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Taiwan Visa for Indians

Are you thinking of travelling to Taiwan and looking for information on Taiwan Visas? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will offer all the information that you need to know about getting a Taiwan Visa and visiting the country.

Formerly known as Formosa, Taiwan or the Republic of China (ROC) is a large island located around 180 km off the coast of China. It lies between the Taiwan Strait, the Philippine Sea, and the South China Sea. The country boasts some beautiful landscapes, hot springs resorts, and wonderful Chinese temples.

Tourism is one of the major industries in the country’s economy. Hence, the government takes a lot of measures to increase the number of travellers and boost their engagement with the local economy. Indians love Taiwan as it offers the perfect combination of lip-smacking food, active nightlife, rich culture, intriguing history, marvellous architecture, hot springs, and picturesque natural beauty.

Before planning a trip to Taiwan, it is important to understand the visa formalities. It is also important to consider buying an international travel insurance plan for Taiwan to protect yourself against medical and non-medical emergencies financially.

Tata AIG offers a range of international travelling insurance plans that offer comprehensive coverage at affordable rates. You can look at our international travel insurance packages for details.

Taiwan Visa: Details for Indian Travellers

When a foreigner wants to enter Taiwan, he/she needs approval from the government of Taiwan. This is given in the form of an official document called a Visa. It specifies the purpose of the visit and the duration for which the foreigner can stay in the country.

Indian citizens also need to apply for a visa before visiting Taiwan. Due to the bilateral relations between India and Taiwan, certain exemptions are offered to Indian passport holders, as will be described below.

There are different types of visas to choose from based on the purpose of your travel. Make sure that you choose the visa type carefully and apply well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush.

Apart from the visa, it is also important to think about the international travel insurance policy that offers comprehensive coverage, including medical insurance, flight cancellation insurance, lost baggage insurance, etc.

Features Of Taiwan Visa for Indians

While we will talk about Taiwan visa requirements and look at the detailed process to apply for a Taiwan visa from India, let’s first look at the salient features of a Taiwan visa:

  • The Taiwan government issues different types of visas based on the nationality of the applicant and the purpose of the visit.

  • Passport holders from around 54 countries do not need a visa to enter Taiwan for a trip of less than 90 days. This list does not include India

  • Indians can apply for an online visa only if they are travelling as part of a tourist group or to conduct business at the recommendation of local Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) offices

  • Indian citizens do not have to appear for a visa interview unless specifically requested by the consulate/embassy

  • Indians can apply for a multiple-entry visa to Taiwan

Types Of Taiwan Visas for Indians

There are two broad categories of visas issued by Taiwan:**

  1. Taiwan Visitor Visa

  2. Taiwan Resident Visa

Here are the details:

1. Taiwan Visitor Visa

This visa is issued to travellers who intend to stay in Taiwan for 90 days or less. While many countries have reached an agreement with Taiwan allowing its citizens to enter the country without a visa for shorter durations, Indians need to have a visitor visa for short-term trips too. There are different types of visitor visas based on the purpose of travel. Here is the list:**

  • Taiwan Tourist Visa: You can apply for a Taiwan tourist visa for Indian citizens if you are planning to enter Taiwan for tourism, to attend any social, academic, or cultural event, or to seek employment. When you apply for a visa, it is important to state your purpose clearly to allow the officials to approve the application easily. Also, if you are involved in activities that are not permitted under the type of visa you have, then the authorities can take action. Hence, consider your reason for travelling to Taiwan and choose the visa type carefully.

  • Taiwan Business Visa: If you are a business owner and want to go to Taiwan for a business-related activity like attending a conference or seminar, meeting other businesses, signing a deal, etc., then you need to opt for a Taiwan Business Visa. Please remember that these activities will not be permitted under a Tourist Visa.

  • Taiwan Visit Visa: If you have family or friends in Taiwan and want to visit them, you can apply for a Taiwan Visit Visa. Under this visa type, you must provide details of the person(s) you plan to visit, along with their address.

  • Taiwan Medical Treatment Visa: Taiwan has some of the region's best hospitals and medical professionals. If you plan to get any medical treatment done in Taiwan, you can apply for a Medical Treatment Visa. You will have to provide details of the medical institution and treatment you intend to avail of.

2. Taiwan Resident Visa

This visa is issued to travellers who intend to stay in Taiwan for more than 90 days. If your Resident Visa application is approved and you enter Taiwan, then you need to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and a Re-entry Permit at a local office of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) within 15 days of your arrival. Here are the different types of resident visas offered:**

  • Taiwan Work Visa: If you have a job offer from a company in Taiwan, then you will need to apply for a Taiwan Work Visa. In addition to the visa, you will also need a work permit issued by the Taiwanese authorities. Your employer will have to apply for the work permit and share it with you.

  • Taiwan Student Visa: Taiwan is one of the preferred destinations for education in the region. If you are planning to study in a Taiwanese educational institution, then you need to apply for a Taiwan Student Visa. This visa is offered to full-time foreign students, international exchange students, and foreigners wanting to learn Mandarin Chinese. It is important to remember that you can apply for a student visa only after you have been accepted at an institution in Taiwan.

  • Taiwan Family Reunification Visa: If you are the spouse of a resident of Taiwan or a child/grandchild under 20 years of age of a Taiwanese resident, then you can apply for a Taiwan Family Reunification Visa to live with them. You can also apply for this visa if you are the spouse or dependent of a foreigner who is in Taiwan with a work permit. However, there are certain rules that you have to adhere to once there.

  • Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa: Taiwan has been trying to attract entrepreneurs from other countries to engage with its economy. In sync with these attempts, it has launched a Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa that makes it easier for foreign investors to start a business in Taiwan. Entrepreneurs receive a one-year multiple-entry visa to set up the business. If the business succeeds, then the visa can be extended.

  • Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa: While Taiwan does not have a digital nomad visa, it has a Taiwan Employment Gold Card that applies to digital nomads. It combines the benefits of a residence permit, an open work permit, and a visa for skilled professionals. It allows you to work for any number of Taiwanese companies.

R.O.C. (Taiwan) Travel Authorisation Certificate

Taiwan has launched a Travel Authorisation Certificate to allow citizens of certain countries, including India, to visit Taiwan. It works like a multiple-entry visa that is valid for 90 days and allows you to stay in the country for a maximum of 14 days at a stretch.

You need a valid Indian passport with remaining validity of at least six months, an onward or return ticket, and should have never been employed as a blue-collar worker in Taiwan to be eligible for the certificate.

Further, you need to have a valid resident card, entry visa, or a visa that has not expired more than 10 years ago from Australia, Japan, Canada, Korea, the UK, any of the Schengen countries, New Zealand, or the United States. It does not allow you to study or work in Taiwan.

Duration Of Different Types Of Taiwan Visas

Here are the validity periods for different types of Taiwan Visas:

Type of Taiwan Visa Validity
Tourist Visa 30 days
Business Visa 6 months
Student Visa One year or the duration of the course of study, whichever is shorter.
Work Visa 1 year
Family Visit Visa 6 months

Taiwan Visa Fees for Indians

You can apply for a Taiwan visa under the normal process or the express process. The Taiwan visa fees from India are as follows:

  • Normal process

    • Single-entry visa: Rs.3,800

    • Multiple-entry visa: Rs.7,500

  • Express process

    • Single-entry visa: Rs.5,700

    • Multiple-entry visa: Rs.11,300

How To Apply For A Taiwan Visa?

Here is a step-by-step process to apply for a Taiwan visa from India:

  1. Visit Taiwan’s official immigration website by clicking here
  2. Click on “Confirm and Continue” after reading the disclaimer and any announcement on the page
  3. Select General Visa Applications from the options available
  4. Select your Nationality, Duration of Stay, Purpose of Travel, and Single/Multiple-entry to start the application process
  5. Fill out the application form carefully. Make sure that all the information matches the details on the documents you will provide. Take care of the spelling and other minor details
  6. Once this is done, you can download the form and print it out
  7. Click your photograph as specified by the website. Make sure that you keep all instructions in mind to avoid rejection of the application
  8. Attach the photo to the form and the supporting documents based on the type of visa that you are applying for
  9. Visit the embassy/consulate/visa application centre, submit your application, and pay the visa fees

Who Should Apply For A Taiwan Visa?

All Indian citizens need to apply for a visa to visit Taiwan. Regardless of the purpose or duration of travel, you will need to ensure that you apply for and receive the visa before starting your journey. Taiwan does not offer a visa on arrival to Indian citizens. Hence, make sure that you complete the application formalities and get the visa in hand before leaving.

Eligibility Criteria For Taiwan Visa

Indian citizens are eligible to apply for a Taiwan visa provided they meet the following conditions:

  • They should have a valid Indian passport with remaining validity of six months from the date of travel

  • The purpose of the visit should be legitimate and among those offered by Taiwan. It is important to remember that the visa is offered for a specific purpose. Hence, it is important to specify the purpose carefully while applying

  • Taiwanese authorities will check your bank statement to ensure that you have enough funds to manage your costs while in Taiwan

  • Applicants should also be of sound health as per the requirements specified by the Taiwanese authorities

  • They should not have any criminal record

Documents Required To Apply For A Taiwan Visa

While the documents can vary based on the type of visa and duration applied for, here is a common list of documents that you would need to apply for a Taiwan visa:

  • A valid Indian passport with at least six months remaining validity from the period of travel

  • Passport-size photographs

  • Completed and duly signed Taiwan visa application form

  • Complete details of your travel itinerary

  • A copy of the tickets for the round trip or onward journey

  • Confirmation from the hotel or any other place about your stay in Taiwan

  • A letter explaining your purpose for travel and the period for which you intend to stay in the country and the things that you plan to do

  • A copy of your bank statement for the last three months to assess your ability to manage expenses in Taiwan

Taiwan Visa - Post-COVID Mandatory Documents

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be additional mandatory documents that applicants need to provide when applying for a Taiwan visa. The specific requirements may vary depending on the type of visa being applied for and the traveller's itinerary, but some of the commonly required documents include:

  • Negative COVID-19 test result

  • Health declaration form

  • Quarantine plan

  • Flight itinerary

  • Travel Insurance

It is important to note that the specific requirements may change frequently based on the evolving situation, and it is recommended to check the Taiwan embassy or consulate website for the latest information on mandatory documents and visa application procedures.

Reasons For The Refusal Of Taiwan Visa Applications

If your visa application is denied, the Taiwan authorities reserve the right to not disclose the reasons behind the denial. In such cases, applicants are usually asked to re-apply after a couple of months once they make substantial changes to their applications. Here are some common reasons for the refusal of Taiwan visa applications:

  • Providing incorrect information on the application form

  • A history of criminal activities or a police record for crime

  • If the applicant is suffering from an infectious disease

  • The passport is expiring within the next six months or it does not have at least two blank pages for stamping

  • In some cases, visa applications are rejected if the applicant was issued a visa earlier but hadn’t used it without providing a valid reason

  • The immigration authority finds ambiguity in the reason provided for visiting Taiwan

  • Lack of adequate proof of identity, age, address, or income

  • Lack of a valid purpose to enter the country

  • A history of not abiding by the visa or immigration rules in the past

  • Inability to establish strong ties to your home country that helps the authorities believe that you have reasons to come back

  • Lack of a good character certificate

Embassy of Taiwan in India

City New Delhi (India)
Address Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India 

34, Paschimi Marg, New Delhi-110057, India

Contact Details Phone: +91 11 4607 7777

Fax: +002-91-11-4107-2246

Email: ind@mofa.gov.tw

Working Hours Monday to Friday

09:00 am - 05:30 pm

Embassy of India in Taiwan

City Taipei City (Taiwan)
Address Suite 1708, 17F, No. 333, Sec.1, Keelung Rd.

Xinyi District, Taipei 11012


Contact Details Phone: (+886) 2 2757-6112 / 3; (+886) 2 2729-5154

Fax: (+886) 2 2757-6117

Email: inf.ita@mea.gov.in

Working Hours Monday to Friday

09:00-13:00 and 13:30-17:30

Travel Insurance For Taiwan Visa

Taiwan has not made it mandatory for travellers to have an international travel medical insurance policy. However, when you visit a new country, you are exposed to a different weather pattern, water, food, and infections. Also, travelling exposes you to certain non-medical risks like flight cancellation, loss of baggage, etc. When you buy a travel insurance policy, you get coverage for a range of medical and non-medical risks. Hence, you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about managing emergencies.

The Tata AIG Taiwan Medical Travel Insurance Plan offers comprehensive coverage including:

  • Medical Cover

  • Travel Assistance

  • Cover Against Personal Liability

  • Cover For Accidents and Sicknesses

  • Hijack Cover

  • Baggage Cover

  • COVID-19 Cover

  • Automatic policy extension for 60 days or date of discharge whichever is lesser in the event of your hospitalisation in Taiwan during the policy tenure & the policy expires.

Things To Know About Taiwan

Before you visit this Land of Technology, Night Markets, and Oolong tea, here are some important things to know:

  • Make your accommodation bookings: While Taiwan has a lot of options for accommodation, during the peak summer months, the country attracts thousands of visitors. This can make the rooms scarce. Also, if you are planning to hike or rent a cabin, you will need approval which can take weeks. Hence, it is important to create a trip itinerary and book your accommodations early.

  • Make restaurant reservations: Taiwan has a range of Michelin-starred restaurants like RAW and Le Palais that are a favourite among tourists. However, to get a table, you will need to book at least one/two months in advance.

  • Buy an iPass: This is one of the most convenient ways of paying for things in Taiwan. The iPass is a prepaid card that can be used on the metro, trains, local buses, supermarkets, convenience stores, and to rent a bike. If you have money left on the card, then it can be refunded to your account.

  • Use transport apps: There are numerous apps designed to make travelling within Taiwan easier and hassle-free.

  • Don’t miss the convenience stores: Taiwanese convenience stores do a lot more than convenience stores in India. They usually have an automated kiosk allowing you to buy and print train tickets, concert tickets, and a range of other services. It also has indoor seating to enjoy the snacks offered along with the usual things sold at a convenience store.

  • No eating or drinking on Taiwan Metro: This is a strict rule and people adhere to it. Hence, if you are travelling by metro, then avoid eating or drinking. In fact, avoid talking in a loud voice while in a public place too.

  • Remove shoes before entering a Taiwanese home: This practice is similar to the traditional practice in India where we remove footwear before entering anyone’s house.

  • No smoking: Smoking in public places is banned in Taiwan. While many alfresco cafes allow smoking, make sure that you check the rules of the place before lighting up.

  • Safe country: Taiwan is a safe country for travellers, especially women. It has a low crime rate and many facilities to make travelling safer for women.

What Should You Do When You Arrive In Taiwan?

Taiwan has a lot to offer to tourists. While you might already have a travel plan, here are some things that you might want to add to the list of things to do in Taiwan:

  • Visit one of the 15,000 temples: Taiwan is home to thousands of temples from different beliefs like Taoists, Buddhists, Confucius, or folk. These temples have amazing architecture and energy that needs to be witnessed at least once.

  • Stroll through urban Tainin: This is one of the most culture-rich attractions of Taiwan which is best explored on foot.

  • Hike at the Taroko Gorge: This walk, especially along the Swallow Grotto, is right out of a Chinese painting. The gorge has marble walls with a blue-green river at its base, lush vegetation, waterfalls, and grey mist making it an amazingly picturesque location for a hike

  • Ride along the east coast: We would recommend a cycle, but a motorbike would be fine too. The ride along the East Coast at Hualien is sure to be etched in your memory forever.

  • Buy homegrown coffee: Taiwan is known as the coffee capital of Asia for the range of amazing coffee beans it produces. Make sure that you lay your hands on some homegrown coffee beans to bring some flavour back home.

Places To Visit In Taiwan

Here is a list of some interesting places to visit in Taiwan:

  • Kaohsiung: This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Taiwan. It has great weather all through the year and is surrounded by beautiful scenery making it ideal for outdoor activities too.

  • Wulai: Two things are popular about Wulai – its indigenous Atayal people and hot water springs. You can also go for a hike in the surrounding forest, fishing, or camping if you want.

  • Kinmen Islands: A beautiful island with a National Park and several historical sites.

  • Kenting National Park: For the amazing flora and fauna that Taiwan has to offer

  • Alishan National Scenic Area: This is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the world. With over 25 mountains, waterfalls, forests, quaint villages, and tea gardens the experience is guaranteed to be a memory for a lifetime

  • Lukang: Known for its stunning architecture and food, make sure that you visit one of the 200 temples this town has to offer and try the ox tongue and oyster pancake.

  • Tainan: The former capital of Taiwan, Tainan has a lot to offer. Right from old structures to temples, museums, shopping districts, and restaurants, the city is sure to keep you enthralled.

  • Sun Moon Lake: There is an island in the middle of the lake that separates it into two parts. One part looks like a crescent moon while the other is like a round sun. Hence, it has been named Sun Moon Lake.

  • Taipei: This is where you will probably spend a lot of time if you are looking to experience modern Taiwan. There are numerous things to do in Taipei and we would recommend making a separate itinerary for the city

Taiwan: Fast Facts

Categories Specification
Capital Taipei City
Time zone Taipei Standard Time
Official language Mandarin Chinese
Major International Airports  Taoyuan International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport, Taichung International Airport and Taipei Songshan Airport.
Climate Subtropical climate
Average Round-Year Temperature 27° C
Best Time to Visit September, October and November
Best Known for Street food, night markets, bicycles, lantern festival, and the iconic Taipei 101 building.


Information last updated Aug '23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is Taiwan eVisa applicable for Indian nationals?


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Step 5: Share additional details, like your passport number, contact details, etc.

Step 6: Make a secure online payment

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