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Are you planning a trip to the Republic of Paraguay anytime soon? Get yourself insured with a robust Tata AIG Paraguay travel health insurance policy to part ways with financial worries, ensuring peace of mind!

Although the Republic of Paraguay lacks the allure of multiethnic Bolivia or tropical Brazil, the culture of this landlocked nation is fascinating in its own right. From the tax-exempt shopping havens on the southern border to the Mennonite communities to gastronomic delights.

The nation is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. It's a tranquil and pleasant spot off the main road, and it is the ideal place to unwind after a tiring few months of your 9-to-5 jobs. If you intend to visit this beautiful nation soon, this is the perfect place.

However, in addition to planning a solid vacation schedule, you must consider purchasing travelling insurance. To avoid any travel-related adversity, you should insure your Paraguay vacation. You may also keep your funds safe if you have a Tata AIG Paraguay travel insurance plan in place.

You may claim your Tata AIG travel insurance coverage online in a few minutes, even if you are not at your destination. And our claim specialists will reimburse you for your loss and restore the money to your bank account, allowing you to pay for emergencies without drying out your bank account.

And the most fantastic news is that our Paraguay travel insurance policies start at just ₹40.82 per day*.

Travel Insurance for Paraguay from India

There are no Paraguay travel insurance requirements to visit this landlocked country. However, even though Paraguay's COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted, you should still plan well before visiting the nation. As a result, you must assess the likelihood of any disasters and then take the required safeguards. It is significant because you never know when you or a fellow traveller will become infected with the virus.

To have a worry-free journey to the Republic of Paraguay, you must get the finest travel medical insurance for Paraguay from India. This travel insurance package will keep you all set for any mishap or crisis during your journey. As a result, you can have the trip of a lifetime!

Travel insurance plans for Paraguay can provide you with financial safety and security in an unfamiliar area. If you meet with an accident in a new nation, you must figure out where to go or who to approach. But, with the correct travel health insurance for Paraguay, you may keep your funds secure and your stresses at bay!

Our overseas travel insurance will offer comprehensive coverage for a variety of mishaps or crises as well as health treatment costs. Also, if you misplace your passport or baggage, your legal travel insurance in Paraguay will pay you.

You may obtain the best Paraguay travel insurance policies from Tata AIG to receive protection from travel-related emergencies. Tata AIG provides comprehensive coverage at a pocket-friendly price. Consequently, if you have booked your Paraguay flight tickets, now is the perfect time to enrol for travel insurance coverage for your upcoming travel to Paraguay from India.

If family members join you on the trip, you may purchase family travel insurance coverage. It'll guarantee that everyone in your family has sufficient coverage for various events that may arise during your Paraguay vacation.

Why Do You Require Travel Insurance for Paraguay from India?

Even though the Republic of Paraguay is a safe place to visit for Indian tourists, you still exercise caution while organising your vacation if you organise everything well. It is significant because you'll be assured of your Paraguay vacation. And, while planning an international vacation, you should leave no stone left when it comes to assessing the circumstances.

Nonetheless, no homework is adequate when arranging a vacation overseas! So, to ensure that you return home with nothing but joyful memories, you must set everything ahead of time. Accidents can happen anytime, but you can remain calm if your pockets are secure. You might need hospitalisation if you are involved in an accident or become unwell.

Alternatively, your travelling partner or mate may need to find their passport or other things. Only your Paraguay travel insurance might provide the most financial protection.

Again, when considering a vacation to Paraguay, read the Paraguayan government's travel advisory before leaving India. And if you have a foreign travel insurance policy, you may put all of your financial anxieties away. Your travel health insurance for Paraguay will cover your funds against various unforeseen events.

If you encounter any travel-related vulnerabilities, your travel insurance will pay you. Medical treatments in Paraguay may be more expensive than in India. Hence obtaining travel medical insurance for Paraguay is recommended. However, to make an educated decision, you should review the many travel insurance packages, compare the list of exclusions and features, and select the best one. You might compare travel insurance policy premium costs on our official web portal and then pick a cost-effective one with top-notch coverage features. For instance, you may buy Tata AIG family travel insurance with the most outstanding coverage options for numerous circumstances that might arise during your Paraguay vacation. You can also pay affordable rates for the perks with single insurance like this. Also, your chosen international travel insurance must include sufficient medical coverage, evacuation/repatriation coverage, trip cancellation/extension coverage, flight cancellation insurance, luggage loss coverage, passport loss coverage, and so on. You may obtain more than described above with Tata AIG's travel insurance for Paraguay coverage. Even if you claim your travel insurance online, you must expect to be paid within a few hours. Tata AIG's travel insurance plan will provide valuable financial aid throughout your international journey to Paraguay.

Significant Benefits of Purchasing a Paraguay Travel Health Insurance Plan

Your first vacation to the Republic of Paraguay might be thrilling and enjoyable. Nonetheless, you must be well-prepared if it's your first time travelling! Furthermore, it would help to use extreme caution in this post-pandemic condition.

While in Paraguay, you may encounter a variety of difficulties. Accidents, diseases, and theft can happen at any moment. And it is critical to maintaining financial security at such times. It is when travel insurance comes in handy! Investing a bit more in travel insurance for your entire Paraguay trip cost from India is a no-brainer.

Listed below are some of the significant advantages of having Paraguay travel insurance coverage from India:

  • Flight hijack Cover
  • Local journey assistance
  • Delay or loss of baggage coverage
  • Personal liability coverage
  • Flight Cancellation Insurance
  • Hospitalisation coverage due to accidents, diseases, and COVID-19 treatment, with expenses covered up to a maximum of $5,000,000.
  • Coverage for a medical emergency caused by Accident & Sickness, including COVID-19 therapy if hospitalised during the trip.
  • With Tata AIG, you can get pocket-friendly travel insurance to Paraguay quickly and easily.
  • Pocket-friendly travel insurance plans begin at just ₹40.82 per day*

Perks Offered by the Tata AIG Paraguay Travel Insurance Plan

You may bag numerous benefits from the chosen travel insurance plan coverage with Tata AIG's Paraguay travel insurance from India. Some of them are outlined below:

  • Luggage Coverage: Suppose you lose your luggage while travelling to Paraguay or if your bags are delayed at a connecting airport; in that case, the baggage coverage by Tata AIG will reimburse you for the loss. This particular coverage option is available with our Paraguay travel insurance policy. It permits you to choose compensation for the total cost of every item in your checked-in luggage up to the policy's maximum coverage.

  • Medical Coverage: The Tata AIG Paraguay travel insurance plan is exclusively designed to offer you financial coverage during an unexpected accident or an illness during your Paraguay vacation that necessitates medical attention. If you have an accident or become ill in Paraguay that necessitates hospitalisation, our medical coverage will pay the policyholder financially. Considering the pandemic, you can also obtain coverage in Paraguay for any COVID-19-related medical issues.

  • Trip Coverage: Tata AIG's travel insurance for Paraguay from India provides comprehensive coverage for your journey. It will include cash insurance against losing your passport, hotel cancellations, travel delays or cancellations, and so on.

  • Miscellaneous Benefits: The following are some other benefits of obtaining Tata AIG Paraguay travel insurance:

  • Travel medical insurance for Paraguay begins at an inexpensive ₹40.82/day*.

  • Travel health insurance plans may be bought online through the Tata AIG website without the requirement for a medical examination.

  • It's quite simple to pay travel insurance premiums in INR and receive travel health insurance coverage in Paraguay.

You must take a look at the numerous possibilities to find the finest Paraguay travel insurance policy with our online travel insurance premium calculator in order to find a suitable travel insurance plan for Paraguay.

Paraguay Visa and Entry Information

To enter the Republic of Paraguay, Indian people with regular passports require a visa. All Business and Tourist Visa applications for travel to Paraguay must be filed to the Consular Section of the Paraguayan Embassy in India. There are many sorts of Paraguay visas given by India to its residents. The categorisation might be based on the permit's validity, the length of stay granted, the number of visits permitted, and other variables. The following are the most prevalent types of visas for Paraguay:

  • Paraguay Tourist Visas: A Paraguay Tourist Visa is provided to those who want to visit the nation solely for pleasure. It is generally supplied to tourists and foreigners who wish to visit Paraguay for sightseeing and other leisure activities.

  • Paraguay Business Visa: A Paraguay Business Visa is issued to business individuals who intend to enter the nation to conduct business. The procedure for obtaining this permission is typically done before arrival, and the validity period might also vary.

  • Paraguay Visit Visa: This sort of visa is provided to international visitors who have travelled to Paraguay to visit friends and relatives who live there. The validity and other permissions are the same for tourists.

Paraguay Visa: Documents Required for Indian Nationals

The visa requirements for Paraguay will vary depending on the kind of authorization. There are, however, certain documents that are required for all types. The following documents are required:

  • The Indian passport should be valid for a minimum of one year before departure
  • The Paraguay visa application form needs to be fully completed and duly signed
  • Trip itinerary
  • The picture was taken in accordance with photo standards
  • Confirmed airline tickets
  • Proof of visitation - invitation letter, exhibition pass, and so on
  • Evidence of sufficient finances - bank statements for the past 3 months
  • Character certificate - PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) Apostille by India's Ministry of External Affairs

Additional Papers if You Are an Employed Individual

  • A contract of employment.
  • A letter from your recruiter granting you a leave of absence. It must include all necessary information, such as your personal information, your employer's information, the length of your absence from work, and proof that you can support yourself financially.
  • Bank statements from the past six months
  • An Income Tax Return form

Additional Papers if You Are a Self-Employed Individual

  • A copy of your company's licence.
  • Form of Income Tax Return (ITR).
  • Bank statements over the preceding six months for your organisation.

Additional Papers if You Are a Student

  • Proof of enrolment in a reputable educational institution.
  • Also, a letter from your educational institution authorising your absence from classes.

Additional Papers if You Are a Retired Individual

  • A certificate proving your retirement status (or any similar paper).
  • Pension statement over the preceding six months

Paraguay Visa from India: How to Apply?

The application process for a visa to Paraguay is mostly done offline. However, you must be an eligible applicant for the same issue. The application can be made directly to the Consulate of Paraguay. The following are the steps in the application process:

  • Get the Paraguay visa application form
  • Fill it up with the necessary information
  • Gather all of the documentation required
  • Submit the visa application form and any supporting documentation to the Consulate of Paraguay
  • Pay the required Paraguay visa costs
  • Attend the Consult Officer's interview

When presenting the papers, please ensure they’re in good condition. Documents must also be provided in person; faxed or emailed copies are unacceptable. If the Consular Officer requests it, you can email the scanned documents to If any modifications or changes need to be made to the visa application, the Consulate must be notified. Also, if your intentions change and you must withdraw your application, notify the Consulate.

When filling out the application form for a visa to Paraguay, ensure that all the information is factual and correct. If any of the details are shown to be inaccurate or wrong, the application will be deemed inadmissible and may be refused. A visa denial might impact future visa applications for Paraguay or any other country. The visa processing time for Paraguay from India generally takes between 7 and 8 working days following submission.

Paraguay Visa Fees for Indian Nationals

The cost of a Paraguay visa from India varies based on the kind of visa and other parameters, such as the number of entries permitted and the validity of the permit. The visa fees for Paraguay must be paid at the time of the interview, together with the application form and original papers.

Entry Type Reason Duration of Stay Validity Fees (in ₹)*
Single-Entry (Normal) Business 1 month 3 months ₹3,200
Multiple-Entry (Normal) Business 1 month 3 months ₹4,500
Single-Entry (Normal) Tourist 1 month 3 months ₹3,200
Multiple-Entry (Normal) Tourist 1 month 3 months ₹4,500

Embassy/Consulate of Paraguay in India

Name Embassy of Paraguay
Office Address B-11, Vasant Marg, Vasant Vihar New Delhi - 110057
Telephone Number +91 11 4270 5671
Fax Number +91 11 4270 5672
Email Address
Official Website
Working Days Monday to Friday
Working Hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM / 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Consular Section)
Name Consulate of Paraguay
Office Address 216, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Kolkata - 700017
Telephone Number +91 33 4050 0180
Fax Number +91 33 2287 7084
Email Address
Name Consulate of Paraguay
Office Address AVM Film Studios, 38 Arcot Road, Vadapalani, Chennai City Corporation - 600026
Telephone Number +91 44 4213 6444
Fax Number +91 44 2365 1033
Email Address

Paraguay: Fast Facts

Paraguay Trip: Safety and Precautionary Measures That You Must Undertake

To avoid unneeded occurrences after you are in the Republic of Paraguay, you should always follow local government guidelines and safety standards. Some general safety precautions are provided below for your consideration:

  • Always keep the required papers, such as your passport, safe and with you.
  • Participate in no unnecessary demonstrations.
  • If you see yourself in the midst of massive local gatherings or protests, seek immediate refuge in a secure location nearby.
  • Continue to monitor local news and alter your trip plans accordingly.
  • Respect the Paraguay government and authorities' local laws and regulations.
  • Participate in no illegal actions or harm the dignity of public areas.
  • Do not travel to isolated areas unless you understand the area enough. Always seek assistance from local authorities.
  • Use only legitimate and legal modes of transportation.
  • Keep track of your visa expiration date in Paraguay, and make sure you don't overstay your visa.
  • Protect your bags, passport, and other valuables, particularly in crowded and tourist areas.
  • Choose the finest travel insurance for Paraguay coverage to ensure the most financial assistance throughout your trip.

Paraguay Trip: COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Here are some crucial things to remember when it comes to COVID-19:

  • Wear a decent mask covering your mouth and nose, especially on public transport.
  • Collaborate with the local government and authorised authorities and adhere to the COVID-19 requirements.
  • Follow the social distancing rules.
  • Look out for COVID-19 symptoms, isolate yourself, and don't forget to be tested if you observe any.

Places to Visit in the Republic of Paraguay

Although it lacks the bravado of Brazil and the subtle grace of Argentina, the Republic of Paraguay is lovely in its own right. The vivid and colourful heritage is amazing. Apart from watching football at a packed stadium, these are the most sought-after places to visit in Paraguay:

  • Estación Puerto Olivares

It is a family-run rustic resort that sprawls across the banks of the Manduvirá River, preserving the legacy of Paraguay's railroads and giving educational train experiences.

Enthralled by locomotives, the proprietors created a railway museum that houses an English engine and vintage South American train equipment. As a bonus, you may sleep at the museum.

Kayak to the mouth of the Paraguay River at sunset to hear a symphony of birds and howler monkeys bring the day to a conclusion. Take a boat, a 4x4, a trek, or a cycle to the 160-year-old onsite oratory.

  • Ciudad del Este

It is known for its waterfalls, including Saltos del Monday, a 390-foot-wide and 130-foot-tall cascade with a surrounding adventure park. In addition, Ciudad del Este is home to one of the world's largest free-trade zones. Near Friendship Bridge, you may get fantastic deals on electronics, booze, perfume, and housewares, as well as Chinese cuisine and bubble tea. Ciudad del Este is also a gateway to Iguazu Falls, which may be reached in a day by crossing the bridge to the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu.

  • Museo Del Barro

The Museo del Barro, located on the outskirts of Asunción, houses hundreds of relics from Paraguayan history and culture. Throughout the years, different tribes have struggled for control of this territory. Outsiders may learn about the various history through exhibitions of weaponry and costumes, as well as dioramas representing the past.

It's a lovely spot to spend a day learning about the local culture. With its magnificent pre-Columbian-era ceramic collection, the pottery department deserves special note.

  • Filadelfia

The greatest Mennonite settlement in the Chaco is located in the picturesque streets of Filadelfia. The Mennonites, a pacifist Christian sect noted for its opposition to modernisation, came to Paraguay in the 1900s after the Paraguayan government offered them land.

The community of 20,000 people now includes eight modest museums, a radio station, many churches, and a library. While autos and horse-drawn carts share the road, you'll hear neighbours converse in Plattdeutsch and Spanish.

Cooperativa Fernheim, a grocery on the outskirts of the woods, accepts cash or barter for food.

  • Pro Cosara

Conservationists at Pro Cosara live among howler monkeys and illegal cannabis producers on the outskirts of the San Rafael Nature Reserve. Pro Cosara, a nonprofit organisation formed to safeguard one of the country's few surviving expanses of Atlantic Forest, welcomes scientific study groups, volunteers, and interested visitors looking to walk through the legendary trees.

Simply remain and enjoy the tranquil setting, which is home to birds, hiking paths, a citrus orchard, and friendly pets. Alternatively, you may volunteer with the group to learn more about the threats to the forest's existence.

  • Asunción

Asunción, one of South America's oldest towns, is located on the banks of the Paraguay River and is home to some of the country's top museums, the largest nightlife scene, and significant historic landmarks. Attend a performance and enjoy the architecture of Manzana de la Rivera's cultural city block. Mercado Cuatro sells fresh food and trinkets. Before wandering around the botanical garden or watching a football game, check out the exhibitions at Museo del Barro.

Rent a bike and ride down the Riverwalk at night to see the Palacio de los López illuminated up, then stop at Bolsi for a late-night coxinha.

  • Cerro Lagoon

These huge lily pads, which float atop Cerro Lagoon in Piquete Cue and reach five to eight feet in diameter, only arise every third or fourth summer.

Tourists stand for photos on the pier or rent kayaks to get up and personal with the plants, which resemble huge belly-up frisbees. The rough skin of the plant is referred to as Yacare Yrupe in Guarani.

Despite being labelled as endangered, the lily pads have lately recovered and expanded in number, thanks to conservation initiatives that successfully countered years of dredging and looting by visitors and renegade tea manufacturers.

  • Salto Suiza

At the Parque Ecológico Salto Suizo, you may stay in a large wine barrel, rappel down a waterfall, or zip-line through the treetops. Though not the most powerful waterfall in Paraguay, Salto Suizo's strength resides in its tranquil atmosphere and unusual camping choices.

Natural pools and fruit trees surround the waterfall, ideal for putting your feet in after traversing the park's numerous kilometres of paths. Camping is possible near or beneath the waterfall, but staying in the spacious repurposed wine barrels with big mattresses and forest views will be the most pleasant alternative.


All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location.

*Subject to change based on the nature and extent of the coverage.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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1. Do I require travel health insurance when visiting the Republic of Paraguay?

1. Do I require travel health insurance when visiting the Republic of Paraguay?


There is no requirement to purchase travel medical insurance before arriving in Paraguay. Nonetheless, because private medical clinics are expensive, obtaining medical insurance for yourself and your loved ones are strongly advised.

2. Why purchase Paraguay travel health insurance?


A pleasant trip might turn into an unending nightmare within a few hours. Dengue fever or other viral illnesses can induce high temperatures and severe bleeding. The only treatment for the majority of these disorders is a lengthy hospital stay and relaxation.

The expense of treatment at a private medical centre might be excessive. To avoid financial ruin, being vigilant and purchasing travel medical insurance is important.

3. What is the definition of a pre-existing medical condition? Will an individual be covered for it?


A pre-existing ailment is a medical issue you have previously been diagnosed with or are being treated for before your trip. While Tata AIG doesn't need you to submit a health check-up report before obtaining a travel insurance plan, any diseases caused by your pre-existing condition will not be covered.

4. Is trip cancellation insurance covered under a Tata AIG Paraguay travel insurance plan?


Yes, we provide trip cancellation coverage as part of our travel insurance plans' COVID-19 coverage. Suppose you or a family member is diagnosed with the virus shortly before your trip and you have already booked flight and hotel reservations. In that case, we will assist in paying the non-refundable expenses so that you do not incur losses due to the cancellation.

5. Will I be qualified for trip cancellation benefits if I cancel my Paraguay trip due to COVID-19 infection?


Suppose you have a Tata AIG international travel insurance policy and cancel your trip because you have contracted a disease (COVID-19); in that case, we will reimburse you for any losses incurred as a result of trip cancellation, including hotel and flight cancellation, provided the hotel and flight bookings were made before being diagnosed with the disease. The compensation amount is determined by the sum covered and the terms of your policy.