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Burkina Faso Travel Insurance

Burkina Faso (which translates to the "land of incorruptible people") is a little landlocked nation in West Africa, bordering to the north by Mali, to the south by Ghana and Togo, to the east by Niger, to the southeast by Benin, and to the southwest by Ivory Coast. France colonised the nation, and it won independence in 1960. It has had a few coups and turbulent administrations since its independence from colonial France, but it still offers a lot to visitors from around the globe.

Burkina Faso offers fantastic possibilities to learn more about rural African people. The inhabitants believe in communal life, and there are many beautiful places to visit throughout the nation. However, the country has not yet become a tourist hotspot. So, the facilities can be a little unpolished. Therefore, having Burkina Faso travel insurance becomes necessary.

However, the lack of visitors is not always a negative thing, as some of the places you will visit have a very untouched air to them, and the family-run guesthouses seem quite private and welcoming. Burkina Faso travel cost from India is around ₹1.5 lakhs, and a fraction of this amount can get you a travel insurance plan from Tata AIG.

Tata AIG travel insurance for Burkina Faso starts at only ₹40.82 per day* and can offer you adequate financial security for your vacation to Burkina Faso. Depending on the number of people in your travelling group, you can choose between individual and family travel health insurance for Burkina Faso. You can find every travelling insurance policy on our official website. Our online insurance premium calculator makes it simple to compare travel insurance plans and premiums.

So, what are you holding for? Contact us to reserve a worry-free trip to Burkina Faso.

Travel Insurance for Burkina Faso from India

If you intend to travel to a location that is outside of your country's international borders, you should conduct extensive preparation and study. There are various considerations to be made, ranging from the political situation in the country of your planned trip destination to the optimum time to visit it, from the sort of visa you must apply for to the travel insurance policy you must choose.

Let us tell you that there are no Burkina Faso travel requirements when entering the nation as per the law of the country. However, choosing appropriate Burkina Faso travel insurance coverage is critical to have some level of protection against the risks of foreign travel. Regardless of how comprehensive your preparation and research are, there are a number of situations that can throw your plans into turmoil. For example, the current coronavirus pandemic has radically altered the scene of international travel.

As a result, you must select the finest travel insurance Burkina Faso plan. If you choose the Tata AIG international travel insurance policy for Burkina Faso, you will receive broad travel insurance coverage, such as flight cancellation insurance, personal liability coverage, baggage coverage, COVID-19 coverage, accident and illness coverage, hijack coverage, and so on.

Why Do You Require Travel Health Insurance from India to Burkina Faso

When you leave the comforts of your home, you become vulnerable to a slew of dangers. This is true of foreign travel as well. Assume you are planning to travel to Burkina Faso from India only to have your flight cancelled or delayed at the very last moment. Worst case scenario, you are unwell while travelling to Burkina Faso or while staying there. Being trapped in a foreign country with an ailment isn't something any of your trip plans would have anticipated, is it?

Although it is impossible to avoid incidents such as accidents, sickness, and airline delays, you can guarantee that you are financially covered in the event that they occur. This is the primary reason why you should get travel insurance from India to Burkina Faso. With the right travel insurance package, you may get medical coverage, trip coverage, and coverage for unexpected flight cancellations or delays.

Choosing the finest travel insurance policy for Burkina Faso is therefore one of the requirements for a safe and enjoyable visit to this stunning nation. When evaluating various travel insurance policies, consider the coverage and features of the plan, as well as its validity and cost. A plan that provides comprehensive coverage at a reasonable cost and has flexibility for automatic extensions is the best option. All of these features are included in the Tata AIG Burkina Faso Travel Insurance Plan, making it an ideal travel insurance plan.

Benefits Offered by the Tata AIG Burkina Faso Travel Insurance Policy

One of the top travel insurance plans for Burkina Faso is the Tata AIG travel medical insurance Burkina Faso policy. This policy has various advantages, some of which are listed below:

Luggage Coverage: If you lose your luggage at any of the airports you visit during your trip, the baggage coverage of the Tata AIG Travel Insurance Burkina Faso plan can help. You can use this coverage to request payment for the cost of things in your lost or delayed check-in luggage.

Medical Coverage: The Tata AIG Burkina Faso Travel Health Insurance Plan includes medical insurance coverage to ensure your trip is not ruined by the financial consequences of any accidents or illnesses. If you become unwell while travelling and are hospitalised, the expense of your care is covered by this plan.

Journey Coverage: Your travel to and from Burkina Faso is financially protected by the following covers with Tata AIG's Burkina Faso Travel Insurance Plan.

  • Coverage for passport loss;
  • Coverage for airline cancellation or delay;
  • Coverage for hotel cancellation, and so on.

Miscellaneous Benefits: Other advantages of Tata AIG's Burkina Faso travel insurance include:

  • Travel insurance for Burkina Faso is offered for as little as ₹40.82 per day*.
  • The Tata AIG website offers a quick and easy way to acquire our Burkina Faso Travel Insurance Plan. There is no need for a medical exam to obtain our Burkina Faso Travel Insurance Plan.
  • The ability to pay your travel insurance payment in rupees and receive coverage in West African CFA franc.

Trip to Burkina Faso: Safety and Precautionary Measures to Undertake

If you wish to visit Burkina Faso, you must follow some of the safety and preventive steps, some of which are outlined here:

  • Always have your passport with you.
  • You must not break any of the rules of the nation.
  • Make certain that your possessions are secure.
  • Do not travel to locations you have not already explored.
  • Avoid going to locations that are crowded.
  • Use no private or suspicious modes of transportation.
  • Follow the news, both locally and worldwide.
  • Keep the contact details for the Indian Embassy in Burkina Faso available in case of an emergency.
  • Do not engage in any activity that is considered impolite in public.
  • Keep in mind the validity time of your Burkina Faso visa, and do not overstay in the country.
  • Choose the best Burkina Faso travel insurance.

Trip to Burkina Faso: COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Listed below are some basic COVID-19 safety guidelines that you must follow when in Burkina Faso:

  1. Never forget to wear a mask in public areas.
  2. Always practise social distancing.
  3. Abide by any local government guidelines for COVID-19-related dangers.
  4. Observe yourself and separate yourself if you have any of the coronavirus symptoms and have the relevant testing done as soon as possible.

Things You Must Do in Burkina Faso

Here's our list of the finest things you can do when in Burkina Faso:

Cool Down at Karfiguéla Falls

Well, Karfiguéla Falls, a succession of swimming pools and waterfalls along the Komoé River, are a perfect spot to cool down while also admiring the natural beauty of the region. Though the falls are always flowing, they are at their peak during or soon after the rainy season, which may make getting there by road an adventure in and of itself.

Go Hiking in the Southwest

The best hiking areas are around the Banfora escarpment. It offers panoramic views of the entire region. The Sénoufo region west of Banfora is likewise extremely nice, as is the Lobi region southeast of Bobo Dioulasso in Gaoua. For those wanting thrill, mountain bike rides may also be organised in these places.

Explore the Crowded Streets of Bobo Dioulasso

The picturesque streets of Bobo Dioulasso's busy market, the Grand Marché, are the lifeblood of the Bobo people's major town. Other attractions in the city include the Musée Provincial du Hout, which houses regional artefacts and arts and crafts, and the impressive mud-brick Grande Mosquée in the Kibidwé area.

Mingle with Royalty in Tiébélé

The Royal Court of Tuébélé is a sprawling traditional Sahelian compound of brightly painted, windowless mud buildings that house 450 people. These constructions are generally built in a figure of eight, with low doors and gloomy interiors. The outside walls are adorned with black, brown, and white symbolic geometric motifs that are changed annually in February or March.

Discover the Mossi Empire in Ouagadougou

Since the 15th century, Ouagadougou has been an important centre of the Mossi Empire, and its Ethnography Museum houses a large collection of Mossi artefacts. In 1681, the Moro-Naba monarch made it his permanent palace. The Bangr-Weoogo urban park, which was previously the tribe's holy forest, gives much-needed green space to the metropolis. Pabre, a historic Mossi settlement, is not far distant.

Explore the International Arts and Crafts Fair's Wares

The International Arts and Crafts Fair, held every two years in the city of Ouagadougou, is one of Africa's most prominent trade events and has been popular with bargain seekers since its start in the early 1980s. Visitors may purchase a variety of items ranging from jewellery and fabrics to carvings and complex metalwork.

Visit Hippo Lake

The Hippo Lake (or Mare aux Hippopotames) was built around a freshwater lake, marshes, and woodlands inundated by the Black Volta River in 1937. It is home to around 100 hippos and is also a significant location for wetland species. For a modest price, visitors can be transported out in a pirogue to see the hippos.

Get up Early for Moro-Naba Ceremony

Every Friday at about 6:00 AM, the Nabayius Gou ('the Emperor goes to battle') event is held in the MoroNaba Palace in Ouagadougou. It shows the gorgeously bedecked emperor being restrained by his wife as well as his followers as he prepares to wage war on his brother.

Burkina Faso Visa Types for Indian Nationals

There are two types of visas for Indian nationals who are willing to visit Burkina Faso:

  • Tourist Visa: Indian citizens with passports who wish to travel to Burkina Faso for leisure, sightseeing, or to see family or friends.
  • Business Visa: Indian citizens with passports who want to travel to Burkina Faso for business purposes, such as to attend conferences, exhibitions, seminars, or engage in other commercial activities.

Burkina Faso Visa Application: Documents Required

Documents required for a Burkina Faso visa include:

  • Original passport with a minimum of three blank pages and a validity of at least six months, together with any previous passports. (Photo Description)
  • Visa Forms for applications: completed and signed
  • Personal Statement: Justification for visiting the nation
  • Original Bank Statement, updated for the last three months and stamped with the bank seal.
  • Airline tickets: evidence of round-trip airline tickets to and from your country of residence
  • Hotel reservation: evidence of lodging for the duration of your visit
  • Travel Schedule: A day-by-day schedule outlining all aspects of the journey
  • Travel insurance: protection for the entire journey

For Business Visa, the types of documents needed are:

  • Letter of introduction or recommendation from: One of the Indian government's chambers of commerce and industry; the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry; the Indian Export Promotion Council; or a reference number from the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • From the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, a registration certificate for the company:
  • The most recent three years' worth of tax returns;
  • Letter from the business introducing the businessman for visa granting to the embassy.

Burkina Faso Visa Application: How and Where to Do It?

You can opt for eVisas for Burkina Faso online. Click here to understand the process and to apply for the eVisa from the comfort of your home.

Burkina Faso Visa Validity

The eVisa for Burkina Faso is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.

Burkina Faso Visa Fees

  • A Burkina Faso Tourist visa price starts from ₹6500.
  • A Burkina Faso Business visa price starts from ₹8500.

Embassy or Consulate of Burkina Faso in India

Name Address Telephone Number Fax Number Email Address Office Timings Mission Head
Embassy of Burkina Faso, New Delhi F2/4 Vasant Vihar New Delhi 110057 India (+91) 11-2614 0630 embassy@burkinafasoindia.org 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM | Monday to Friday Mr Idriss Raoua Ouedraogo, Ambassador Centro comercial Moctezuma

Embassy of India in Burkina Faso

Name Address Telephone Number Working Hours
Embassy of India, Burkina Faso Parcel 13, Lot 38, Sector 15, 10 BP 13977 Ouagadougou 01 Ouaga 2000 Burkina Faso +226 25376361 embassy@burkinafasoindia.org 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM | Monday to Friday

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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No. Burkina Faso is not a member of the Schengen region.

Why do you need travel insurance to visit Burkina Faso?Why do you need travel insurance to visit Burkina Faso?


If your trip is cancelled at the last minute due to unavoidable reasons, your travel insurance policy can help you save some money on flight cancellation, hotel fares, and other non-refundable expenses.

What does Burkina Faso travel insurance cover?


With a Tata AIG travel insurance policy for Burkina Faso, you can get the following benefits:

  • Baggage loss
  • Trip cancellation
  • Hotel booking cancellation
  • Flight delay and cancellation
  • Important document (passport) loss