Swedish Citizenship for Indians

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Swedish Citizenship for Indians

Sweden, the fifth-largest country in Europe, is among the top destinations to settle permanently in. From a higher living standard, free education and greater emphasis on work-life balance to scenic landscapes and favourable weather conditions, there are plenty of reasons why people from all around the world want to migrate to Sweden.

If you are also planning to apply for Swedish nationality but don’t know where to get started, you are in the right place.

In this article, we will walk you through the complete Sweden citizenship process. We will also discuss many important things, such as the ways to acquire Swedish citizenship, fee processing time, and so on.

Sweden PR Vs Sweden Citizenship For Indians — What’s the Difference?

Before moving on to the Sweden citizenship process, it is important to discuss how being a Swedish citizen is different from being a permanent resident in Sweden.

Both Sweden citizenship and PR allow an individual to live and work permanently in the country. However, both have their own set of rights and responsibilities.

While Swedish PR holders are allowed to reside in the country for a predetermined period, Swedish nationals or citizens have the right to live in the country forever.

Further, Swedish PR holders enjoy rights such as free education and healthcare, but only Swedish citizens have the right to vote and pursue civil services such as joining the police force or army.

Sweden Citizenship Requirements — Eligibility Criteria for Sweden Citizenship for Indians

There are multiple ways to get citizenship in Sweden. Thus, the citizenship requirements can vary depending on the citizenship pathway you opt for.

However, the following are the standard criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible for Swedish citizenship:

The minimum age of the applicant must be 18 years.

The applicant must be a PR status holder for at least five years.

The applicant must have valid and authentic identity proof.

The applicant must not have any criminal case or prison sentence ongoing.

The applicant must be financially stable and living an orderly life in the country.

Ways to Apply for Sweden Nationality

The following are the best ways to get Sweden citizenship from India:

  1. Through Legitimisation: Perhaps the most simplified way to become a Swedish citizen is through legitimisation. With this method, the applicant needs to prove that at least one of his parents is a citizen of Sweden. Below is the eligibility criteria that must be adhered to:

From June 30, 1992: Children below the age of 12 who are legally adopted by Swedish parents gain Swedish citizenship automatically.

For Children Born After April 2015: At least one parent should be Swedish at the time of the child’s birth.

For Children Born Before April 2015:

The mother of the child should be a Swedish citizen.

If the child’s mother is not Swedish, she must be married to a Swedish citizen.

If the child’s mother is not Swedish and is unmarried, the father of the child must be Swedish.

  1. Through Marriage: Another easy way to acquire Swedish citizenship is by marrying a Swedish citizen. In this scenario, the applicant can apply for Swedish citizenship on his 10th wedding anniversary. While it is a time-consuming way, getting Sweden citizenship by marriage is very simple and straightforward.

  2. Through Naturalisation: This is a common way to get citizenship in Sweden. It is also known as citizenship through application.

The following are the eligibility criteria for this pathway:

The minimum age of the applicant must be 18 years.

The applicant must be a PR status holder.

The application must have a clean criminal record.

The applicant must have stayed in the country for a minimum of:

5 consecutive years for any non-Nordic applicant.

3 consecutive years if he/she is married to a Swedish citizen.

2 consecutive years if he/she is a Nordic citizen.

The applicant must possess original identity documents from his home country.

Step-by-step Sweden Citizenship Process

We have discussed multiple ways to get citizenship in Sweden. Let’s now move on to the complete citizenship process.

There are two ways to apply for Swedish citizenship from India: Online and Offline. We will discuss both ways in detail.

Applying for Swedish Citizenship Online

Step 1: Visit the official platform of the Swedish Migration Agency.

Step 2: Click on “Apply for” and then select “Swedish Citizenship” from the drop-down list. On the next screen, select “Apply for Swedish Citizenship” again.

Step 3: Select “Adults” and click “Apply”.

Step 4: Next, carefully fill out the application form and upload all the supporting documents.

Step 5: Make the necessary fee payment and submit the citizenship application form.

Once submitted, you need to wait for the Swedish Migration authorities to approve your application.

**Applying for Swedish Citizenship Offline **

If you are unable to apply for Swedish citizenship online, here is an offline application process you can follow:

Step 1: Visit the official platform of the Swedish Migration Agency and download Form 316011.

Step 2: Carefully fill the form with accurate information and collect the required documents.

Step 3: Submit the correctly filled application form along with the supporting documents to the following address:

Migrationsverket, Medborgarskapsenheten, 60170, Norrköping.

Step 4: Wait for the decision of Swedish Migration authorities on your application.

Once your application is submitted, the Swedish Migration Agency will send their decision to your registered address. After receiving the citizenship rights, you can apply for a Swedish passport.

Documents Required for Sweden Immigration from India

Incorrect and incomplete documents are among the most prominent reasons behind the rejection of Swedish citizenship applications. Hence, it is extremely important to learn about the required documents and submit them carefully alongside your application.

While the list of documents varies depending on the citizenship pathway you choose, some documents remain common for all methods. These are as follows:

Copy of original passport

Original identity proof from home country

Birth certificate

Sweden residence proof

Proof of fund to prove stable livelihood

Employment documents

Benefits of Having Sweden Nationality

Living in Sweden as a citizen offers so many benefits, such as free healthcare and education, the right to vote, up to five weeks of paid vacations, and more. Let’s discuss some of the notable benefits of having Swedish citizenship.

Free Education: One of the biggest benefits of becoming a Swedish national is access to free education. Whether you are planning to pursue your master’s or want to provide high-quality education for your kids, you can do so without facing any financial issues. A majority of Swedish schools, colleges and universities don’t have any tuition fees for EU citizens. The best part is that you can stay assured of a high-quality education despite getting it for free.

Excellent Working Conditions: Sweden remains the top work destination for people from all across the world. The reason is very obvious: the country is known to offer the best working conditions and promote a healthy work-life balance in the world. It means, you get plenty of daily time to spend with your family and friends rather than struggling with the work pressure. Moreover, you get plenty of holidays in Sweden, starting with up to five weeks of paid leave. What’s more? If you are planning for a baby in Sweden, you get up to 480 paid parental leaves which can be divided between both parents as per their requirements.

Freedom to Travel: If you love travelling, then having Swedish citizenship can be very rewarding for you. If you don’t already know, Swedish passports are very powerful. It allows you to travel to several countries visa-free, and some offer visa-on-arrival facilities as well. This includes all countries in the EU, Nordic countries like Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Japan, the UK, Australia, Canada, the US, etc.

Access to Political Rights: By becoming a Swedish citizen, not only do you become a part of a growing economy but also contribute towards shaping the political landscape of the country. Swedish nationality allows you to take part in local and national elections. Besides, it also allows you to join the army and other forces.

Dual Citizenship: Most countries require you to renounce your original citizenship in order to become a citizen. However, this is not the case in Sweden. The country allows you to become a Swedish citizen while holding your original citizenship. This is a great concept for those who have their roots in another country.

Perks of Social Welfare System: Higher taxes of Sweden are accountable for its incredible social welfare system. It offers various benefits such as affordable healthcare, unemployment benefits, housing support, disability benefits, a pension system, and more. Not just that, the Swedish government also offers financial assistance to the citizens whenever needed. In short, the Swedish government will always have your back.

Freedom to Work: When you are a Swedish citizen, you have the freedom to reside and work from anywhere you want. You can work in any European country you want without requiring any work or resident permit. This is another reason why getting Swedish citizenship is a dream of many.

Sweden Citizenship Fees and Processing Time

Similar to getting citizenship in any other country, the government of Sweden requires you to pay a specific citizenship fee. While children below 15 years of age need to pay around krona SEK (kr) 180 (₹1500), adults are required to pay a fee of about kr1550 (₹12,000).

Coming to the citizenship application, processing time can take anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on several factors, such as the type of application, your home country, the workload of the Swedish Migration Agency, and so on.

You can increase your chances of getting your citizenship application approved quickly by following the right approach and submitting the right documents.

Swedish Embassy/ Consulate in India

Indian Embassy/ Consulate in Sweden

Name Swedish Embassy, New Delhi
Address 4-5 Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 11021, India
Phone (+91) 11-4419-7100
Fax (+91) 11-4419-7101
Email ambassaden.new-delhi@gov.se
Working Hours 08:30 - 17:00 (Monday - Friday)
Name Indian Embassy in Stockholm
Address Kornhamnstorg 4, P.O Box 2131, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone (+46)8 68 43 2100
Fax (+46) 8 24 85 05
Email hoc.stockholm@mea.gov.in
Working Hours 9:00 - 17:30 (Monday to Friday)

How to Check Swedish Citizenship Application Status

If you have submitted your citizenship application online, then you can check the status through the “E-services” option on the official website. Here, you must have an e-identification in order to receive the status of your application.

Moreover, if you have submitted your application offline, then you can know the status by contacting the Swedish Immigration Agency at the below details:

Telephone Number: +46 771 235 235 or 0771-235 235

Telephone Hours: 9.00 to 15.00 (Monday to Friday)

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Sweden Citizenship from India

As discussed above, the Swedish citizenship application processing time can extend up to a year, depending on various factors. To help you increase your chances of getting Swedish citizenship, we are listing some of the most common mistakes to avoid to prevent your application from being rejected. Check them out below:

Criminal Records: The Swedish government rejects applicants with a criminal history straightaway. As discussed above, when submitting the citizenship application, you need to provide a police clearance certificate or PCC. If you are found with a criminal offence, your application is most likely to be rejected. So, make sure to maintain a clean criminal record if you want Swedish citizenship.

Incorrect/Fake Documents: Again, the most common reason behind the delay and rejection of a majority of citizenship applications is incorrect or fake documentation. Note that the Swedish Migration Agency verifies the documents very carefully. If they find any of your documents to be fake or incorrect, they will reject your application. Therefore, make sure to submit the correct and authentic documents.

Financial Instability: Financial instability is another reason behind the rejection of Swedish citizenship applications. Once your application is submitted, the Swedish Migration Agency investigates your stay in the country. If you are found with outstanding payments and bills, your application might get rejected. To prevent this, you must provide enough proof of your financial stability, such as a full-time job, paid bills, bank statements and so on.

Other Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Swedish Citizenshi

Below are some other tips that will help you acquire Swedish citizenship:

Make Sure to Meet Eligibility Criteria: Before applying for Swedish citizenship, make sure to meet the eligibility criteria as per your chosen citizenship route. There is no point in wasting time, effort and money on your citizenship application if you don’t meet the specific criteria. In this case, your application will probably be rejected. So, first, meet the eligibility criteria and then apply for citizenship.

Timely Submission of Application: Stay updated regarding the deadline for citizenship application submission. By starting your process early, you can increase your odds of becoming a Swedish national.

Prove Your Integration into Swedish Society: The Swedish Immigration Agency prioritises the applicants who prove their integration into Swedish society. In fact, it is one of the most important factors that impact your application approval. So, gather as many documents as you can to show your involvement in Swedish society. This includes participation in community programs, social events, and so on.

Meet the Language Requirements: Swedish is the official language of Sweden, which is primarily spoken in the country. By showing your proficiency in the official language, you can increase your chances of acquiring citizenship in the country. Apart from helping you get Swedish citizenship, learning the local language will help you blend in with the country and learn its culture and values in a better way.

Interesting Facts About Sweden

Sweden is an incredible country in terms of culture, natural landscapes, and way of living. Below are some interesting facts you should know about:

Fifth Largest Country in Europe: Sweden is the 5th largest country in Europe in terms of land. However, it has the lowest population per square kilometre, making it very sparsely populated.

Swedish Passport is Among the Top Passports in the World: The Swedish passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. It allows you to enter 124 countries without requiring any visa. Besides, you can get a visa-on-arrival for another 33 countries.

Import Other Countries’ Waste: About 52% of energy in Sweden is renewable. Moreover, the country is so good at recycling that it imports waste from other nations to recycle it. In fact, Sweden’s waste recycling system holds the highest position in the world.

Oldest Country to Legalise Gay Relationships: You will be amazed to know that Sweden has legalised gay relationships since 1944, even before the world has started talking about it. This is a clear indication of Sweden’s broad mentality and progressive thinking.

Do’s and Don’ts in Sweden

In case you are planning to visit Sweden shortly, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


Maintain personal space when talking to a Swedish citizen. Excessive touching during conversation can make them uncomfortable.

Swedish citizens love nature and their natural landscapes. So, engage in such conversations.

Engage in “Fika” conversations (conversations on tea/coffee and light snacks). Swedish people enjoy them at their workplaces as well as in their daily lives.

Keep your surroundings neat and clean. Swedish people believe that being clean and hygienic reflects a sense of consideration towards the environment as well as others.


Avoid exaggerating or boasting about your achievements. Swedish people like being calm and modest.

Don’t joke about their culture and traditions.

Avoid comparing Sweden with other Nordic nations such as Denmark, Iceland, Finland, etc.

Avoid talking in a very loud tone.

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Final Words

Swedish citizenship comes with several perks and benefits. Most importantly, it relieves you from the hassle of renewing your work permit or visa again and again, allowing you to live freely in the country while enjoying all the citizenship rights.

We have discussed how to apply for Swedish citizenship from India, along with several other important details. Now, it’s your turn to take your first step towards fulfilling your dream of permanently settling in Sweden as its citizen.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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**Is it easy to get citizenship in Sweden?**

**Is it easy to get citizenship in Sweden?**


Acquiring Swedish citizenship is a straightforward process that involves meeting certain requirements set by the Swedish government. The ease of having Swedish citizenship depends on various factors, such as meeting the eligibility criteria, submitting the right documents, and so on. By fulfilling all these requirements, you can gain Swedish citizenship without any struggle.

**Is Dual Citizenship Allowed in Sweden?**


Earlier, the concept of dual citizenship was not entertained in a majority of European countries, including Sweden. However, today, Sweden allows dual citizenship. It means you need not renounce your original citizenship. It means you can become a Swedish citizen without cancelling your Indian citizenship.

**Is Sweden an expensive country to live in?**


As compared to other countries, Sweden is slightly more expensive to live in due to higher taxes and cost of living. However, the salary levels in the country are adjusted accordingly, making it easier for working individuals to live comfortably. On top of it, a higher living standard, excellent welfare system and benefits like quality education, healthcare, public transport, etc. make Sweden totally worth settling in permanently.

**Can I get Sweden citizenship by investment?**


As of now, the Swedish government doesn’t offer such a citizenship program. If you want to get citizenship in Sweden for Indians, you must mandatorily meet the specified eligibility criteria.