Passport Office in Begumpet

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Passport Office in Begumpet

Begumpet is an upscale locality in Hyderabad with well-developed residential and commercial areas. It lies at the centre of Hyderabad and is well-connected with most parts of the city.

Known for its inclusive and welcoming environment, Begumpet has a diverse population of people from across the country.

To make passport-related services accessible for the residents of Begumpet, the Begumpet Passport Office was set up.

Passport Seva Kendra Begumpet

Begumpet is a distance of only 4 km from the Regional Passport Office in Secunderabad. Why did it need a Passport Seva Kendra?

The reason is that the RPO handles requests from more than 30 districts. Hence, the number of applications at the RPO is always high. Begumpet is a well-populated area.

With a dedicated Passport Seva Kendra, residents can get their passport requests processed without having to wait in long queues at the RPO.

The Begumpet Passport Office ensures that all requests taken on behalf of the RPO are processed quickly and forwarded to the RPO for final approval.

Begumpet Passport Office Location and Details

Here is the PSK Begumpet address and some other important details:

<td>9 am–1.30 pm; 2 pm–5.30 pm</td>
<td>9 am–1.30 pm; 2 pm–5.30 pm</td>
<td>9 am–1.30 pm; 2 pm–5.30 pm</td>
<td>9 am–1.30 pm; 2 pm–5.30 pm</td>
Passport Office Begumpet
Passport Seva Kendra Begumpet Address Door No: 1-8-368 to 372, Gowra Trinity, Chiran Fort Lane, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana State – 500016
PSK Begumpet Contact Number 1800 258 1800
PSK Begumpet Email ID 
Begumpet Passport Office Timings Monday 9 am–1.30 pm; 2 pm–5.30 pm

Applying For A Passport in Begumpet

A passport establishes your identity and citizenship as an Indian. Around the world, all countries identify passports as an accepted means of identification and issue visas based on them. You cannot leave the country or enter another country without a valid passport.

In recent years, with an increasing number of people planning foreign trips, passport applications have grown exponentially. If you are living in Begumpet and want to apply for a passport, then the Passport Office Begumpet can help you process the request in a hassle-free manner.

If you are applying for a passport for an international trip, then you should consider buying a travel insurance policy. These policies offer coverage for various medical emergencies and non-medical emergencies like flight cancellation insurance, lost baggage insurance, etc.

Tata AIG offers different types of travelling insurance plans to cater to the varying needs of travellers.

How To Apply For A Passport Using Post Office Passport Seva Kendra Begumpet

With the launch of numerous PSKs and POPSKs across the country, the government is trying to make the passport application process simple and time-efficient. No more waiting for your passport to arrive for months.

With an online application process and PSKs to help manage the load, passports are being issued much faster than before. For people living in Begumpet, regardless of where they come from, applying for a passport at the PSK Begumpet can ensure the quick processing of the application.

All you need to do is file an online application, pay the fees, visit the PSK for verification, and go to the police station for the final round of verification.

Online Passport Application Process in Begumpet

The online passport application process is efficient and fast, saving a lot of time that used to get wasted in manual paperwork.

Here is the process to apply for a passport in Begumpet online:

Registering as a User

Go to – the official website of Passport Seva

Click on “New User Registration” to create a user account. You need to be a registered user to apply for a passport

Here are the steps for registering a new user account:

Select the passport office nearest to you

Provide your full name and date of birth

Enter an email address

Choose the user ID and password for the platform

Click “Register”

your email account. You will get a verification link. Click on it to validate your account

With the registration done, log in to the platform using your User ID and password

Passport Application

Click on “Apply for New Passport/Re-issue of Passport”

Fill out the passport application form on the next page. Make sure that all the spellings are right and there are no errors. Here is the official instruction booklet to help you fill out the form properly

Click on “Submit” once you have filled the form and checked it for errors

Pay Application Fees

Go back to the homepage and click on the tab “View Saved/Submitted Applications”

Users might create multiple applications for various reasons. If you have created more than one application, then choose the completed application and click “Pay and Schedule Appointment”

Choose your preferred passport office based on your location. In this case, it will be PSK Begumpet.

Select an online payment method from the list of methods available and pay the application fees

Book PSK Appointment

After making the payment, choose the date and time for the PSK appointment.

An acknowledgement receipt will be displayed on your screen. Download it and take a printout for reference. This receipt has the Application Reference Number (ARN), which will be necessary to track the application

You will receive an SMS from the passport office with details of your appointment with PSK Begumpet. Keep it safe.

PSK Verification and Biometrics

Ensure that you are not late for the appointment

Also, carry all the specified documents. Take two photocopies of each document along with the originals

The passport officials will verify your documents and take your biometrics

If everything is in order, then you will receive an SMS with details of the next step – police verification

Police Verification

Await a call from your local police station for details on the verification date and time

Visit the police station at the allotted time and carry the documents specified by them

Provide any additional documents or information as requested by the police

Once approved, your passport will be dispatched via Speed Post to your registered address.


There are many fraudulent passport websites targeting unsuspecting applicants. Make sure that you are visiting the genuine site by typing the URL manually instead of clicking on any link.

There can be emergencies that can deter you from reaching the PSK on time for your appointment. During such times, you can reschedule the appointment without any additional fees. However, the reschedule option is only available twice. After that, you will have to pay the application fees again.

Offline Passport Application Process in Begumpet

You cannot go to the passport office to pick up a physical application form and submit it anymore. This is called the offline process only because you fill out the form offline and then upload it back to the site. Here are the steps:

Create a user account by clicking “New User Registration” on the Passport Seva website

To download the application form, click on “Forms and Affidavits” and then “Download E-Form”

The PDF form will be downloaded to your device

Fill out the form using Acrobat Reader (latest version). Use the instruction booklet to ensure that you fill all sections correctly

Once you are certain that the form does not have any errors, click “Validate and Save”

Now upload the form to the website

This completes the offline part of the process. Hereon, the process is the same as the online application process, including paying application fees, booking the PSK appointment, PSK verification and biometrics, and police verification

Documents Needed To Apply For A Passport In Begumpet

The passport officials will need a document to support everything mentioned on the application form starting from your name, photo, age, etc.

Hence, ensure that you carry the documents based on your profile.

Two sets of documents that are common for all applicants are proof of age and proof of address.

Accepted documents for proof of age:

You can submit a copy of your driving licence or PAN card as a valid proof of age. Other documents include your birth certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation or the Registrar of Births and Deaths, Election photo ID card, etc.

Proof of Address:

The Aadhaar Card is the most commonly provided proof of address. Alternatively, you can submit your rent agreement, passbook (with photo) of your active bank account, or a copy of any of the utility bills like mobile, electricity, water, etc.

How Can You Track Your Passport In Begumpet?

Tracking your passport application is easy since most processes are digitalised. Here are the different stages of the passport application process and how you can track your application”

I have completed the verification at Begumpet PSK. What next? Next, you should receive an SMS from the passport office confirming that your application is verified and that you need to complete police verification. It will specify a date by which the police should contact you. There is no tracking when the police might call you. However, if you don’t receive the call by the specified date, then you can visit the station and check on the status

Police verification is done. Now what? If the police officials needed more documents or information, then they would ask. If they have asked you to go, then either your application is approved or sent back with queries. In any case, you should receive an update from the passport office.

If you want to track it, then you can click this link and enter the ARN.

The status is showing dispatched. When will I get my passport? Dispatched status means that all approvals are done, and your passport has been sent to you via Speed Post. You should receive an SMS with the details of the consignment that can be used for tracking it.

Is It Possible To Get Your Passport Quickly In Begumpet?

Here are some tips to help you get your passport quickly in Begumpet:

Make sure that your application form does not have any wrong or erroneous information and that all the details match the information on your documents. For example, if you spell your name as “Rajeev”, then your application and documents should have the same spelling. If you have spelt your name as “Rajiv” on some documents and “Rajeev” on others, then you would need to get them corrected and made the same. Your application form should not have any such errors or spelling mistakes

The purpose of the verification at the PSK and police station is to ensure synchronicity between your documents and weed out fraudsters. Hence, make sure that you provide all documents requested by them for verification. Carrying incomplete documents can delay the process

Make sure that you visit the police station on the specified date and time. Issuing it can cause unnecessary delays in your application process

Opt for the Tatkal Passport Scheme if you need your passport within a few days. While you might have to pay slightly more for the service, it is ideal for urgent requirements.


For Begumpet residents, the Passport Seva Kendra at Chiran Fort Lane, Begumpet, is a relief from the long queues and endless waiting hours at the Hyderabad RPO.

All you need to do is apply online and book an appointment slot. This, followed by a visit to the PSK and police station, completes the passport application process. Just keep the above-mentioned things in mind.

Many people rush to apply for a passport when an international trip is on the cards. If you are also planning a foreign trip, then the right travel plan can help make your journey stress-free.

Knowing that Tata AIG has you covered can help you manage medical and non-medical emergencies in a foreign country with ease. Go through our travel insurance plans and pick the one based on your travel plans and requirements.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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