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Check Armenia Visa Application Status

Although often overlooked, Armenia is indeed a visually appealing treat for fellow travellers. From the beautiful UNESCO sites to the especially significant breathtaking Mount Ararat, stunning Lake Sevan, world-renowned Ararat Brandy and Armenian Wine, and the fantastic outdoors that call for a thrilling adventure experience, everything in this country is sought after for its unique encounter.

If you have identified this travel opportunity, you have a great way to go, explore, and live mesmerising moments. Applying for and securing a visa to travel to Armenia from India is a must and is the first step.

Applying for the Armenia visa for Indians is simple online and offline. If you have completed the application, here is how you can proceed with checking your Armenia visa status.

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What is Armenia Visa Application Status?

After you have applied for the Armenia visa, your application goes through a series of steps before the final approval or rejection. By knowing the status of it, whether it is at the processing stage, approved status, or faced rejection, you can proceed with the next steps.

If it is at the processing stage and pending approval, you can expect further notifications. If it is approved, you can go ahead and plan your trip right away! And if it is rejected, you can get in touch with the Embassy or the Consular offices to understand the reason and make the right decisions later.

Therefore, Armenia visa tracking is helpful for planning and deciding on further steps that can save a lot of time, effort, and money.

There are different types of visas applicable for entry to Armenia. The processing time and status can vary according to the type, and here is what you need to know!

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Types of Armenian Visa for Indian Citizens

Based on the purpose of visit and its duration, as detailed on the application, different types of visas are issued to Indians to visit Armenia. Here is a brief about the common types of visas.

  1. Visitor Visa - A visitor visa is issued to Indians entering Armenia and staying there temporarily. It can be for vacation, meeting relatives or friends, or any other similar reason. It can be issued for 21 days or 120 days, depending on the purpose.

  2. Multiple Entry Visa - For those who like to keep their options open, a multiple entry visa is issued to Indian passport holders who want to enter and exit Armenia multiple times up to the expiration date of the visa.

    It offers flexibility, being issued for up to sixty days of stay with six months of validity or for up to 120 days of stay with one-year validity.

  3. Official Visa — An official visa can be issued to government officials travelling to Armenia on a government duty. This duty can include attending an official meeting or conference, conducting a specific task, or engaging in a deployment.

  4. Diplomatic Visa - A diplomatic visa is issued to government officials on a diplomatic mission based on international agreements or conventions. It can be issued to diplomats, embassy staff members, and similar officials representing India.

    Indian diplomatic passport holders visiting Armenia for up to 30 days are exempt from obtaining an entry visa.

  5. Single Entry Transit Visa - A single entry transit visa is issued to Indians to pass through Armenia on their way to another destination. It can be for a specific time duration that can cover the layover during their flight travels to pass through the immigration terms and conditions in Armenia and continue their travel.

  6. Multiple Entry Transit Visa - A multiple entry transit visa is issued to Indians to pass through Armenia multiple times for a specific period on their way to another destination. It allows you to transit through Armenia multiple times without having to apply for a transit visa every time.

Armenia Embassy and Consulate in India

In India, the consular services are offered only at the Embassy of Armenia in New Delhi.

Embassy of Armenia in India
Address Armenia Street D-133, Anand Niketan, New Delhi-110021, India
Phone (+91-11) 2411 2851
Ambassador’s Office (+91-11) 2411 2852
Official Working Days Monday to Friday
Office Hours 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Consular Services
Official Working Days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Phone (+91-11) 4602 5958
Documents Submission 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Document Collection 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

How to Check Armenia Visa Status Online?

The Armenia E-Visa check process is simple. It is available at the E-visa Issuance System, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Armenia. Here is a step-by-**Step guide to the process.

The status of Armenia visa tracking in India will be available after the collection date, as mentioned in the acknowledgement slip. The acknowledgement slip will be issued when the application and the supporting documents have been provided successfully.

Steps to Check Armenia Visa Application Status Online

Here is how you can do an Armenia visa check online:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Armenia, E-VISA Issuance System.

Step 2: Click on the 'Check Application Status' option.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the E-visa Application Status Check page. Provide the Application ID and the captcha code.

Note:** After making the payment for the E-Visa application, you will receive the application ID by email.

Step 4: Click on the 'Check Visa Status' option. The Armenia visa check status will be displayed on the screen.

How to Check Armenia Visa Application Status Offline?

If Armenia visa tracking online is not accessible or challenging, you can check the status offline. Here is a brief step-by-**Step process you can follow:

Step 1: The Embassy of Armenia in India does not entertain telephonic calls for visa-related procedures. Therefore, you can visit the office of the Embassy of Armenia in India directly to seek the status of your Armenia visa application.

Step 2: Meet the concerned officials and provide your visa application details and supporting documents.

Step 3: They will check their online system and provide the status of your Armenia visa application. You can clarify the further proceedings and take the next steps.

Need for International Travel Insurance Policy While Visiting Armenia

While a travel insurance policy may not be a mandatory document to apply for an Armenian visa, it is highly recommended to have a secure and financially stress-free travel experience. Any unprecedented event related to your well-being or your travel plan can lead to extreme financial and emotional challenges.

An overseas travel insurance plan can help you cover unexpected expenses caused by a flight cancellation, baggage loss, or even a medical emergency.

It can compensate for the financial losses and reduce your burden to proceed and focus on your trip going beyond. However, finding the right travel insurance policy for your financial needs can be challenging.

With Tata AIG, you can easily buy travel insurance online by analysing the different products, comparing the features, and customising it according to your needs. It is affordable and easily accessible.

Common Reasons for Armenia Visa Rejection

The major reasons for the rejection of a visa application to enter Armenia are based on the Law of the Republic of Armenia on Foreigners. For any reason, if your visa gets rejected, the Embassy will not provide any clarifications or comments.

Therefore, it is important to make sure you avoid all possible reasons that can lead to a visa rejection. Here is a brief about some of the common reasons.

  • Violation of Rules — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Armenia has set clear requirements and procedures for applying for a visa. Any violation of these rules can impact the visa approval process and can lead to rejection. Click here for more information.

  • Documentation Issues — It is important to understand the documents required for the application process, gather them all, and maintain them to the best standards. For example, a damaged or expired passport can lead to a rejection.

  • Incomplete or Incorrect Application Form — Accurately filling out the application form is crucial to visa approval. If you fail to provide complete details, such as your travel details or provide incorrect details that do not match your supporting documents, your visa to enter Armenia can be rejected.

  • Crime — The officials verifying your profile will conduct a background check to find whether you possess a criminal record. If they find any criminal record that can pose a security concern, they can reject your application straight away.

  • Health — Your visa application can be rejected if you are found to have a health condition that poses a severe risk to the people living in Armenia.

  • Insufficient Funds — Insufficient funds in your account can also result in visa rejection. Based on the purpose of your visit, you will be required to prove that you have sufficient funds to manage your stay.

What to Do If Your Armenia Visa Application Status Is Rejected?

As the Embassy does not provide clarifications or comments on visa rejections, it is advisable to follow the guidelines and give a complete application form with supporting documents.

Even after adhering to the rules, if your visa gets rejected, you can visit the Embassy directly and consult the relevant officials to know the reason and understand if you can go about rectifying the faults to proceed further.


Obtaining a visa as an Indian is crucial to entering the Republic of Armenia. The process of applying and checking Armenia visa application status is straightforward online. It takes only a few simple steps and is less time-consuming.

Knowing the status can help you proceed with the further steps, save time, and plan better. While you apply for a visa, ensure to put all the details right, gather all the necessary documents, and follow the rules set by the Government in Armenia.

It will enhance your likelihood of a successful visa approval process and lead to a memorable trip to Armenia!

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How long does it take to obtain a visa to visit Armenia?

How long does it take to obtain a visa to visit Armenia?


The processing time for E-visa is up to 3 days. In all other cases, the visa processing time is generally 10 days. However, it can vary for specific cases requiring more information or investigation

How can I check my Armenia visa status using my passport number?


The Armenia visa check with passport number is not applicable. You can check it with the Application ID in the E-visa Issuance System.

What are the documents required by Indian official passport holders to obtain an entry visa to visit Armenia?


The most important documents required for an official to obtain an entry visa to Armenia are:

  • A note from the Ministry of External Affairs of India

  • Visa application form

  • Passport size photo (Coloured)

  • Passport with a photocopy