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Croatia Travel Insurance

Are you going to Croatia anytime soon? Get immediate travel insurance for the stunning European locale from Tata AIG to protect your trip!

Croatia is a fascinating nation with beautiful locations. In addition to making news for reaching the FIFA World Cup 2018 final, Croatia is renowned for creating fountain pens and neckties. It was used to film several iconic sequences for the famous series "Game of Thrones,” making it popular amongst the show’s huge fanbase.

Overall, one could say that Croatia is a wonderful nation rich in history that enjoys the warm summers and mild winters of a Mediterranean environment.

Whether lounging on the sands of blue waters or taking in the vibrant scenery of historic walled towns, Croatia transforms your typical vacation into a fantasy trip. And a travel insurance in Croatia can give you extra security on your vacation even though the country is generally safe for travellers to explore. Since anything can happen while travelling, insurance should be viewed as an investment to protect your peace of mind.

However, for a stress-free vacation, keep in mind to purchase reliable international travel insurance coverage when organising your trip to Croatia. You should be prepared to handle obstacles or unanticipated situations while travelling internationally. Travel insurance to Croatia is the only method to achieve this.

Starting at $40.82 per day*, Tata AIG offers feature-rich, all-inclusive Croatia travel insurance packages at affordable premium prices. It might offer you some financial safety for your journey to the beautiful land of Croatia. Your options include family travel health insurance in Croatia or a separate travel policy.

Our website offers information on every type of travel insurance coverage. Comparing travel insurance coverage is simple and uncomplicated with the help of our online travel insurance rate calculator. Why, then, are you holding out? To arrange a stress-free trip to Croatia, contact us! But before that, do not forget to compare travel insurance plans with us online.

Travel to Croatia from India

You must conduct extensive research and planning if you plan to travel across foreign borders. There are many things to take into account, from the political situation in the nation where you plan to travel to the optimum time to go, from the kind of visa you need to apply for to the travel insurance plan you choose.

Understanding the local laws that apply in the countries you desire to visit, and the visa and entry requirements therein is one of the most important aspects of organising a trip to Croatia. However cautious and thorough you are in your planning and preparation, you cannot guarantee that you will not be affected by unforeseen events, such as the ones brought on by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, getting sufficient Croatia travel insurance coverage is vital to have some degree of protection against the risks of international travel. Despite careful research and planning, a few things might undermine your efforts. For instance, international travel has significantly changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Croatia's travel cost from India is usually around $1200 per person. Hence, you must consider securing your trip in the best way possible. You must choose the best Croatia travel insurance plan as a result.

Let's say you choose the Croatia option for the Tata AIG international travel insurance policy. If so, you will be provided with all-inclusive travel insurance protection, such as personal liability insurance, flight cancellation insurance, COVID-19 insurance, baggage insurance, hijack insurance, accident and illness insurance, and so on.

Why Do You Need Travel Health Insurance from India to Croatia?

Your carefully thought-out travel plans and arrangements could be derailed by several unpredictable occurrences, such as sudden unrest in the country you are visiting, the unexpected enforcement of an international travel ban, or the cancellation or delay of your flight. Additionally, a medical emergency could arise while you're travelling, necessitating care and, in serious situations, hospitalisation.

You must choose an appropriate travel insurance plan to guarantee enough financial protection against various unplanned scenarios when travelling. You must choose a Croatia travel insurance policy that offers full coverage for all medical and accidental costs and coverage for lost or delayed baggage at airports and local assistance.

At Tata AIG, we provide economical travel insurance options for Croatia, including coverage for Covid-19, and are adequate for your vacation. Additionally, these plans are adaptable, allowing you to customise the level of coverage to fit your budget and travel insurance needs.

Benefits Offered by the Tata AIG Croatia Travel Insurance Policy

One of Croatia's top travel insurance plans is the Tata AIG travel medical insurance coverage. There are many advantages to this policy, some of which are listed below:**

Medical Coverage: To ensure that the financial repercussions of any mishaps or diseases do not ruin your trip, the Tata AIG Croatia Travel Health Insurance Plan includes medical insurance coverage. If you become unwell while travelling, this coverage will pay for the expense of your hospitalisation.

Baggage Coverage: The Tata AIG Travel Insurance Croatia plan's baggage coverage can be useful if you misplace your bags at any of the airports you visit while on vacation. You can make a claim for compensation for missing or delayed check-in luggage items using this coverage.

COVID-19 Coverage: Recently added to this coverage is COVID-19 coverage, which offers health insurance for coronavirus testing and treatment. Additionally, our Travel Insurance Croatia plan offers an immediate 60-day extension or the date of release extension, whichever is shorter, if you are hospitalised during the policy period.

Trip Coverage: The following is financially secured for your journey to and from Costa Rica with Tata AIG's Croatia Travel Insurance Plan.

  • Coverage for lost passports

  • Coverage for cancellations or delays on flights

  • Hotel cancellation insurance, among other things

Other Benefits: Additional advantages of Tata AIG's Costa Rica travel insurance include:**

  • Travel insurance for Croatia can be purchased for as little as $40.82 per day*.

  • Our Croatia Travel Insurance Plan can be easily purchased through the Tata AIG website. There is no medical examination required for our Croatia travel insurance plan.

The choice of purchasing travel insurance in rupees and getting coverage in Croatian Kuna of Croatia.

Croatia Visa and Entry Information

The majority of European nations are included in the Schengen Area, a region of the continent that allows for unrestricted travel. The Schengen Area, which consists of 26 European Union countries, has its own visa requirements for visitors who are not nationals of any participating nations.

It is crucial to comprehend the several Schengen Visas accessible to Indian citizens and how to apply for them. A Uniform Schengen Visa and a National Schengen Visa are the two primary types of Schengen Visas.

For citizens of India, however, a Schengen visa is not necessary for Croatia as it is not a part of the Schengen region. The typical stay is only 90 days, and the visa expires after that time. To apply for a Croatia Schengen visa, the applicant must be present. 9 documents are needed to apply for a Schengen visa for Croatia. Additionally, you can discover visa waivers and helpful advice from other travellers.

Croatia Visa Types for Indian Nationals

Anyone from outside the EU or EFTA who intends to stay in Croatia for more than 90 days must apply for a Croatia long-stay visa. This also applies to international nationals without a short-stay visa. Croatian long-stay visas are typically granted for reasons related to employment, education, or family reunion. The bearer of a long-stay visa may enter Croatia with the intention of submitting an application for a Croatian residence permit.

Due to the EU Right of Free Movement, only nationals of the EU and EFTA are permitted to visit, reside, study, and work in Croatia without a visa, either temporarily or permanently.

Depending on the duration and cause of a visitor's stay, Croatia offers the following categories of visas:

Tourist visas: Croatian tourist visas, often referred to as short-stay visas, are available for short-term travel for leisure, business, or medical treatment. They grant the holder a maximum 90-day stay in Croatia during the course of a 180-day period.

Business Visa: The Croatia business visa is a short-stay visa that allows the bearer to travel for up to 90 days in order to do business. It prevents you from working.

Long-stay Visa: Foreign nationals who wish to stay in Croatia for a period longer than 90 days must get both a temporary residency permit and a long-stay visa for Croatia.

Croatia Travel Insurance Requirements for Indian Nationals

In this part, we'll go through the requirements for Indian people to obtain a Croatia tourist or business visa. You must possess the required documentation and meet the requirements specified below in order for your visa application to be approved. These conditions must be met:

  • A passport that is up to date and will be valid for at least six months after you enter Croatia

  • Two recent colour photographs of your face in which your face is plainly visible

  • properly completed visa application for Croatia

  • A cover letter outlining why you're visiting the country

  • Confirmed round-trip tickets

  • Original bank statements bearing a stamp identifying the issuing bank

  • Hotel accommodation proof

  • You received a police clearance six months prior to your trip to Croatia.

Additional Croatia Visa Requirements

  • You should be aware of additional Croatian visa requirements. They may apply depending on the reason for your visit and the type of visa you want. Here are a few examples:

For self-employed people:

  • Documents attesting to a company's existence or other suitable evidence of a business presence

  • The last six months' worth of corporate bank statements

  • Corporation income tax returns for the most recent three years

For employees of a firm:

  • A letter approving your request for leave from your employer

  • Payslips for the last three months

Retired Persons:

  • Proof of retirement (bank statements demonstrating retirement income)

Indian minors:

  • A birth certificate with the names of both parents

  • Letter of consent from each parent

  • If only one parent is accompanying the child, the other parent must formalise the permission letter by signing it.

  • A notarised letter authorising travel from both parents is required if the child travels alone or without one or both parents.

  • Death Certificate in case both parents or just one had passed away

  • Identification cards for parents

For students from India:

  • Student ID cards list your personal information and that of the school you are attending.

Visa for business:

  • Documents relevant to the registration of a firm

  • Income tax returns from the preceding three years

  • Letter of recommendation from any of the Chambers of Commerce and Industries or the Indian government.

Croatia Visa Application: How to Apply?

It is advised that you apply for a Croatian visa as early as possible but no sooner than three months before the anticipated date of the trip. Therefore, you should apply for a Croatian visa between 15–90 days of your intended departure date.

The Croatian embassy/consulate or visa application centre may reject your application if submitted less than 15 days before your intended departure date, or your visa price may increase.

You can apply for a Croatian visa at one of the following locations:

  • A diplomatic representation of Croatia, such as an embassy or consulate (one in your country or nearest to you)

  • A Visa Application Center with authorisation

  • A licenced travel agency in your region

The following steps must be followed in order to apply for a visa to Croatia:

  • Fill out this form to apply for a visa to Croatia online. You will be given a PIN and serial number once you have answered the first questions. Save them since you could need them if you can't finish your application in one sitting. The application form must then be printed.

  • Depending on the type of visa you wish to apply for, you need to provide various supporting papers when filing a Croatian visa application.

  • Make an appointment to submit the application form and other paperwork to the Croatian embassy or consulate, a visa processing facility, or a recognised travel company.

  • According to the regulations of the particular embassy or application centre, pay the Croatia visa fee.

  • On the day of your appointment, bring in the application form and supporting paperwork in person. You may send a designated representative if you cannot transmit the documents for some reason.

  • Await the processing of the visa. Once you have provided all the necessary paperwork, the visa officials will begin processing your application.

  • You will be informed when you may pick up your passport with the visa attached if your application for a Croatian visa is accepted. You are permitted to visit Croatia.

How Long is a Croatian Visa Needs to be Processed?

A Croatian short-stay visa may be processed in fifteen days, months, or even longer. In contrast, it typically takes four weeks to process a long-stay visa for Croatia.

The length of time it takes to get a Croatian visa varies on several variables, including the embassy or consulate handling your application, the season, and whether you have all the necessary documents.

The Croatian visa authorities will ask you for any missing or inaccurate paperwork, which can prolong the processing time.

Embassy or Consulate of Croatia in India

Name Embassy of Croatia, New Delhi
Address A-15, West End Colony, Near Shanti Niketan South West Delhi 110021 Delhi India
Telephone Number +00+91 11 4166 3103 +00+91 11 4166 3102 +00+91 11 4166 3101
Fax Number +00+91 -11 -4166 3100
Email Address 
Working Days Monday to Friday
Working Hours 9.00 AM-5.00 PM

Name Embassy of Croatia, Mumbai
Address A/52, Darshan Apartments, Mt. Pleasant Road Mumbai 400006 Maharashtra India
Telephone Number +91 22 2367 8451
Fax Number 91-22-2369 9063
Email Address 
Working Days Monday to Friday
Working Hours 10.00 AM-5.00 PM

Name Embassy of Croatia, Kolkata
Address Poddar Projects Ltd., 9th floor Gate No. 1, 18, Rabindra Sarani Kolkata 700001 West Bengal India
Telephone Number +91 03322250352
Fax Number -3322250261
Email Address 
Working Days Monday to Friday
Working Hours 10.00 AM-5.00 PM

Honorary Consulate of India in Craotia

Name EMBASSY OF INDIA Bijenik 152B 10000 Zagreb (Croatia)
Tel (00-385-1) 4873239, 4873240
Fax Number (00-385-1) 4817907

Trip to Croatia: Safety and Precautionary Measures to Undertake

The following safety precautions should be observed if you plan to travel to Croatia:

  • Keep your passport on you at all times.

  • You should never break the local laws.

  • Make sure everything you own is safe.

  • In an emergency, keep the Indian Embassy in Croatia’s contact information handy.

  • Don't act in any way regarded as impolite in front of others.

  • Do not overstay your visa's permitted to stay in Croatia by being mindful of its validity period.

  • Select the most suitable travel health insurance for Croatia.

Trip to Croatia: COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

You must abide by the following COVID-19 safety recommendations in Costa Rica:

  • In public places, never forget to wear a mask.

  • Always maintain a safe distance from others.

  • Observe any COVID-19-related safety regulations issued by your local government.

  • If you experience any coronavirus symptoms, keep yourself secluded and get the necessary testing done as soon as possible.

Things to Do in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country known for its pebble beaches, the Adriatic Sea's clarity, its more than a thousand islands, its hilly coastline (which offers many opportunities for breath-taking views), its delectable cuisine, and its excellent wines. We adore it for its amiable residents, tranquil little towns, safety, and cleanliness (this country is extremely clean; you can literally eat from the floor wherever you go).

Hitting the Beach: The nicest beaches in Croatia may be found in Dalmatia (the Croatian coastal region from Zadar to Dubrovnik), more specifically along the Makarska Riviera. The main attractions that attract tourists to Croatia each year are its turquoise, crystal-clear water, secret coves, and kilometres of white sand beaches dotted with fig and olive groves. The Zlatni Rat Beach (Golden Horn) in Bol, on the island of Bra, and the Punta Rata beach in Brela are the two most visited beaches in Croatia.

Try Out Snorkelling & Scuba Diving: You can see historical seafaring all around the Croatian coast thanks to the abundance of shipwrecks, underwater in situ museums, and cargo loads like ancient amphorae used to ship wine and olive oil. In situ underwater museums in Croatia contain artefacts from ships and cargo that date as far back as the first century BC. Along with several warship wrecks, such as the Baron Gautsch shipwreck off the coast of Rovinj or the Taranto shipwreck close to Dubrovnik, you may also find many antique shipwrecks.

Take Up a Wine Tour: Croatia still has several indigenous grape types (like the red variety Plavac mali or the white variety Istarska Malvazija). Croatia's winemaking history was somewhat chaotic (as many things in Croatia are). The majority of the wine was produced under communist control in sizable state-owned cooperatives. Either arrange a wine tour or simply jump in the car and drive around the wineries on your own. You'll have a great time.

Go Island Hopping: The island of Bra is well-known for its stunning beaches, cuisine (especially olive oil, sheep cheese, and mandarins), and white stone, the island of Hvar, a favourite getaway for the rich and famous, the island of Korula, the birthplace of Marco Polo, and the islands of Krk, Cres, and Loinj to the north are some of the most well-known Croatian islands. However, you are not required to always proceed in the same manner as other tourists in Croatia. Check out the Elafiti Islands off the coast of Dubrovnik, the little island of Silba off the coast of Zadar, or lesser-known beauties like Vis and Lastovo.

Croatia: Fast Facts

Categories Specification
Capital Zagreb
Time Zone Central European Time
Official Language South Slavic
Currency Croatian Kuna
International Airports Zagreb International Airport, Zadar Airport
Climate Tropical
Average Round-Year Temperature 41.6 degrees F
Best Time to Visit High Season (July – August) - Shoulder Season (May-June, September-October) - Low Season (November – April)
Best Known for Beaches, Lakes, Waterfalls

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Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is Croatia a Schengen member?

Is Croatia a Schengen member?


No, Croatia has not ratified the Schengen Agreement despite being a member of the European Union. As it "passed all technical conditions," it is anticipated to join Schengen shortly, although it is not one.

Does Croatia require a visa for Indians to enter?


Yes. For entry into Croatia, Indian citizens need a visa. Before travelling to Croatia, you must get a visa from the Croatian consulate in your country of residence. You will be turned away at the border if your passport doesn't have this visa stamped.

Who Requires a Residence Permit in Croatia?


A Croatian Residence Permit is required for any foreign national who plans to stay in Croatia for more than 90 days. You can travel to Croatia after acquiring a long-stay visa, where you must apply for a Croatia Temporary Residence Permit at a local police station. The long-stay visa allows you to enter Croatia with the intention of relocating there; it does not grant you permission to dwell there. If you came to the nation on a short-stay visa, you are not eligible to petition for residence.

Is a Visa Required for Transiting Through Croatia?


You do not need to obtain a transit visa for Croatia if you want to change planes in a Croatian airport and stay within the transit zone. But if you're a visa-required national and you have to leave the transit zone and go through immigration to change flights, it qualifies as entering the country, thus, you need to apply for a transit visa for Croatia.