Vietnam Transit Visa

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Vietnam Transit Visa

When travelling abroad, individuals have to think of many things right from flight and accommodation to visas. In certain scenarios, travellers may also need to apply for a transit visa.

A transit visa is a travel document that individuals require when they have a layover in a different country. The requirements for transit visas are different in each country, so it is important to check these before you travel.

In this context, let’s explore the formalities of the Vietnam transit visa for Indian nationals in some detail to ensure a seamless travel experience.

Is There a Vietnam Transit Visa-On-Arrival for Indian Passport Holders?

In a word, yes. Indian passport holders are eligible for a Vietnam transit visa on arrival (VOA) that they can get at the port of entry in Vietnam. However, to procure this visa, travellers must present the right documents and complete the necessary formalities.

For this, it is important to know the requirements to avail of the VOA facility. But before we explore this, let’s know what a transit visa in Vietnam means.

Vietnam does not have the concept of a “transit visa” and instead offers e-visa to its travellers prior to their arrival in the country. Essentially, then, when we say transit visa, we basically mean e-visa.

If you have a layover in Vietnam, you may need a Ho Chi Minh City transit visa or, in other words, a Vietnam transit visa that will allow you to transit safely via Vietnam on your way to your next destination. Let’s explore the scenarios in which you would and would not require a Vietnam transit visa.

Here’s When You Will Need a Vietnam Transit Visa:

  • You have a layover in Vietnam that is for longer than 24 hours

  • If, for your subsequent flight, you have to leave the international transit area

  • If you intend to explore Vietnam during your transit

Here’s When You Will Not Need a Vietnam Transit Visa:

  • If you have an exemption from Vietnam for a visa

  • If your connecting flight to your third destination is within 24 hours

  • If you don’t intend to leave the transit area at the Vietnam airport

Types of Vietnam Transit Visa for Indian Nationals

As we learned from the above, Indian passport holders will need a transit visa for Vietnam if their layover exceeds 24 hours. However, because there is no specific transit visa for Vietnam, travellers have to apply for an e-visa instead. Here are the details about the Ho Chi Minh city transit visa, i.e., the e-Visa for Vietnam:

How to Apply for a Vietnam Transit Visa for Indians?

Indian passport holders have several ways of applying for a visa in Vietnam. It can be done via authorised agents or through the official government portal, and as mentioned earlier, individuals can also apply for the visa on arrival facility. Let’s take a look at how travellers can apply for their visas for Vietnam.

Vietnam Transit Visa Apply Online:

Indian passport holders can apply for the Vietnam visa the same way they would apply for the e-Visa for Vietnam. Those looking for a “Vietnam transit visa apply online” here’s the process for applying via the government portal:

Step 1: Visit the official e-Visa portal of Vietnam.

Step 2: Upload all the essential documents as asked on the website. This includes scanned copies of the ID page of your passport and duly filled application form. Ensure that under the “purpose of travel” section, you write “transit.”

Step 3: In the next step, you will be asked to pay the Vietnam transit visa cost for Indian applicants via your preferred mode of payment.

Step 4: Finally, submit your visa application and wait for the application to be processed.

Vietnam Transit Visa-On-Arrival:

When applying for the VOA facility, Indian applicants must first procure a letter of approval from India. To get this letter, visit an authorised agency that can get the letter on behalf of the traveller. For this, applicants will have to share their personal information, pay the fee, and finally receive the approval letter. Once you have the approval letter from India, here are the steps that will follow:

Step 1: To avail of the VOA facility, there are only certain airports where travellers are permitted.

Step 2: Once you get off the flight, head straight to the immigration counter at the airport. Keep all the essential documents ready before heading to immigration. This includes your visa application form, passport, approval letter from India, visa fees in cash, and photographs.

Step 3: Wait for your turn in the queue and submit the relevant documents to the immigration counter. Here, the immigration officer will verify your documents.

Step 4: Once your documents have been verified, the immigration officer will stamp your passport with the visa and the entry stamp.

Documents Required for a Transit Visa for Vietnam for Indian Passport Holders

Getting all the essential documents ensures that you have a seamless experience when applying for the visa, whether it is an online application or through the VOA facility. Here are all the essential documents you will require for the Vietnam e-visa:

Passport: Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months from your intended date of travel. You will need a scanned copy of the ID page of your passport.

Passport photo: There are certain requirements that travellers must ensure for their passport photo to be visa-approved. The details are: size: 4 cm x 6 cm, and the photos must be coloured and printed on professional photo paper. The photos must also be taken within the last six months.

Onward flight ticket: You will need to show your confirmed flight tickets to the third destination

Proof of stay: You will need to show confirmed hotel reservations. If you are staying with friends or family, you will need to provide an invitation letter.

Readying all the aforementioned transit in Vietnam requirements will ensure that you have a smooth visa process.

Vietnam Transit Visa Cost for Indian Passport Holders

The cost of a transit visa for Vietnam is USD 25 for Indian nationals. This roughly comes up to around INR 2080. It is important to note that this fee is not refundable even if the visa is rejected. Therefore, it is essential to be prepared for the visa application to prevent any rejections.

Processing Time for Vietnam Transit Visa for Indians

The processing time for your Vietnam visa depends on the kind of visa you are applying for and the application method chosen. The electronic visa, a.k.a the Vietnam e-visa that allows you to stay in the country for 30 days exclusively for the purpose of tourism, takes three days to be processed. There are certain factors that can influence this processing time:

Not filling out the visa form completely

Missing documents

False or incorrect information in the application

What To Do When You Reach Vietnam Airport?

Once you disembark from your flight, head to the immigration desk. Hand them all the essential documents along with your flight tickets to the third destination, your Vietnam transit visa, etc.

After you submit all your documents, the immigration officer will verify them

Then, depending on when you have your subsequent flight, you can either head to the transit lounge and wait or you can relax at a hotel. However, if you choose the latter, ensure that you are back at the airport in time for your next flight.

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Key Takeaways About the Vietnam Transit Visa for Indians

  • There is no transit visa for Vietnam so travellers instead have to apply for an e-visa for Vietnam

  • You will need a visa for Vietnam if your layover is for longer than 24 hours

  • There is also a visa-on-arrival facility in Vietnam for the purpose of tourism and business so eligible persons can use the tourist VOA for transiting purposes

  • Currently, the visa validity for Vietnam is 30 days for Indian nationals. However, starting August 15, the validity would be extended to 90 days.

  • Once your Vietnam e-visa is approved, you will receive a digital copy of the same so no passport stamp would be needed.

  • Travellers are advised to apply for a transit visa for Vietnam at least one week in advance so contingencies can be taken care of without interrupting your trip


Information last updated Jan 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Does Vietnam offer visa-on-arrival for Indian nationals?

Does Vietnam offer visa-on-arrival for Indian nationals?


Yes, Vietnam does offer a visa-on-arrival facility for Indian passport holders. To procure a Vietnam VOA, travellers must have: Approval letter from India Passport (valid for at least six months) Application form Two passport-sized photos Travelling insurance Confirmed flight tickets to your third destination Proof of accommodation

What happens if my visa for Vietnam gets rejected?


If your visa application for Vietnam is rejected, you will be notified via email with the reason for your visa rejection. Then, you can re-apply for your visa and fix the reason for rejection for a successful application.

Is a transit visa and a Vietnam e-visa the same?


Technically, yes. There is not really any "Vietnam transit visa." So, if you need a transit visa, you will need to apply for an e visa. There is also a VOA facility in Vietnam for both tourism as well as business purposes.