

Step 5: Once you have entered all the relevant details, click on “Check status.” On the next page, you will be able to see your Uzbekistan visa status.

How to Check Uzbekistan Visa Application Status Offline?

Step 1: For tracking your Uzbekistan visa application status, you can reach out to the embassy via email or phone or book an appointment to visit the embassy or consulate

Step 2: Before calling or emailing the visa authorities, it is important to ensure that you have all the essential documents ready. This includes your application number, passport number, etc. as it will be required at the time of checking the status of your visa application.

Step 3: In the case that you would be visiting the embassy, ensure that you carry all these essential documents with you. When asked by the visa official, provide the relevant information such as your birth date, application number, passport number, etc.

The official will use this information to check their database and let you know the status of your visa application.

The embassy of Uzbekistan can also help you with the next **Steps you can take and clarify your doubts regarding your visa application.

How to do an Uzbekistan Visa Check Online Using Your Passport Number?

Uzbekistan visa tracking in India can also be done via your passport number. This can be particularly useful if you cannot find your application or reference number. Here’s a **Step-by-Step process to check the status of your visa application using your passport number:

Step 1: Visit the Official Electronic Visa Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Step 2: Click on “Application status” from the homepage

Step 3: You will find two options to track the status of your application. Select “Status by passport and visa number”

Step 4: In the next section, enter your passport series number and then add your visa number

Step 5: Enter the unique text from the image provided and click on the “Check status” button. If all the details you entered are accurate, you will be able to view the status of your application.

Common Reasons for Uzbekistan Visa Rejection

It is important to make note of the common reasons for visa rejection as it can help you avoid errors in your application. Here are some common reasons why your Uzbekistan visa may get rejected:

Incorrect Information: If the applicant has provided falsified information in their application form not only do they face visa rejection but also other legal consequences. It is crucial to ensure that all the information you provide in your visa application form for Uzbekistan is accurate.

Missing Documentation: Another common reason for visa rejection is not submitting the necessary documents. So, applicants must double-check to ensure that all the important documents have been attached to their application form.

Criminal Record: Applicants with a criminal record (especially with a history of serious crimes) may face visa rejection. Immigration authorities are particularly vigilant of repeat offenders and those who have been charged with involvement in terrorist activities or drugs.

Passport Validity: If the applicant does not have a valid passport or if their passport is close to expiry, their visa application can get rejected. Several visas need the passport to be valid for a certain period after the intended travel dates.

Former Immigration Violations: Applicants who have previously violated immigration laws or have overstayed the time permitted in their visa are likely to face visa rejection. Immigration officials have to ensure that the travellers will abide by the laws and are wary of those who may break these.

What to Do if Your Uzbekistan Visa Application Status is Rejected?

Here are some actionable tips to follow in case your visa for Uzbekistan is rejected:

  • Speak with the concerned Uzbekistan visa officials to understand the reason behind the rejection of your visa application to Uzbekistan. This can help you rectify your errors before reapplying for a visa.

  • When reapplying for a visa to Uzbekistan, ensure that all the information provided is accurate and supported by all the essential documentation. Review your application before submitting it to ensure that you have not missed out on providing certain information and that everything in your application form is accurate.

  • Another important thing to ensure at the time of reapplication is that all your documents are cleared so the visa authorities will not have a reason to reject your application

Need for International Travel Insurance While Visiting Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan is a beautiful country to explore, however, Indian nationals will require a visa to enter. It is easy to check Uzbekistan visa application status online so you can plan the next aspect of your trip with ease. For a hassle-free experience in Uzbekistan, it is advised to invest in travelling insurance.

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Where can I apply for a Uzbekistan visa?

Where can I apply for a Uzbekistan visa?


Potential travellers can apply for a Uzbekistan visa on their official e-visa portal.

Can I get an extension on my visa for Uzbekistan?


Yes, Indian nationals can apply for an extension for their Uzbekistan visa. To get an extension, travellers will have to connect with the Department of Diplomatic Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

What is the processing time for a Uzbekistan visa?


It usually takes anywhere between 5 to 10 business days for visa officials of Uzbekistan to process your visa application.

Is it mandatory to have travel insurance for a Uzbekistan visa?


No, travelling insurance is not a mandatory requirement for an Uzbekistan visa but it is advisable to buy travel insurance to cover the losses in case of mishaps.

Do I need to have a confirmed return flight ticket when applying for a Uzbekistan visa?


Yes, it is mandatory to have a confirmed return flight ticket while applying for a visa for Uzbekistan.