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Check Czech Republic Visa Application Status

With Prague as its capital, the Czech Republic attracts millions of visitors looking for a romantic getaway. It is also a popular tourist destination for individuals who appreciate Gothic and Cubist architecture. If you are an Indian national wanting to explore the romantic castles in Prague, you will need a valid visa to enter the country.

If you have already applied for the appropriate visa type, you can track your Czech visa application and more effectively plan your visit to the country. Here are all the details you will need for your Czech Republic visa tracking.

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What is a Czech Visa Application Status?

A Czech Republic visa status refers to the status of the progress during a visa application. Since tracking the progress of an application can help mitigate potential losses and inconvenience in case of a delay in visa approval, most applicants prefer Czech Republic visa tracking instead of waiting for final approval.

Moreover, since the processing time varies depending on the type of visa applied for, a quick Czech Republic visa status check helps prepare for the next course of action. If a visa has been pending for too long or shows the status as rejection, you can immediately prepare for your reapplication and get your official documents aligned in time.

Types of Czech Republic Visa For Indian Citizens

Sr. No. Visa Type Description Duration
1 Short-term Schengen Visa For travel across the Schengen region. up to 90 days
(For some of the following purposes)
a. Business/ Conference For business activities and conferences. less than 90 days
b. Visiting Family/Friend For visiting family or friends in the Czech Republic. less than 90 days
c. Cultural Event For participating in cultural, sports or religious events or for film crew members. up to 90 days
d. Tourism For tourism purposes only. less than 90 days
2 Long Term Visa Visiting the Czech Republic for more than 90 days. more than 90 days
(For some of the following purposes)
a. Medical Treatment For medical treatment in the Schengen state. more than 90 days
b. Study/ For legal scientific research, academic pursuits or internships.  more than 90 days

Czech Republic Embassy and Consulate in India

Here are all the details of the Embassy and Honorary Consulates of the Czech Republic in India for your reference.

Embassy of Czech Republic in New Delhi, India
Address Embassy of the Czech Republic, 50-M, Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110 021
Phone +91 11 2415 5265
Email contact
Official Working Days Monday to Friday
Official Timing 08:00 – 16:30
Honorary Consulate of Czech Republic in Mumbai, India
Address Rewa Chamber Office 501 (5th Floor), 31, New Marine Lines, Churchgate (E), 400 020 Mumbai Mumbai
Phone +91 222 207 85 31, 78532, 78533, 78534
Email address 
Official Working Days Monday to Thursday
Official Timing 10:00 am- 02:00 pm
Honorary Consulate of Czech Republic in Kolkata, India
Address VAIBHAB (4th floor), 4 Lee Road, Kolkata, 700 020 Kolkata
Phone +91 33 229 074 06, +91 33 228 371 78
Email address
Official Working Days Monday to Thursday
Official Timing 10:00 am- 18:00 pm
Honorary Consulate of Czech Republic in Chennai, India
Address Vel Vilas, 3/21 Kottur Garden 3rd Main Road
  Kotturpuram, Chennai 600 085, India
Phone +91 44 2447 4647
Email address ;
Official Working Days Monday to Friday
Official Timing 10:00 am- 12:00 pm
Honorary Consulate of Czech Republic in Bangalore, India
Address No. 303, "Pushpak" MES Ring Road, Jalahalli
Phone +91 734 936 8900
Email address

How to Check Czech Visa Status Online

The Czech Republic visa tracking India can be done both online and offline. The online Czech Republic visa status check can be done using either of the following portals:**

The FRS portal of the government of the Czech Republic.

The VFS portal.

Czech Republic visa check using the FRS portal

Step 1: Navigate to the official FRS portal of the government of the Czech Republic.

Step 2: Select the ‘Status of my application’ from the options on the home screen.

Step 3: Type in your reference number in the slots on the page.

Step 4: If your reference number is unavailable, type in your visa application number in the slot under it.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Validate’ button.

Step 6: You should be able to see your Czech visa application status on the next page.

Czech Republic visa check using the VFS portal

Step 1: Go to the official VFS website.

Step 2: Select the ‘Track your application’ tab.

Step 3: Read through the details and guidelines on the next page and click on the ‘Track your visa application status online’.

Step 4: You should be redirected to the application tracker.

Step 5: Enter your reference number and last name.

Step 6: Fill in the captcha and click on ‘Submit’.

Step 7: You should be able to see your Czech visa application status on the next page.

How to do a Czech Republic Visa Check Offline?

If you are uncomfortable doing a Czech Republic visa check online, you can opt for the offline process. Follow these Steps to do a Czech Republic visa check offline:

Step 1: Prepare all necessary documents and information, like your reference number, before contacting your VAC or the embassy/consulate of your jurisdiction.

Step 2: If you are emailing the visa centres directly, ensure you include all details and passport information along with your contact information.

Step 3: If you decide to visit the visa centre in person, ensure you call ahead of your visit and bring all documents necessary.

Step 4: The visa officers at the centre should be able to inform you of your current Czech visa application status.

How to do a Czech Republic Visa Check Using a Passport Number?

The online Czech Republic visa status check does not need your passport number; you will only need your reference number or your application number. However, if you happen to misplace the two, you will still have the option of contacting your visa centre offline. You can follow the steps mentioned above and ask for their cooperation.

However, it is advisable to keep your reference number and application numbers safe to avoid such situations.

Common Reasons For Czech Republic Visa Gets Rejected

Existing Criminal Records:

If you have a criminal record in India or are suspected of a crime in any Schengen member state, including the Czech Republic, your visa applications are most likely to be denied. Similarly, individuals wanted by Interpol or law enforcement agencies are considered national threats and will be refused entry.

Misrepresentation or falsification of documents:

Submitting forged or illegally obtained documents or misrepresenting your identity or intentions can lead to the automatic rejection of a visa application. This not only results in your visa being denied but can also have legal consequences.

Purpose of Visit and Stay:

If you fail to clearly state the purpose of your visit, whether it is for education, employment, business, or other reasons, it can raise suspicion and result in your visa being denied. Hence, it is essential to provide detailed and accurate information about the intended stay in the Czech Republic.

Invalid Passport:

Passport validity is crucial for visa processing. If an expired or damaged passport or even one with insufficient pages is submitted during a visa application, it will result in a visa rejection. The Czech Republic requires passports to be valid for at least three months from the date of application and have at least two blank pages.

Incomplete Travel Itinerary:

If you fail to provide a comprehensive travel itinerary, including accommodations, sightseeing plans, and meeting schedules, it can lead to visa denial. A detailed itinerary helps visa authorities assess the purpose and feasibility of the trip.

Inadequate Letter of Reference:

Schengen Visa applications may include a letter of reference from a citizen of the destination country (for certain visa types). An unsatisfactory letter of reference that lacks proper formatting is not recent, or locks authentication can result in your visa being rejected.

Insufficient proof of Finances:

It is essential to demonstrate financial capability to cover travel expenses, accommodation, and living expenses during your stay in the Czech Republic. Providing inadequate proof of financial means, such as bank statements or income statements, can lead to your application being denied.

Lack of Travel Insurance:

All Schengen visa applicants are required to have adequate travel insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in the Schengen region, including the Czech Republic. Failure to provide proof of valid travel insurance can result in visa rejection.

What to Do If Your Czech Republic Visa Application Status Is Rejected?

If your Czech Republic visa application is rejected, here is what you can do to address the situation:

  • Upon visa refusal, you should receive a standard form explaining the reasons for the refusal, including guidance on the possible way to solve the issues with the applications. It is crucial to carefully review this form to understand why your application was rejected.

  • If you believe the decision of the consular mission was incorrect, you can submit a request for a review of the visa refusal within 15 days of receiving the standard form. This request must be submitted to the consular mission that refused the visa, either in person or by mail, carrying your original signature or your legal representative.

  • In your request for review, you should clearly state the reasons for your appeal and why you believe the decision was incorrect. Information that was not included in the original visa application cannot be used as a reason for the appeal.

  • The request for a review of visa refusal is forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which reviews it within 60 days. You will receive information about the result from the consular mission that refused the visa.

Need for International Travel Insurance While Visiting Czech Republic

As mentioned earlier, getting travel insurance Czech Republic is mandatory. Without valid travel insurance, the visa application for the Czech Republic can be denied. But the importance of travelling insurance goes beyond just visa requirements.

Investing in travel insurance with a reliable insurance provider like Tata AIG ensures that all your unexpected expenses are covered during your international trips. With the unpredictable nature of travel, additional unforeseen expenses related to flight cancellations or baggage loss or damage can hinder your financial stability. Moreover, medical emergencies in a foreign country can cost a pretty penny. During such stressful times, travel insurance helps cover the financial loss and ensures your financial stability during stressful times.

Furthermore, Tata AIG’s website allows you to conveniently buy travel insurance online and also compare various insurance packages to choose one that aligns with your travel needs.

Invest in a financial shield for all your future travels with Tata AIG, and enjoy your adventures stress-free!


To conclude, If you want to explore the Czech Republic’s iconic tourist spots, you will need both a valid visa and travel insurance for the Schengen region. Whether it is online or offline Czech Republic visa tracking, staying informed of the updated requirements related to the process is essential. To avoid any rejections, it is also crucial to ensure all documents submitted are legitimate and have accurate information.

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When is it best to apply for a visa for the Czech Republic?

When is it best to apply for a visa for the Czech Republic?


You can apply for a visa for the Czech Republic 6 months in advance but no later than 15 days before your planned travel. The visa processing typically takes around 10-15 days.

What are the requirements for a multiple-entry visa?


When applying for a multiple-entry visa, applicants must demonstrate a genuine need for frequent travel. Along with this, there also needs to be a record of the lawful use of previously granted visas.