New Zealand Embassy in Delhi

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New Zealand Embassy in Delhi

Various countries' diplomatic missions are spread across India. The New Zealand Embassy in Delhi, located in the heart of the Indian capital, serves as a link between two countries that share a commitment to friendship, cooperation, and cultural exchange. The embassy, as a beacon of diplomatic relations, plays a critical role in strengthening ties between India and New Zealand.

This article will walk you through the various aspects of the New Zealand Embassy in Delhi, providing important information for travellers, students, and anyone looking for assistance or services.

New Zealand: Explore the Rich Culture and Architectural Wonders

With its breathtaking landscapes and diverse ecosystems, New Zealand is not only a haven for nature lovers but also a treasure trove of rich culture and architectural marvels.

The beautiful island nation, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean is known for its Maori heritage, European influences, and a contemporary arts scene that represents an ideal combination of tradition and modernity.

A visit to Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington is a must for a comprehensive exploration of New Zealand's cultural heritage. This national museum features a wide range of exhibits, including Maori artefacts and artworks, as well as interactive displays of the country's natural history. It offers an immersive experience that encapsulates the essence of New Zealand's cultural evolution over time.

As you travel around this island nation, you will notice that every corner contains a piece of history, a testament to the resilient spirit that makes New Zealand truly unique.

New Zealand Embassy Delhi: Contact Number and Operating Hours

Country  New Zealand
Location in India South West Delhi
Address Sir Edmund Hillary Marg, Chanakyapuri South West Delhi 110021, Delhi, India
Contact Number +91 1146883170
Fax -7773
Operating Days Monday to Friday
Operating Hours 08:30 a.m - 05:00 p.m

Disclaimer: Please be informed that the New Zealand Consulate in India is also established in Chennai and Mumbai, providing a resource for residents of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra to contact or visit for any queries or assistance they may require.

Difference Between the Embassy and Consulate

Aspect  Embassy  Consulate
Primary Diplomatic Mission The primary diplomatic mission of a country in another nation A secondary diplomatic mission, serving as an auxiliary to the embassy
Location  Usually located in the capital city of the host country. Often situated in major cities outside the capital, providing decentralised accessibility.
Head  The head is an ambassador, the highest-ranking diplomatic representative. The head is a consul with more specialised responsibilities. 

Functions of the New Zealand Embassy in India

Diplomatic representation: As the primary diplomatic mission of New Zealand in India, the embassy represents the government and people of New Zealand. It serves as the official channel for communication between the two nations, fostering understanding and cooperation on various diplomatic fronts.

Political engagement: The embassy engages in political dialogue with the host country, participating in discussions and negotiations on bilateral and international issues. It works to strengthen political ties and collaboration in areas of mutual interest, such as trade, security, and regional stability.

Cultural exchange and promotion: Promoting cultural exchange is a significant function of the embassy. It facilitates events, exhibitions, and initiatives that showcase New Zealand's culture, arts, and traditions, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation between the people of New Zealand and India.

Public Outreach and Information: The embassy engages in public outreach, disseminating information about New Zealand's policies, initiatives, and cultural events. It acts as a source of reliable information for both New Zealanders in India and Indians interested in New Zealand.

Services Offered by the New Zealand Embassy in India

The NZ embassy in India offers a wide range of services to citizens, travellers, and those seeking assistance with a variety of issues. The following are the main services provided by the New Zealand Embassy in India:

Visa services: Handling visa applications for individuals planning to travel to New Zealand from India. Giving advice and information on various types of visas, entry requirements, and application procedures. Consultations are being held to answer questions and assist visa applicants.

Emergency assistance: Providing assistance and support to New Zealand citizens in India in times of emergency, such as accidents, illnesses, or unforeseen circumstances. Issuing emergency travel documents to citizens whose passports have been lost or stolen.

Legal and administrative support: Providing New Zealand citizens in India with basic legal advice and assistance. Providing administrative assistance, such as document certification and verification.

Tourism promotion: To promote tourism, provide information on New Zealand's tourist attractions, travel requirements, and destinations. Providing assistance and information to tourists who are considering visits to New Zealand.

Jurisdiction of Embassy of New Zealand India

The entire country of India, including all of its states and union territories, is under the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Embassy there. The embassy is located in New Delhi, the nation's capital, and acts as the hub for consular services, diplomatic missions, and cultural exchange programmes. Citizens of New Zealand, as well as residents, can use consular services like emergency assistance, notarial services, and passport issuance while they are within the jurisdiction.

The embassy also provides visa services for visitors to New Zealand. Its diplomatic and cultural outreach activities span India, promoting bilateral relations, economic cooperation, and educational opportunities. The embassy's jurisdiction demonstrates its commitment to providing essential services and strengthening ties between New Zealand and India throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Do Indians Require a New Zealand Visa to Enter the Country?

Yes, Indian nationalists need a visa to enter New Zealand for purposes such as tourism, business, education, or work. There are several types of visas available, including Visitor Visa, Student Visa, and Work Visa, each tailored to specific travel intentions and durations.

The application process entails submitting required documentation and following the New Zealand Immigration authorities' guidelines. However, visa regulations are subject to change, so Indian visitors should check the latest requirements and procedures on the official websites of New Zealand Immigration or the New Zealand High Commission in India before planning their trip.

To make sure you get a smooth entry into New Zealand, it is critical to stay informed and begin the visa application process well in advance of the intended travel date.

How to Apply for a New Zealand Visa?

Almost every nationalist requires a visa to enter New Zealand. Visas can be issued by an embassy, electronically, or on arrival. Indian passport handlers can apply for a New Zealand visa through the Embassy or consulate or electronically through an e-visa.

Let us walk through the online and offline application process for a New Zealand Visa.

Online Visa Application

  • Visit the official portal of the New Zealand Embassy or the relevant online visa application portal.

  • Fill out the application form in step two. Provide all necessary information, such as travel and passport information.

  • Upload the bio page of your passport as well as a recent passport-size photograph.

  • Complete the online e-visa payment.

  • Submit your application form.

Offline Visa Application Process Via Embassy or Consulate

  • Get the necessary visa application form by going in person to the New Zealand Embassy or Consulate. You can also get the form from their official website by downloading it.

  • Provide accurate information about your intended travel, personal details, and reason for the visit on the paper application form.

  • Compile all required supporting documentation according to the type of visa. A valid passport, pictures, evidence of finances, and any other papers the embassy or consulate specifies may be among them.

  • At the embassy or consulate, pay the relevant visa fee. Ask about the accepted payment options, as they might accept payment in a variety of ways.

  • In-person, submit the completed application form, supporting documents, and proof of fee payment to the embassy or consulate. Appointments may be required at some consulates, so check ahead of time.

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Can the New Zealand Embassy fees work permit be refunded if the application is denied?

Can the New Zealand Embassy fees work permit be refunded if the application is denied?


Generally, work permit application fees are non-refundable, even in the case of a denied application. It is strongly advisable to carefully review the eligibility criteria and application requirements before submitting to minimise the risk of rejection.

Is it possible for me to apply for a New Zealand visa through a travel agency, or must I visit the Embassy in person?


In a few cases, visa applications can be submitted online through the official immigration website. However, for specific situations or if there are additional requirements, visiting the embassy in person may be necessary. It is recommended to check the preferred method for the type of visa you are applying for.

How can I pay the New Zealand Embassy fees for a work permit application at the Embassy?


The embassy typically accepts various forms of payment, including credit cards, bank drafts, or other specified methods. Details on accepted payment methods can be found on the official website or by contacting the embassy directly.