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Check Russia Visa Application Status

India and Russia have always had warm relations; Russia is even considered one of India's oldest friends. The relationship between the two nations and Russia's beauty attracts several Indians to travel for tourism, education, or employment.

However, before you plan for your trip to Russia, you need to apply for a Russian visa and, most importantly, stay updated on your Russia visa status.

This article provides information on performing a Russia visa check online using various methods.

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What is Russia Visa Status?

Russia visa status is a process of checking your updated application status after you submit your Russian visa application. Once your application is submitted, it goes through various verification steps that can take a while. To keep applicants informed, Russia visa status tracking facility is provided.

Using Russia visa tracking, you can plan for your trip or your next accordingly. For example, if your application is approved you can go ahead with trip planning. But if your application is rejected, then you need to seek guidance from the Embassy/Consulate and reapply.

Types of Russia Visa For Indian Citizens

There are various types of visas issued by Russia as per your purpose of visit, here are details of types of Russian visas.

Transit Visa: A transit visa is issued to travellers transiting from Russia to another destination country. It has a validity of up to 3 days and allows only a single entry. There is no transit visa for travellers whose stopover is less than 24 hours and who do not leave the transit zone.

Tourist Visa: The visa is issued to the people travelling to Russia for tourism purposes. It allows single, double and multiple entry to the tourists, and the validity for single and double entry visas is 90 days. At the same time, a multiple-entry tourist visa has 6 months of validity.

Business Visa: As its name suggests, a business visa is issued to professionals who want to enter Russia to attend any business-related event. The visa allows single, double and multiple entries in Russia.

The validity of single and double-entry visas is 3 months. The multiple-entry visa is issued for up to 1 year of validity with a staying period of 90 days within 180 days.

Employment Visa: This visa is issued to enter Russia for employment with a Russian entity. It allows single or multiple entries and has a validity of 3 months and up to 3 years, respectively.

Private Visa: A private visa is issued to visit family or friends in Russia and receive urgent medical treatment. It allows single or double entry and has a validity of three months.

Education Visa: A Russian education visa is issued to international students who want to study in Russia (including for short-term courses). It is a single-entry visa with a validity of 3 months and is extendable as per the course period.

Humanitarian Visa: This visa allows entry into Russia to establish relations and develop contacts in the fields of culture, education, science, research, sports, charity, etc. It allows single and multiple entries with a validity of up to 3 months. A multiple-entry visa has a validity of up to 1 year and a staying period of 90 days within 180 days.

Russia Embassy and Consulate in India

Here are the details of the Russian Embassy and Consulate in India. Use the information to connect with them in case of any visa-related issues.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation, New Delhi, India
Address Russian Embassy in India, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021
Contact Number +91 112611 0640, +91 112611 064,
+91 112611 0642
Fax Number +91 112687 6823
Email Address
Consular Division
Contact Number +91 112611 0560
Email Address 
Working Days Monday to Friday
Working Hours 08:00 am to 6:30 pm

Consulate of Russia in India

Consulate General of Russia in Mumbai, India
Address 42, L. Jagmohandas Marg (Old Nepean Sea Road), "Palm Beach", Mumbai - 400 036
Contact Number (022) 2363-36-27
(022) 2363-36-28
Fax Number (022) 2363-14-93
Email address
Official Working Days Monday to Friday
Official Timing 8:00 am- 6:30 pm
Consulate General of Russia in Chennai, India
Address 600 004, Chennai, Santom High Road, No. 33 (old No. 14)
Contact Number +91 44 2498 2320, +91 44 2498 2330
Fax Number +91 44 2498 2336
Fax Number +91 44 2498 2336
Email address 
Official Working Days Monday to Friday
Official Timing 8:00 am- 6:30 pm

How to Check Russia Visa Status Online

There are two ways to do a Russia visa check online: the Russia e-visa website and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Russian Federation Consular Department website. Here are the Steps to follow:

Russia E-Visa Check Online Process

Step 1: Go to the official website of Russia E-Visa.

Step 2: On the homepage of the website, select the “Visa Status” option.

Step 3: Now, fill in the details of your application ID and Indian passport number as requested.

Step 4: Next, you need to enter the given captcha and then hit “Check Status”.

Step 5: Your Russian visa application status will be displayed on the screen.

Russia Visa Tracking Online Process Using Foreign Ministry Website

Step 1: Visit the official Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Step 2: Once the homepage is loaded, scroll down and find the “Check an e-visa status” option and click on it.

Step 3: Next, you need to provide the requested information of your application ID and verification code. Then click on “ Status Check”.

Step 4: Your Russia visa status will be displayed to you.

How to Check Russia Visa Application Status Offline?

  • To get an update on your Russia visa application status offline, you can contact the Russia Embassy/Consulate in India via email or phone or book a visit appointment.

  • If you contact the Embassy or consulate via email or phone, make sure to keep all your necessary documents with you. The official might ask you for your details.

  • However, suppose you are visiting the Embassy or consulate physically. In that case, you should carry all the documents with you, such as a copy of the application form, passport, identity proof, and other documents.

  • After asking for your necessary details, the Embassy or consulate official will check the status of your Russia visa application and inform you.

  • If your application is approved, Congratulations! However, if it is delayed or rejected, you can ask the official for help.

How to Perform Russia Visa Tracking India Using Passport Number?

Step 1: Visit the official Russia E-Visa website.

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the “Visa Status” option.

Step 3: Next, you need to provide your application ID and passport number as requested.

Step 4: Once that is done, solve the given captcha and then hit the “Check Status” option.

Step 5: You will be displayed your updated Russia visa status on the screen.

Common Reasons for Russia Visa Tracking Rejection

Russia's online visa application has simplified the application process, but applicants often need more time to receive initial rejections. Here are the common reasons why your Russia visa check status is rejected.

Spelling Mistakes: One of the most common reasons for Russian visa rejections is spelling mistakes. People often make spelling mistakes while filling in their name, address or others. While you are entering your details in the application form, make sure to be mindful of such mistakes.

False Document Submission: Submitting incorrect or false documents can also result in your Russia visa application being rejected. Do not submit false documents with incorrect details or missing information.

Insufficient Finances: While submitting your visa application, you are asked to provide your financial information. It is done so as to check your eligibility and meet the required financial criteria for your Russian trip. If you do not have adequate funds to support the Russia trip, then your application will be rejected.

Poor Medical Records: If you have any severe chronic disease and do not have an adequate travel insurance plan; then your visa application can get rejected.

Criminal Records & Penalties: People with serious criminal records are considered threats, and their applications can be rejected. Similarly, if you have a history of being penalised frequently, you will be deemed an irresponsible citizen and will be rejected.

What to Do If Your Russia Visa Application Status Is Rejected?

There are various reasons why your Russia visa application status is showing a rejected update. Here are a few things that you can do if your visa application gets rejected:

Understanding the Reason: The key to handling a rejected Russia visa application is first to understand why it was rejected. This knowledge can help you avoid the same mistakes in your reapplication.

Connect with Authorities: Next, you should connect with the concerned Embassy/Consulate official to confirm your rejection reasons and seek guidance from them for further steps.

Proceed with Reapplication: Now that you know your mistakes and have the guidance of officials, proceed with visa reapplication. Make sure to rectify previously made mistakes and fill out the application form correctly. Moreover, double-check everything before submission.

Importance of International Travel Insurance While Visiting Russia

When planning a trip to Russia, every Indian citizen must have a comprehensive travel insurance plan. It not only ensures your financial security in case of unforeseen circumstances but also provides medical assistance, giving you peace of mind during your journey.

You can easily buy the travel insurance of your choice with Tata AIG; you can get multiple travel insurance quotes with us to choose the right one as per your requirements. With our travel insurance, you can get various benefits like COVID-19 coverage, lost luggage and delayed flight cover, trip cancellation cover and coverage for medical emergencies.

With so many safety protection features, you can enjoy your trip without any worries. So, while you are checking your Russia visa status, make sure you browse and buy travel insurance Russia for yourself.


The Russian visa application process is relatively straightforward. However, once you have submitted your application, you need to stay updated with its status. With the steps and pointers mentioned here, you can quickly check your Russian visa.

Moreover, remember to check the Tata AIG website for the right travel insurance plan for your next foreign trip.

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How long does it take for a Russian visa to be approved?

How long does it take for a Russian visa to be approved?


If all the requirements are met, your Russian visa application can be approved in 7 to 20 working days after you submit it.

How do I check my Russian invitation letter?


You can check your Russia invitation letter by visiting the official website of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.