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Portugal Visa

Portugal, officially referred to as the Portuguese Republic, is a nation in southwestern Europe. The country has a lot in common with Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, both geographically and culturally. It is one of Europe's oldest countries.

For a good reason, many Indian visitors spend their vacations in this Schengen region. The Portuguese Republic has stunning beaches, attractive cities, superb cuisine, and kind people. Every traveller desires to visit the nation at least once in their lifetime. If you're planning a trip to this off-beat European nation soon, you must know about the Portugal visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Indian nationals require a visa to go to Portugal since it is a Schengen country, and Portugal observes the Schengen Agreement, which requires a standard visa policy for the member nations. The visa is necessary to govern the admission of non-EU people into the country and to guarantee compliance with immigration legislation.

Nevertheless, before arranging your trip to Portugal from India, you must first obtain Portugal travel medical insurance. Portugal is a Schengen country; thus, a Portugal travel insurance plan is required. As a result, anyone planning to travel to Portugal should first get travel insurance. Additionally, while purchasing overseas travel insurance, do not do so just for the sake of compliance. Learn how a travel policy may benefit you, and then get one.

If you're seeking the best Portugal travel insurance policy, look no further than Tata AIG. When you purchase a travel policy from us, you may be confident that you will receive comprehensive coverage. We have several options from which to pick. You may leverage our travel insurance premium calculator to know the best rates that fit your budget.

That being stated, let us discover more about Portugal visa for Indians in detail and depth.

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Portugal Visa for Indian Nationals: Everything You Need to Know

All Indians visiting the Portuguese Republic must get a visa before embarking on their vacation. Portugal does not provide Indians with a visa on arrival as many other nations do. Additionally, remember that Portugal is part of the Schengen area and requires a Schengen visa.

According to Schengen visa laws, which Portugal is a member of, you will require a visa to enter this country or any other in the Schengen zone if:

  • You’re a national of a third-world country whose people must get a Schengen visa to enter any Schengen member country.

  • You are a third-world national with a visa liberalisation agreement with the Schengen nations. Still, you have previously been denied entry into Portugal or any other Schengen country.

    A Portugal visa for Indians may be obtained by visiting the Embassy/Consulate of Portugal. You can choose between two types of Schengen visas depending on how long you intend to stay in Portugal. The type of visa you choose will also influence the cost of your trip from India to Portugal.

    Let us see the types of Portugal Schengen visas for Indian nations in detail and depth:**

  • The Uniform Schengen Visa: A short-stay or standard Schengen visa is required for visiting Portugal. If you hold this visa, you can stay in the nation for 90 days. This visa can be utilised anytime within six months of being accepted. This visa is available for either single or multiple entries into Portugal. Short-stay visas or Portugal visit visa from India are handed to those travelling to Portugal for vacation or a short trip to meet friends or family relatives.

  • The National Schengen Visa: You’ll require a national Schengen visa or a long-stay visa if you wish to visit Portugal for a lengthy duration. Anybody travelling to Portugal for study, work, or immigration must get this sort of visa. The National Schengen Visa usually is valid for one year, after which you may request a renewal depending on your circumstances. In order to secure a long-term visa, you must first demonstrate your need for one at the embassy. You should have no trouble obtaining your visa when your case is genuine.

    These are the basic categories of visas from which to pick. Within these are various further categories to be aware of:

  • Portugal Tourist Visa: The Portugal tourist visa from India is granted to Indian citizens who wish to visit Portugal for tourism purposes. Indian nationals must apply for a Schengen tourist visa before travel.

  • Portugal Visa for Members of Official Delegations: Indian citizens who are members of official delegations and wish to visit Portugal for official purposes may be eligible for a Schengen visa exemption or a simplified visa application process.

  • Portugal Work Visa: The Portugal work visa from India is handed to those who have been offered a long-term job in the Portuguese Republic. It must provide employment security for at least a year. But, if someone has acquired a permanent post in the nation, they would also require the same.

  • Portugal Airport Transit Visa: Indian citizens who travel through a Portuguese airport and do not plan to leave the international transit area do not need an airport transit visa. However, suppose an Indian citizen needs to go to the transit area or stay overnight in Portugal; in that case, they must apply for a Schengen visa, which permits them to set foot in Portugal and other Schengen countries.

  • Portugal Visa for Business Purposes: Indian citizens who wish to travel to Portugal for business purposes, like meeting with business associates or attending a conference, may need to apply for a Schengen visa.

  • Portugal Visa for Medical Purposes: Indian citizens who require medical treatment in Portugal need to apply for a Schengen visa for medical purposes.

  • Portugal Visa for Volunteering, Internship, or Professional Training: This visa is required if you apply for professional training or conduct an unpaid internship in Portugal. Similarly, you will require this visa to certify your stay if you volunteer for a charity or NGO.

  • Portugal Visa for Film Crew, Sports, and Culture Purposes: Indian citizens who plan to visit Portugal for cultural, sports, or film-related events or activities should apply for this sort of Portugal Schengen visa.

Portugal Visa: Documents Needed for Indian Nationals

The following is a list of documents that Indian nationals generally need to provide when applying for a Schengen visa to Portugal:

A valid Indian passport with at least two empty pages. Also, it should come with a validity of at least 3 months beyond the fixed stay in Portugal.

  • A completed visa application form. Applicants must complete and duly sign the Portugal visa application form, available online or at the Portugal embassy or consulate.

  • Two recent passport-sized photographs.

  • Travel medical insurance with at least a coverage of €30,000.

  • Proof of accommodation in Portugal, such as hotel bookings or a host's invitation letter.

  • Evidence of sufficient financial means to cover the stay in Portugal, such as bank statements, salary slips, or a letter from an employer.

  • Flight itinerary or proof of transportation arrangements.

  • Depending on the purpose of the trip, additional documents may be required, such as a letter of invitation, a certificate of employment or study, or proof of ownership of property in India.

Additional Documents

  • The additional documents that may be required as per the reason for your visit to the Portuguese Republic are listed below:**

  • General Short-Stay Visa:

    • Evidence for travel, such as a business meeting or family residing in Portugal.

    • Financial records demonstrating your ability to sustain yourself throughout your stay in Portugal.

  • Seasonal Work Visa:

    • Reserved return tickets

    • A letter of offer for seasonal employment from a reputable Portuguese recruiter.

    • Conformity to national or legal criteria.

  • Airport Transit Visa:

    • If applicable, an entry visa for the destination country is needed.

    • Evidence of your fundamental need to sustain your stay in the destination nation.

  • Work Visa:

    • For temporary work, a contract letter or service agreement is required.

    • If you are travelling for scientific or scholarly study, you must include a letter from your academic institution outlining the aim of your trip.

    • If you travel for athletic purposes, you should have documents from the sports federation.

  • Temporary Study Visa:

    • Letter of confirmation or admission from a prestigious Portuguese educational institution.

    • Course information to demonstrate that it lasts up to a year.

  • Medical Treatment Visa:

    • Medical records and data about the person getting the treatment.

    • Treatment explanation required by Portuguese healthcare services.

    • Proof of the patient's and attendant's relationship.

  • Volunteering, Internship, or Professional Training Visa:

    • Details of your training, internship, or volunteering to demonstrate that you have been participating in these activities for three to twelve months.

    • The training course letter.

  • Long-Term Study Visa:

    • An official letter of admission from any reputable Portuguese institution.

    • Just evidence that you fulfil the entrance criteria for higher degree programmes is necessary.

  • Family Reunion Visa:

    • The Portuguese Immigration Office has granted permission for a family reunion.

    • Family relationship proof, such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate.

Note: Bear in mind that the border police force has the last say on whether you are allowed or not allowed to set foot in the Portuguese Republic. If the Portuguese border officer determines that you pose no risk to Portugal after verifying your documentation, you will be allowed to enter Portugal and, consequently, the Schengen area.

As you enter Portugal, please ensure the Portuguese border control officer stamps your Indian passport. You might be penalised or arrested if you do not have a stamp.

Portugal Visa: Eligibility Requirements for Indian Nationals

Here are some of the necessary qualifying conditions to meet when applying for a Portuguese visa:

  • A tourist to Portugal must have a good reason for visiting.

  • They should be having a valid Indian passport with at least two empty pages.

  • The visitor's passport must be valid for three months after they leave the country.

  • Candidates must have the financial means to fund their trip for the duration of their stay.

  • Travel insurance is another vital consideration everyone should consider while planning a trip to Portugal.

Portugal Visa: Application Procedure for Indian Nationals

To finish the application procedure for a short-stay visa to the Portuguese Republic, you must do the following:

  • Check to see what sort of Portuguese visa you need to apply for.

  • Learn where you must submit your Portugal visa application.

  • Complete the application form.

  • Gather the mandatory Portugal visa requirements for Indian nationals. Pay attention to the conditions of the Portuguese embassy/consulate of your native country for each document to be legitimate.

  • Set up a visa interview. Based on where you reside, you may be required to schedule the Portugal visa appointment interview online or in person at the embassy/consulate.

  • Attend the interview on the scheduled date.

Portugal Visa Fees for Indian Nationals

The Portugal visa fees for Indian nationals depend on the kind of visa you applied for and the duration of stay. The fees are subject to change, and it is recommended to check with the Portuguese embassy or consulate in India for the latest information. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Short-Stay Schengen Visa (up to 90 days):

    • EUR 80 for adults

    • EUR 40 for children aged 6 to 12 years old

  • Long-Stay National Visa (more than 90 days):

    • EUR 90 for adults

    • EUR 45 for children aged 6 to 12 years old

Note that these fees are for visa application processing only and do not include any additional services or charges that may apply, such as courier fees or fees for biometric data collection. It's also vital to note that the visa fee is non-refundable, even if the application is rejected.

Disclaimer: Visa costs are subject to vary due to changes in immigration regulations, the nation in which you apply, the local currency, and currency exchange rates.

Portugal Visa Processing Time in India

The processing time for a visa to Portugal may vary based on numerous factors, like the type of visa, the time of year, and the workload of the embassy or consulate processing the application. Generally, processing a short-stay Schengen visa can take days for a long-stay national visa.

It is vital to apply for the visa well in advance of your planned travel dates, as it is not possible to expedite the process or guarantee a specific processing time. It is recommended to submit the visa application at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to your intended travel date and to allow additional time for any unforeseen delays or issues that may arise during the process.

Embassy/Consulate of Portugal in India

Name Embassy of Portugal
Office Address 13, Santushti Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021
Telephone Number +91 11 2611 4704 / +91 11 2688 5480
Fax Number +91 11 2688 6920
Email Address embdel@mail.telepac.pt 
Name Consulate of Portugal
Office Address E-½, Rizvi Towers, Ground Floor, V.V. Road, Panaji, Goa - 403001
Telephone Number +91 83 2242 1525 / +91 83 2242 1526
Fax Number +91 83 2242 1524
Email Address consuladogoa@gmail.com 

It is recommended to contact the embassy/consulate or consulate general directly for specific information regarding visa applications, fees, and processing times, as well as any other inquiries related to travel to Portugal.

Embassy/Consulate of India in Portugal

Name Embassy of India
Office Address Rua Pêro da Covilhã, No. 16, Restelo, 1400-297, Lisbon
Telephone Number +351 213041090 / +351 213041089
Fax Number +351 213018061
Email Address consular@indembassy-lisbon.org 

Name Consulate General of India
Office Address Rua do Caíde No. 18, Serralves, 4150-004 Porto
Telephone Number +351 226167710
Fax Number +351 226167713
Email Address cg.porto@mea.gov.in 

Safety and Precautionary Measures to Be Undertaken in Portugal

Portugal is generally considered a safe destination for tourists. Still, as with any foreign country, taking specific safety and preventive measures is always advisable to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. Here are some tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and constantly monitor your belongings, particularly in crowded areas and tourist hotspots.

  • You must stop carrying valuable items or lots of cash, and store important documents such as passports and travel documents in a secure location.

  • Use only licensed and reputable taxis, and be cautious when using public transport, particularly late at night.

  • If driving, exercise caution on the roads.

  • Ensure that you have adequate travel health insurance coverage.

  • Be mindful of local customs and laws, and dress appropriately for religious or cultural sites.

  • Be prepared for the weather, as Portugal can get very hot in the summer months and rainy in the winter months.

  • Follow all COVID-19-related guidelines and restrictions, including wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and following local indoor and outdoor activities regulations.

Taking these precautions can help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to the Portuguese Republic.

COVID-19 Safety Recommendations for Your Trip to Portugal

If you're planning a trip to the Portuguese Republic during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking steps to protect yourself and others from the virus is vital. Here are some COVID-19 safety recommendations for your trip to Portugal:

  • Wear a mask: In Portugal, masks are required in all public indoor spaces and outdoor areas where social distancing cannot be maintained. Bring enough masks for your trip and wear them properly to cover your nose and mouth.

  • Practice social distancing: Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from others not in your travel group, especially in crowded areas like public transport, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

  • Wash your hands: Do not forget to wash your hands regularly with liquid soaps or bars and water for 20 seconds, or use hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol content.

  • Avoid crowded areas: Avoid crowded areas as much as possible, especially indoors. If you do visit a crowded area, ensure you are wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

  • Get vaccinated: Consider vaccinating against COVID-19 before travelling to Portugal. It can help protect you and others from the virus.

  • Monitor your health: If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately and follow local health guidelines.

It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 developments and guidance from local authorities in Portugal, as the situation can change rapidly. Following these safety recommendations can help protect yourself and others during your trip to Portugal.

The Need for Travel Health Insurance to Visit Portugal from India

Obtaining travel health insurance coverage is highly recommended if you plan to travel to Portugal from India. Travel health insurance can help protect you against unexpected medical expenses and provide peace of mind while travelling abroad.

Some important reasons you should consider purchasing travel health insurance to visit Portugal from India include:

  • The cost of healthcare in Portugal can be expensive: If you become ill or injured while travelling in Portugal, you may need medical treatment. The cost of healthcare in Portugal can be high, and without travel health insurance, you may have to pay for medical expenditures out of your pocket.

  • Your regular health insurance may not cover you in Portugal: Depending on your health insurance policy, you may not be covered for medical treatment outside India. In addition, even if your health insurance does cover you in Portugal, you may be required to pay for medical expenditures upfront and then seek reimbursement from your insurer.

  • Travel health insurance can provide emergency medical assistance: In the event of a medical emergency, travel health insurance can provide emergency medical assistance. This may include arranging medical evacuation to a hospital, repatriation to India, or providing translation services.

  • Travel health insurance can cover other travel-related risks: Travel health insurance can also cover other travel-related risks, such as trip cancellation, lost or stolen luggage, and travel delays.

Travel health insurance can provide substantial protection and peace of mind while travelling to Portugal from India. Be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions of any travel health insurance policy before purchasing to ensure you get the coverage you need.

Benefits of Having a Tata AIG Portugal Travel Insurance Policy

Tata AIG put forward a host of benefits when a customer purchases a travel insurance policy for their trip. These are listed below:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Tata AIG offers comprehensive travel insurance plans that cover a wide range of risks, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations or interruptions, loss of luggage or personal belongings, and personal accidents.

  • Medical Coverage: If you have health issues while in Portugal, our Portugal travel health insurance will ensure you are never stranded. You may become ill, injured, or involved in an accident on your travel. Healthcare prices in European countries are usually exorbitant. As a result, insurance helps you obtain vital medical treatment without worrying about the expense if you wind up in the hospital.

    Also, you should not be concerned if you see Covid when travelling to or from Portugal. If you require hospitalisation in Portugal, your travel medical insurance will cover any associated charges, such as medical care, exams, or isolation measures. Furthermore, if you, a member of your immediate family, or a travel partner have the condition around the start of your trip and must cancel it, we will manage it.

  • Baggage Coverage: You may misplace your luggage during your vacation to Portugal. If this occurs, you will be compelled to pay a significant amount to replace all of the vital stuff in your suitcase, generating tension. But, if you have Tata AIG travel insurance, you don’t need to worry since we will compensate you for the essentials you have lost up to the policy limit.

  • Trip Coverage: It is possible that your flight could be delayed, your hotel will cancel on you, or your flight will be cancelled. These circumstances might be challenging to handle on your own. But, if you have travel insurance, it will assist you in navigating these circumstances.

  • Hassle-Free Claims: Tata AIG offers a hassle-free claims process that is easy to understand and access. Policyholders can make a claim online or by contacting the company's customer service team.

  • 24/7 Customer Service: Tata AIG offers round-the-clock customer support to policyholders, including assistance with emergencies, claims, and other travel-related concerns.

  • Flexible Policy Options: Tata AIG offers flexible policy options that may be personalised to meet the policyholder's specific needs. It includes choosing the policy duration, coverage amount, and other factors.

  • Easy Purchase Process: Tata AIG travel insurance policies can be purchased online or through the company's authorised agents, making getting coverage before a trip easy and convenient.

Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is a stunning nation with a rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Listed below are some of the finest places to visit in Portugal:

-Lisbon: It is a must-visit destination known for its beautiful architecture, historic neighbourhoods, and delicious food. Be sure to visit the iconic Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery.

-Porto: Another major city in Portugal, Porto is famous for its wine, charming riverfront, and historic centre. Visit the famous Port wine cellars and stroll across the Dom Luis I Bridge.

-Sintra: A fairy-tale-like town just outside Lisbon, Sintra is famous for its stunning palaces and gardens, including the colourful Pena Palace.

-Algarve: Portugal's southern coast is known for its beautiful beaches and warm weather. The Algarve region is a popular tourist destination, offering many activities, such as water sports and hiking.

-Coimbra: Located in central Portugal, it is house to one of the earliest universities in the European region and has a rich cultural heritage. Be sure to visit the Baroque-style Joanina Library and the beautiful gardens of the Quinta das Lagrimas.

-Madeira: A beautiful archipelago located off the coast of Portugal, Madeira is known for its lush forests, stunning coastline, and colourful flowers. It is also famous for its Madeira wine and delicious seafood.

-Azores: Another beautiful archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores offer a unique natural landscape with volcanic lakes, hot springs, and breathtaking views. Be sure to visit the Sete Cidades crater lake and the Terra Nostra botanical garden.

Portugal: Fast Facts

Categories  Specification
Capital Lisbon
Time Zone Western European Standard Time
Official Language Portuguese
Currency Euro
International Airports Humberto Delgado Airport, Gago Coutinho Airport, Francisco Sà Carneiro Airport
Climate Temperate
Average Round-Year Temperature 21°C
Best Time to Visit March to May | September and October
Best Known for Vasco Da Gama, Cristiano Ronaldo's birthplace, Wine, Fado Music


Information last updated Aug 23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How long can an individual stay in the Portuguese Republic without a visa?

How long can an individual stay in the Portuguese Republic without a visa?


It depends on the purpose of your visit to Portugal and nationality. Suppose you are a citizen of the EU (European Union), the EEA (European Economic Area), or Switzerland; in that case, you do not need a visa to enter Portugal and can stay for an unlimited period.

If you're a citizen of a nation outside of the EU/EEA/Switzerland, you may be able to visit Portugal visa-free for up to 90 days in 180 days. It applies to tourism, business, and other short-term visits. If you plan to stay longer or for a different purpose, you may need to apply for a visa.

It is essential to check the visa requirements for your specific nationality and travel purpose before you plan your trip to Portugal. You can contact your home country's Portuguese embassy or consulate for more information.

What are the essential indicators to look for after submitting a visa application?


After submitting a visa application, several essential indicators are needed to ensure that your application is processed smoothly and on time. Here are some key indicators to look for:

  • Application status: Always Check the status of your visa application to see if it has been received, processed, or approved. You can usually check this online using the application tracking system provided by the embassy or consulate.

  • Processing time: Check the estimated processing time for your visa application, as this can vary depending on the embassy or consulate, the type of visa you are applying for, and the time of year. If your visa application takes longer than expected, immediately contact the embassy or consulate for an update.

  • Communication: Look out for any communication from the embassy or consulate, such as requests for additional documentation or an interview. Respond promptly and provide all the required information to avoid delays.

  • Payment: Check that you have paid the correct fee for your visa application and that the payment has been processed successfully. If there are any payment issues, this can delay your application.

  • Passport: You must always check that your Indian passport is valid for your trip and has enough blank pages for the visa sticker. Make sure to submit your passport along with your visa application and keep a copy of your passport and visa application for your records.

By monitoring these essential indicators, you can ensure that your visa application is processed smoothly and avoid any delays or issues that could affect your travel plans.

What is the ideal time to visit Portugal?


The months of March through May are ideal for a vacation to Portugal. It is the time of year when the country is in full bloom, and life resumes after the long, chilly winter. Yet, this is also the time when travellers come to Portugal to take in the sights. If you want to escape crowds, visit the nation during the fall months of September and October. The crowds have dispersed, and you can now appreciate the land without encountering many visitors. Around this time of year, you can expect the weather to be warm but not oppressively hot.

What medical exclusions are in Tata AIG's international travel insurance?


Some of the common medical exclusions under Tata AIG's international travel insurance policy include:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions: Any medical conditions you had before purchasing the policy will not be covered.

  • Self-inflicted injuries or suicide attempts.

  • Injuries or illnesses caused by alcohol or drug abuse.

  • Treatment for mental or nervous disorders unless it is medically necessary and authorised by the insurance company.

  • Treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Treatment for HIV/AIDS.

  • Pregnancy and childbirth, unless it is an emergency.

  • Cosmetic surgery or dental treatment, unless medically necessary due to an accident or injury.

    It is essential to read the policy wording carefully to understand all the exclusions and limitations of the policy before purchasing it. If you have any questions or doubts, you may contact Tata AIG's customer service for clarification.



All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location. *Subject to change based on the nature and extent of the coverage.