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Check Sri Lanka Visa Application Status

Sri Lanka is not just a breathtaking tourist destination but an experience to cherish for a lifetime. Covered in tea plantations, wildlife and crystal clear waters, Sri Lanka is a land steeped in mystery, fascinating adventurous souls and nature lovers.

To visit Sri Lanka from India without any hassle, it is crucial to plan your trip itinerary carefully and check the Sri Lanka visa status prior to your travel dates. Along with this, understanding the correct visa to apply for is necessary.

To help you with your visa status, read the detailed guide below, which highlights the role and processes of completing Sri Lanka visa tracking.

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What is Sri Lanka Visa Status?

When you apply for a Sri Lanka visa for Indians, you must know how to track your Sri Lanka visa status to stay up-to-date regarding your proposed trip itinerary and make necessary changes if required.

The Sri Lanka visa application status check allows you to view the most recent update regarding your Sri Lanka visa application. Depending on the update from the Sri Lanka Immigration Authorities, the possible decisions include under review, approved, rejected, or pending.

In simple words, Sri Lanka visa status is the current stage of your visa application. This allows you plenty of time to provide the authorities with additional information and documents if required and plan ahead.

Types of Sri Lanka Visa for Indian Citizens

Indians planning to travel to Sri Lanka must apply for a valid visa prior to their trip to ensure hassle-free entry into the country, and this visa is called a Sri Lanka eVisa. To ease the entire process for Indian nationals, Sri Lanka offers different categories of visas based on the purpose and duration of the trip.

Let us look at them below:

Visit Visa

A visit or visitor visa is an entry-level visa that permits Indian nationals to enter and stay in Sri Lanka for a set period. The purpose of the visit can either be tourism or non-professional unpaid business activities.

Thus, the visit visa is sub-categorised into two types -

  • Tourist Visa - Ideally for 30 days, but can be extended.

  • Business Visa - Ideally for 60 days, but can be extended.

These two visas are available for different time durations, and they are as follows -

Visit Visa Name with Validity  Stay Period
Tourist Visa Single-Entry  30 days
Tourist Visa Double-Entry (6 months) 60 days
Tourist Visa Multiple Entry (1 year) 90 days
Tourist Visa Multiple Entry (2 years) 180 days
Tourist Visa Multiple Entry (5 or 10 years) 180 days
Business Standard Double-entry Visa (6 months) 60 days
Business Visa Multiple Entry (1 year) 90 days
Business Visa Multiple Entry (2 years) 180 days
Business Visa Multiple Entry (5 or 10 years) 180 days

Transit Visa

The transit visa is an entry permit for Indian nationals who wish to stayover in Sri Lanka due to an unexpected change of plans or as part of their journey to another destination.

Anyone staying over in Sri Lanka as a layover for a period of more than 24 hours is required to apply for a transit visa to be permitted. The validity of a standard transit visa is 48 hours (2 days).

Residence Visa

Another visa category available for Indian nationals who wish to live and work in Sri Lanka is a residence visa. This is a permit that allows Indians to live in Sri Lanka for a set period for varying purposes like -

  • Higher Education - Student Visa

  • Employment - Work Visa

  • Business and Investments - Investor

  • Family Reunification - Dependents or family members of a Sri Lankan citizen

  • Medical Treatments

How to Complete Sri Lanka Visa Tracking Offline?

If you wish to check the Sri Lanka visa application status offline, you can use one of the following methods:

  • To get an update, contact the Sri Lankan Embassy or Consulate and provide them with your visa application/web reference number along with passport details.

  • To request an update, book an appointment at the Embassy and Consulate with your web reference number and passport details.

  • Fill out a Sri Lanka eVisa Contact Us Form online and enter all the accurate details to get an update at the earliest.

  • Visit the Sri Lanka eVisa contact page and select your nationality as “India” from the dropdown. Then, select “Click to Talk” next to proceed and get a call from the respective representative with an update.

How to Check Sri Lanka Visa Status Online in India Using Passport Number?

To check your application status using your passport number, you need to visit the Sri Lanka eVisa website and select “Track Status”. Once you select this option, a new page will open, requiring your passport and web reference number to get an update on your Sri Lanka visa application status.

Common Reasons Why a Sri Lanka Visa Gets Rejected

One of the most significant requirements to explore Sri Lanka is a valid visa based on the trip duration and purpose. Therefore, knowing the common mistakes that can lead to application rejection is crucial to avoid the same.

Here is a list of the common reasons for Sri Lanka visa rejections.

  • Incomplete Application - When you submit an incomplete application or an application with inaccurate information, the Sri Lankan Immigration Authorities can reject it because the application form or the information on it is incorrect, making a significant gap.

  • Incorrect Documentation - Submitting incorrect documents with your application form can lead to instant rejection. This is because it reflects poorly on your application and creates doubt about what is correct or accurate from the information provided with the application.

  • Inconsistent Travel History - Taking too many short trips around Sri Lanka to any of the neighbouring countries can raise an eyebrow for the authorities, making them question your travel intentions, resulting in a higher risk of visa rejections.

  • Criminal Record - Another reason why your Sri Lanka visa status check indicates rejection is having a criminal record. Based on the nature and the level of transparency you showcase when it comes to past criminal offences, the application may get rejected due to safety concerns.

  • Insufficient Funds - The Sri Lanka visa application requires applicants to submit proof of sufficient funds to carry out day-**to-**day expenses easily throughout the trip. If your account statement does not prove sufficient funds, your visa application can be rejected.

What to Do If Your Sri Lanka Visa Application Status is Rejected?

  • Assess the Gaps - The first thing to do if your visa is rejected is to assess the reasons behind the rejection. You must understand why your visa is rejected, including application errors, incomplete documentation, delayed submission, etc., to address these concerns for the next time.

  • Counselor Guidance - You must also seek professional advice and guidance regarding the gaps highlighted in your application that resulted in a rejection. Professionals will be able to guide you through the process for better chances of application approval.

  • Error Rectification - After assessing all gaps and seeking the right guidance, start preparing your documents for a Sri Lanka visa application submission, ensuring all the previous issues have been addressed correctly.

  • Re-Apply - The final step is to apply for a Sri Lanka visa with the correct information and documentation. Ensure to pay extra attention in this step to avoid rejection.

Need for Travel Insurance While Visiting Sri Lanka

Other than planning your Sri Lanka trip itinerary, applying for the relevant visa, making all the bookings, and doing a Sri Lanka visa check before you get to Sri Lanka, you must understand the need for a travel insurance plan before embarking on an international trip.

Even though travel insurance is not a mandatory document for Indians applying for a Sri Lanka visa, investing in one can help safeguard their finances in emergencies.

When you buy travel insurance from Tata AIG, you benefit from a financial safety net that extends coverage for medical emergencies, flight delays, cancellations, third-party liabilities, baggage loss, and more.

Additionally, our plans come with ample customisation flexibility and an automatic 7-day extension in case of unexpected delays or trip extensions. You can easily compare different plans on our website online and choose the best fit.


Sri Lanka’s breathtaking sights require a valid visa. To ensure you do not miss out on anything and are able to plan everything efficiently before embarking on your trip to Sri Lanka, keep a check on the Sri Lanka visa application status and be prepared.

With the ease of both online and offline processes to stay updated with Sri Lanka visa status, do not delay this process till the very end and complete it before your trip for a stress-free trip around Sri Lanka.

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What is the processing time for Sri Lanka visa short-stay visa applications?

What is the processing time for Sri Lanka visa short-stay visa applications?


For an eVisa for Sri Lanka, the processing time is around 3-5 working days. However, This time can increase based on various factors, including the need for additional documentation, the workload of immigration authorities, etc.

What is the required passport validity for Sri Lanka visas?


To apply for a Sri Lanka visa, you must provide your current passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of arrival to Sri Lanka.

What documents are required when entering Sri Lanka airport?


If you are travelling to Sri Lanka after visa approval, you must carry the following documents with you to the airport -

  • A clear printed copy of the eVisa confirmation letter provided by the Sri Lanka Department of Immigration and Emigration.

  • Travel flight tickets to and from Sri Lanka.

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity.