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Kazakhstan Visa for Indians

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Kazakhstan is a land of enchanting beauty and cultural fusion. With its vast steppes, majestic mountains, and pristine lakes, the country boasts a natural grandeur that leaves visitors awe-inspired. The blooming wildflowers that adorn the Kazakh plains in spring and the breathtaking sculptures of Charyn Canyon showcase the diversity of its terrain.

Indian travellers find a unique connection in Kazakhstan, a bond that transcends borders. The shared spiritual heritage between the two nations, particularly evident through the influence of Adi Shankaracharya at the revered Turkestan complex, adds a profound layer to the exploration. The Hazrat Sultan Mosque in Nur-Sultan is a testament to the harmonious blend of Islamic architecture and contemporary design, echoing the cultural parallels.

For Indian explorers, Kazakhstan offers a novel avenue of discovery – from the historical Silk Road hub of Almaty to the modernity of Nur-Sultan, where glass skyscrapers reflect on serene lakes. The aromatic bazaars evoke memories of Indian markets, and the warm Kazakh hospitality resonates deeply. Similar values of family, tradition, and cuisine create a sense of familiarity, making every interaction memorable.

Kazakhstan's allure lies in its breathtaking landscapes and the shared cultural threads that unite Indian and Kazakh hearts. The invitation to explore Kazakhstan's beauty is an invitation to be part of the enduring connection between the two nations.

So, if you are planning a trip to Kazakhstan, keep this guide handy to help yourself with all the necessary visa-related information for Kazakhstan from India. It will also discuss in detail whether you will need an international travel insurance plan for Kazakhstan.

Entry Requirements and Kazakhstan Visa for Indians

If you are an Indian traveller seeking to explore the beauty of Kazakhstan, understanding the visa requirements is essential for a seamless journey. As an Indian passport holder, you will need a valid Kazakhstan visa to enter the country. Additionally, your Indian passport should have a minimum validity of at least 90 days (3 months) beyond your intended departure date from Kazakhstan.

It's worth noting that diplomatic and official passport holders from India may be exempt from obtaining a Kazakhstan visa for stays up to a specified period. However, for most travellers, entry regulations are governed by the Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, apart from a valid visa and passport.

To gain entry into Kazakhstan, the following requirements are typically applicable:

Valid Travel Document or Passport: A valid Indian passport is a prerequisite for entry.

Proof of Sufficient Funds: You must provide proof of financial means, often around a minimum of 50 Euros per day of stay.

Health Requirements: While not mentioned explicitly, Kazakhstan, like many countries, may have health-related entry requirements such as vaccinations or health certificates.

Minors' Entry: The specifics for minors' entry into Kazakhstan will depend on whether they are foreign nationals or Kazakh citizens. Requirements such as parental consent might apply.

Health Insurance or Travel Policy: Having adequate health insurance or a travel policy with medical coverage, usually a minimum of 20,000 Euros, is advisable.

Transit Requirements: If you are transiting through Kazakhstan on your way to another country, you should meet the entry requirements of the third country or final destination.

Criminal Record: Entry could be denied without an international criminal record.

It's important to remember that visa and entry requirements can change, so verifying the most up-to-date information with the Kazakhstan Embassy or Consulate before your travel is recommended. Being well-prepared ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey to explore the wonders of Kazakhstan.

Is There a Kazakhstan/Almaty Visa on Arrival for Indians?

No, there is no Kazakhstan visa on arrival for Indian citizens visiting Kazakhstan.

You must apply for a visa in advance at the nearest Kazakhstan embassy or consulate. The visa application process can take several weeks, so it is important to apply early.

You must provide a valid passport, visa application form, recent passport-sized photographs, and proof of onward travel.

However, there are some exceptions to the visa requirement. Citizens of India transiting through Kazakhstan for less than 5 days do not need a visa.

Additionally, citizens of India visiting Kazakhstan as part of a tour group organised by a licensed tour operator do not need a visa.

Is Kazakhstan a Part of the Schengen Region?

No, Kazakhstan is not a part of the Schengen region. The Schengen region is a group of 26 European countries that have abolished passport controls at their common borders.

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia and is not a member of the European Union. Citizens of Kazakhstan need a visa to enter any country in the Schengen region.

So, as an Indian traveller, if you have a Schengen visa, you cannot enter Kazakhstan as you will need a separate visa for Kazakhstan based on your travel type.

Types of Kazakhstan Visa for Indians

Visa Type Validity Duration of Stay Purpose
Single-entry visa 30 days 30 days Tourist, business, transit
Multiple-entry visa 90 days 90 days Tourist, business, transit
Transit visa 5 days 5 days Transit
Student visa 1 year 1 year Study
Work visa 1 year 1 year Work
Permanent residence visa Indefinite Indefinite Permanent residence

Single-entry visa:

This visa allows you to enter Kazakhstan once and stay up to 30 days. It can be issued for tourist, business, or transit purposes.

To apply for a single-entry Kazakhstan tourist visa for Indians, you will need to provide the following documents:

A valid passport

A visa application form

Two recent passport-sized photographs

Proof of onward travel

Proof of accommodation

The required visa fee

Multiple-entry visa:

This visa allows you to enter Kazakhstan multiple times and stay for up to 90 days each time. It is ideal for people planning to travel to Kazakhstan frequently, such as business travellers or students.

To apply for a multiple-entry visa, you will need to provide the same documents as for a single-entry visa, plus:

A letter from your employer or school (if applicable)

Transit visa::

This visa allows you to transit through Kazakhstan for up to 5 days without leaving the airport. You can apply for a transit visa if you are travelling to another country that does not have a visa-free agreement with Kazakhstan.

To apply for a transit visa, you will need to provide the following documents:

A valid passport

A visa application form

Two recent passport-sized photographs

A copy of your onward ticket

Student visa:

This visa allows you to study in Kazakhstan for up to 1 year. To apply for a student visa, you will need to provide the following documents:

A valid passport

A visa application form

Two recent passport-sized photographs

A letter of acceptance from a university or other educational institution in Kazakhstan

Proof of financial support

A medical certificate

Work visa:

This visa allows you to work in Kazakhstan for up to 1 year. To apply for a work visa, you will need to provide the following documents:

A valid passport

A visa application form

Two recent passport-sized photographs

A letter of employment from a company in Kazakhstan

A medical certificate

Permanent residence visa:

This visa allows you to live permanently in Kazakhstan. To apply for a permanent residence visa, you will need to provide the following documents:

A valid passport

A visa application form

Two recent passport-sized photographs

Proof of accommodation

Proof of financial support

A medical certificate

A letter from your employer or school (if applicable)

A document proving your close relationship with a citizen of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens: Documents Required for Application

Here are the documents required for applying for a Kazakhstan visa for Indian citizens:

Valid passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your intended stay in Kazakhstan.

Visa application form: You can download the visa application form from the website of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in India.

Two recent passport-sized photographs: The photographs must be taken against a white background and the same size as those in your passport.

Proof of onward travel: This could be a copy of your airline ticket or a travel itinerary.

Proof of accommodation: This could be a hotel reservation or a letter from a friend or family member in Kazakhstan confirming that you will stay with them.

Visa fee: The visa fee for Indian citizens is USD100 for a single-entry visa and USD150 for a multiple-entry visa.

In addition to the above documents, you may also be required to provide one or more of the following documents, depending on the purpose of your visit:**

Letter of invitation: If you are visiting Kazakhstan for business or other official purposes, you must provide a letter of invitation from your host organisation in Kazakhstan.

Proof of financial support: If you are not working in Kazakhstan, you must provide proof of financial support, such as a bank statement or a letter from your employer.

Medical certificate: You will need to provide a medical certificate that shows that you are in good health and do not have any contagious diseases.

The exact required documents may vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and the specific requirements of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in India.

You should check with the embassy in advance to ensure you have all the necessary documents.

Kazakhstan E-Visa for Indian Travellers: Online Visa Application Process for Indians

The electronic visa (e-visa) for Kazakhstan is obtainable through the Visa and Migration Portal. If applicable, Your visa application process begins by completing the necessary steps and settling e-visa fees.

Please note that the Kazakhstan e-visa for Indian citizens is designated solely for the applicant and cannot be used by accompanying individuals; moreover, it cannot be extended beyond its original duration. You must apply anew for the electronic visa when seeking replacements for travel documents, including valid visas.

Applicants from India seeking the electronic Kazakhstan e-visa can choose from categories such as A5 Investor Visa, B1 Visa for business trips, B2 Visa for business meetings, B3 Visa for business negotiations, B12 Tourist Visa, and C12 Visa for medical treatment.

It's important to be aware that e-visas are issued only with a valid invitation from the Kazakh side. This invitation must include an invitation number, a prerequisite for the e-visa application.

Once obtained, the e-visa must be presented in printed form when crossing the state border into the Republic of Kazakhstan. It grants entry and exit privileges through Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport and Almaty International Airport.

Kazakhstan Visa Apply Offline: Offline Visa Application Process for Indians

Applying for a Kazakhstan visa from India can be done offline through the traditional application process. Interested applicants can visit the Kazakhstan Embassy or Consulate in India to obtain the necessary visa application forms.

After completing the forms and providing the required documents, the application is submitted for processing. This offline method allows applicants to engage directly with consular officials, ensuring accurate submission.

It's recommended to check the specific requirements and appointment procedures beforehand, ensuring a smooth application process for those opting to apply for a Kazakhstan visa offline from India.

Kazakhstan Visa Processing Time in India

The processing time for a Kazakhstan visa for Indians can vary depending on the type of visa, the purpose of the visit, and the specific requirements of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in India. However, the typical processing time is 5-8 business days.

If you apply for a visa online, the processing time may be shorter. However, it is always advisable to apply for a visa well in advance of your travel date to avoid any delays.

Kazakhstan Visa Fee for Indians

Visa Type Single-Entry Multiple-Entry
Tourist visa USD100 USD150
Business visa USD100 USD150
Transit visa USD50 USD75
Student visa USD50 USD75
Work visa USD100 USD150
Permanent residence visa USD150 USD200

So, if you were thinking — ‘Is Kazakhstan visa free for Indian travellers?’ — the answer is no!

However, please note that the visa fees are dynamic and can change anytime. You should contact the Embassy or Consulate for the most recent prices related to your visa type.

Embassy of Kazakhstan in India

Address Vasant Vihar F6/7, New Delhi, India, 110057
Phone +911145555110, 45555112
Fax 9111416660159
E-mail delhi@mfa.kz
Working Hours 9:00 am - 12:30 pm (Monday to Friday)
Website https://www.gov.kz/memleket/entities/mfa-delhi?lang=en

Embassy of India in Kazakhstan

Address BC Presidential Plaza, 9th Floor, 62A Kosmonavtov street, Astana, Kazakhstan.
Phone + 7 7172 - 925 700/701/702 / +7 701 2207606.
Fax + 7 7172 - 925 715/717
E-mail hoc[dot]astana[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in
Working Hours 9:00 am - 12:30 pm (Monday to Friday)
For passport/visa queries  cons[dot]astana[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in
Website http://www.indembastana.gov.in 

Is it Mandatory to Have Travel Insurance to Visit Kazakhstan from India?

Having travel insurance to visit Kazakhstan from India is not mandatory. However, it is highly advisable to have one, as it can provide financial protection in case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as medical emergencies, lost luggage, or flight cancellations.

The cost of travel insurance can vary depending on your coverage, but it is generally a relatively inexpensive way to protect yourself financially. You can purchase travel insurance from Tata AIG in just a few clicks, but it is advisable to compare travel insurance options on our website to pick the right one according to your insurance needs and budget.

The Perks of Having Travel Insurance While Visiting Kazakhstan from India

When embarking on a journey from India to Kazakhstan, having a comprehensive travel insurance plan, such as Tata AIG's offerings, holds significant benefits. Travel insurance provides a safety net, covering unforeseen circumstances that could disrupt your trip. Insurance becomes even more crucial when visiting Kazakhstan, a country with diverse landscapes and activities.

Tata AIG's travel insurance policy can cover medical emergencies, ensuring access to quality healthcare in an unfamiliar environment. With language barriers and differing medical practices, having insurance alleviates worries.

Additionally, travel insurance can cover trip cancellations or interruptions due to reasons beyond your control, like flight delays or sudden personal emergencies.

Kazakhstan: Quick Facts

Categories Specification
Capital Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana)
Time zone UTC+6
Official language Kazakh
Major International Airports Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport (NQZ), Nur-Sultan, Almaty International Airport (ALA), Almaty, 
Climate Kazakhstan has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. 
Average Round-Year Temperature The average temperature in January is -15°C (5°F), and the average temperature in July is 25°C (77°F).
Best Time to Visit The best time to visit Kazakhstan is spring (May-June) or fall (September-October). The weather is mild during these months, and there are fewer tourists.
Best Known for Nomadic culture, Steppes, The Great Silk Road, Mountains
Top Cities Nur-Sultan Almaty Shymkent Karaganda Atyrau
Top Things to Do Visit the Steppes Go skiing in the mountains Visit the Great Silk Road Hike in the forests Visit the lakes Visit the deserts Learn about nomadic culture Visit the cities


Information last updated Oct 23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How do I apply for a Kazakhstan visa from India?

How do I apply for a Kazakhstan visa from India?


To apply for a Kazakhstan visa from India, you can opt for the traditional offline process by visiting the Kazakhstan Embassy or Consulate. Obtain the required visa application forms, fill them out, and submit them with the necessary documents. Alternatively, you can apply online through the Visa and Migration Portal for an electronic visa (e-visa) if you are eligible.

Is travel insurance required for visiting Kazakhstan from India?


Travel insurance is not a strict requirement for all visitors to Kazakhstan, but it's highly recommended. Certain visa categories and entry regulations might stipulate the need for health insurance. Travel insurance also protects you against unexpected incidents such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost baggage, and more.

How does Tata AIG's travel insurance benefit travellers to Kazakhstan?


Tata AIG's travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations, baggage loss, and more. In Kazakhstan, it ensures access to quality healthcare and assistance in case of unforeseen events. Tata AIG's insurance can be a relevant choice for travellers seeking coverage that aligns with Kazakhstan's visa requirements.

Does Tata AIG's travel insurance cover adventure sports in Kazakhstan?


Yes, Tata AIG's travel insurance can cover adventure sports, which is particularly relevant in a country like Kazakhstan that offers activities such as trekking and skiing. The insurance can cover medical expenses arising from injuries during adventure sports activities.

Can Tata AIG's travel insurance help with document replacement if they're lost in Kazakhstan?


Yes, Tata AIG's travel insurance can assist with document replacement if your important travel documents, like your passport, are lost in Kazakhstan. The insurance can provide guidance and financial support for obtaining replacements.

How does Tata AIG's travel insurance enhance peace of mind during a trip to Kazakhstan?


Tata AIG's travel insurance offers a safety net that allows you to explore Kazakhstan confidently. It protects you against unexpected events that could disrupt your trip, providing financial support and assistance in times of need. With insurance in place, you can focus on enjoying the beauty and experiences of Kazakhstan.

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