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Romania Travel Insurance

Straight out of the postcard, Romania is a country of splendid natural beauty. Romania is a vision to behold, from the picturesque mountains and hills to cities filled with rugged stone churches and mediaeval castles. This southeastern European country is also rich in cultural heritage and diversity with various ethnic and linguistic groups.

Romania shares its borders with Ukraine to the north, Moldova to the east, the Black Sea to the southeast, Bulgaria to the south, and Hungary to the west. The geographical area of 238,397 km makes it the twelfth-largest country in Europe. With 19 million population, as of 2021, Romania stands as the sixth-most populous country in the European Union.

The largest city of Romania is Bucharest which is also its capital. Romanian is the official language spoken by almost 89% of the population. Romania is a treat for travellers and explorers, which has been bestowed with six cultural and one natural UNESCO world heritage site.

The country has seen significant development in recent years since it joined the European Union in 2007. But the measures are taken to keep its cultural, natural and historical aspects intact. So, consider a trip to Romania if you wish to experience a fairy-tale vacation with spectacular scenic mountain landscapes, beautiful castles, ancient churches, unspoilt rural areas, and beautiful towns.

Before you plan your trip to this beautiful country, ensure that you opt for adequate travel insurance that safeguards you during a medical emergency or other unexpected events.

With Tata AIG international travel insurance plan, you can compare, buy or renew your insurance online, making the process convenient and quick. Not just that, our online travel insurance claim process also erases the hassles typically involved in claim settlement with a lower turnaround time.

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Romania Travel Insurance Plan from India

Romania is filled with an exciting and mysterious aura, and you cannot wait to discover the next hidden gem throughout your trip. While you plan a trip to this magnificent country, it is crucial to know the mandatory requirements for entering the country, travel insurance being one of them.

Romania is one of those countries in the world that requires you to have travel insurance while travelling within its borders. All the tourists must have travel insurance with a minimum coverage of EURO 50,000.

Regardless of travel insurance being a mandatory requirement, it is always recommended to buy one. Generally, the medical expenses in Romania are high, which can put you in a financial fix during the vacation. Thus, it is always best to have an adequate insurance plan for a worry-free holiday.

However, choosing the right insurance plan may be difficult sometimes. But, if you follow these steps, it can surely help:

  1. Assess your health and be focused on what you are looking for.

  2. Explore various plans available that fit your needs.

  3. Compare plans based on features, service and pricing to make a better decision.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance for Romania?

Romania offers many unique travel experiences; however, a trip to Romania can be as rewarding as it is challenging.

  • For most of us, one of our most significant expenses is booking an international holiday. A trip to Romania is no different as it may require a substantial financial investment. Of course, with a good amount of investment at stake and the excitement of exploring a new world, you would want everything to stay on track.

  • But what happens if, unfortunately, it does? For such situations, ensure you invest in the right travel insurance plan to Romania. This will also help in protecting your travel investment.

  • Moreover, if you cancel your trip or curtail it due to medical emergencies, your travel agent might not cover the cost at the last moment. But, with an international travel insurance plan, you can also protect the non-refundable trip expenses, such as the money spent on a vacation or cruise.

  • The cost of medical treatment in Romania can be very high. The condition of medical services depends a lot on the area to plan to visit. Private hospitals in cities are very well-equipped and staffed compared to hospitals in rural areas. Also, medical facilities might need improvement in the interiors and semi-developed regions. Having travel insurance with medical evacuation benefits can be helpful.

  • Countries have now eased their COVID-19 regulations for travellers and now follow standard norms. However, the change in regulation can happen overnight; thus, you must be well-informed and well-prepared before starting your trip. For safety, it is best to get COVID-19 coverage in your travel insurance.

Benefits of Purchasing a Tata AIG Travel Insurance Plan for Your Romania Trip

If you are travelling to Romania from India with your family, be prepared for a long 10 hours of flight journey. But reaching your destination is like entering a storybook. It thus makes sense to buy family travel insurance from Tata AIG, the benefits of which are many.

**COVID-19 cover

Under the COVID-19 cover, the insurance will compensate for medical expenses incurred if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 during the trip and require hospitalisation. Also, trip cancellation and trip curtailment cover is included in this, wherein you, unfortunately, have to cancel or shorten your trip due to COVID-19. Similarly, if your trip is extended due to a lockdown in the country of visit, the policy gets extended for seven days.

Medical cover

Apart from COVID-19 coverage, if you experience any medical emergency due to an accident or illness and require hospitalisation, our insurance will cover the medical expenses. Also, we cover medical evacuation if the medical condition requires you to return to your country. Additionally, if a medical emergency or accident proves fatal, Tata AIG will provide your nominee with the sum insured. The cost of repatriation of the insured person's remains back to the city of residence is also covered.

Baggage cover

Loss or delay of luggage during the trip can be worrisome. It can not only mean the loss of your personal belongings and valuable items, but you also spend a lot of time trying to retrieve the baggage. That may even cause the schedule to go haywire. Tata AIG Romania Travel Insurance Plan offers baggage coverage that provides financial help in buying essential personal items or reimbursing lost baggage costs.

Journey cover

Our journey cover typically includes cover for delayed flights, personal liability, trip curtailment and cancellation, policy extension, hijack help, lost passport and assistance while travelling. This journey cover makes a comprehensive plan that ranges from providing financial support due to delayed flights to giving out necessary assistance on emergency travel services, cash transfers and advances.

Other benefits:

  • You can now buy travel health insurance for Romania from Tata AIG at affordable rates. Premium starting at ₹ 40.82 per day*. You can check your estimated premium online by using our travel insurance premium calculator.

  • Get yourself insured with an insurance partner having an experience of more than 20 years in the industry.

  • Comparing, buying and renewing the policy is now hassle-free and paperless. You can opt for online purchase, renewal or claim process at your fingertips.

  • Our international travel insurance policy does not require any pre-policy health check-up; thus, you can get a policy almost instantly.

  • Pay your premium for Romania insurance in INR and get the coverage in USD.

Safety and Precautionary Measures to Undertake while Travelling to Romania from India

Located in southeast Europe and a member of the European Union (EU), Romania is famous for its beautiful landscapes, ancient monasteries and churches, and home to the famous Transylvania. Furthermore, Romania is one of the safest countries in Europe, wherein the crime rate is low, and you can enjoy a stress-free holiday in this gorgeous country. However, before you start dreaming about your vacation in Romania, it is essential to stay aware of the safety and precautionary measures that must be undertaken.

  • Violent crimes are rare and petty crimes like pickpocketing or purse-snatching are prevalent in Bucharest and other cities, especially with tourists.

  • Romania suffers from an organised group of thieves mainly active in public transport.

  • Ensure the security of your personal belongings, valuables, passports and documents at all times.

  • With Romania tourism getting popular across the globe, fraudulent activities like credit card and ATM card fraud, cybercrimes, and overcharging at bars and clubs are common. Stay vigilant.

  • Demonstrations can sometimes turn violent and avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place.

  • Use only licensed metered taxis. They also display their tariff rates, ensuring the tariffs are correctly mentioned.

  • Medical facilities in some parts of the country are limited, apart from the capital and other major cities. Therefore, make sure you have a travel insurance plan with medical evacuation benefits to cover these costs if you become seriously ill.

  • Always carry photo identification with you.

  • Keep your passport handy and make electronic copies of all your documents.

  • Follow the advice and regulations of local authorities.

Romania Visa and Entry Requirements

The stunning landscapes of Romania may want you to transport yourself to this gorgeous country, or you would like to explore this mysterious country as seen in the movie Hotel Transylvania. Whatever the reason, Romania is a beautiful and peaceful country packed with immense history and lots of to-do things for tourists.

Indian citizens wishing to travel to Romania must have a valid visa (short-term or long-term) to enter the country.

  • A short-term stay visa is typically required when you plan your vacation to Romania. You can only enter Romania on this visa but cannot request immigration.

  • The short-term stay visa for Romania is given for a maximum period of 90 days, and this visa can be issued with one or more entries.

  • The purposes for applying for a short-term visa or Type C visa include official visits, tourism purposes, business visits etc.

  • This Romanian short-term visa for Indians does not have an option of extending the visa term.

  • Thus, this C Type of visa is only issued for the mentioned purposes of travelling to Romania.

  • Also, Romania is a part of the Schengen area but has yet to be a part of the visa agreement. However, if you hold a Schengen visa which allows two entries, and the length of your stay has not been exhausted, you need not apply for a special Romanian visa.

Romanian Travel Documents for Indian Nationals

You must gather all the required documents to apply for a tourist visa to Romania. Be careful about the correctness and validity of the submitted documents, or else your visa application might get rejected. The following are the documents required for applying Romania visa for an Indian national:

  • You should have a valid passport. The validity must be a minimum of six months from the date of departure, with at least two blank pages.

  • You must submit a duly filled and signed short-term stay visa application form for Romania.

  • A copy of your ID proof, like an Aadhaar card or a birth certificate, is needed.

  • You must also submit two passport-size photographs (3 cm x 4 cm) with a white background without a border.

  • Submit your travel itinerary, for example, your return flight ticket and proof of hotel booking.

  • You must attach your recent bank statements for the last six months, with the applicant's name and bank seal.

  • The Inspectorate General must approve the invitation letter for Immigration from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania.

  • Additionally, you must submit a cover letter with your name, designation and other details. The cover letter must mention your purpose and duration of the visit. The duly signed cover letter must be addressed to The Visa Officer, Embassy of Romania, Delhi.

  • Travel insurance is mandatory; hence, an original and a copy of the insurance must be submitted.

  • Once all your documents are in place, you can begin the visa application process. You can apply for a visa online or get it through your travel agent.

Best Places to Visit and Top Things to Do in Romania

Romania, a country located in the Balkans, is packed with well-preserved history, rich culture, fresh and gorgeous landscapes, iconic landmarks and much more. It offers something (in fact, more) for every type of traveller. Let us look at some of the not-to-be-missed places in Romania, making it a fantastic travel destination.

Danube Delta

The Danube Delta, which is 5,165 square kilometres, is one of the largest deltas in Europe. The delta is home to 23 ecosystems, including the world's most extensive wetlands. The Danube Delta has been listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has around 300 species of birds that visit this delta and 45 species of freshwater fish. You must see this place during springtime and experience the spectacular sunset over the river.

The capital of Bucharest

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, can be one of the best examples of old meeting new. In the same block, you will run into century-old buildings and modern high-rises. The city is also famous for its Parliament building, the largest in the world. You can explore this scenic city and take advantage of the National Museum of Romanian History and the Romanian Athenaeum.

Bran Castle

Bran Castle, one of Romania's landmark destinations, is a National Monument in Transylvania. It is also popularly known as Dracula's Castle. This is one of the most famous castles in Romania, mainly because of the popularity obtained from vampire films and novels. For example, Bram Stoker's Count Dracula' has often been linked to this castle. However, there is no correct evidence that the author was aware of this castle. This is why the castle is famously known as Dracula's castle.


The second-largest city in Romania also has the country's largest student population. The National Museum of Art is situated in the city and holds a vast collection of the country's artwork. The city is filled with historical sites that mustn't be missed.

Painted Monasteries

Romania is known for its churches and monasteries, and one of the country's most famous monasteries is the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina. The vision is picturesque as the exterior walls are painted with elaborate 15th and 16th-century frescoes. The scenes feature portraits of Jesus, saints, prophets, angels and demons, heaven and hell, and more.


Sinaia, a town and a mountain resort in the country, was named after Mount Sinai. Its 17th-century Sinaia Monastery was once a royal family residence, and contains a copy of the first Bible printed in Romania. Sinaia is famous for hiking in the summer and skiing during the winter. Peles Castle, built by King Charles, is also located near this town and is one of the country's top tourist attractions.

Details of Indian Embassy in Romania

46, Boulevard Aviatorilor, Sector 1, Bucharest - 011864, Romania
Working Hours Monday to Friday 0930 to 1230 hours & 1400 to 1700 hours
Contact Details +40 372 147 431/32
+40 731 347 727 [for Indian nationals in emergency situation only]
Commerce Section: +40 733 063 725, 

Consular Section: 

Details of Romanian Embassy/Consulate in India

Address Embassy of Romania in the Republic of India
3/6 Shanti Niketan, 
New Delhi - 110021
Working Hours Monday to Friday 
08:30  – 15.30 p.m.
(The Embassy is closed on the Romanian legal holidays.)
Contact Details +91 11 24111014
+91 11 24111016
+91 11 24111017

Apart from the Embassy in New Delhi, Romania also has two Consulates in India - Chennai and Kolkata

Romania: Fast Facts

Categories Specification
Capital Bucharest
Time Zone Eastern European Standard Time
Official Language Romanian
Currency           Romanian Leu
Major International Airports Henri Coandă International Airport, Cluj-Napoca International Airport, Timişoara Traian Vuia Airport
Climate Continental climate
Average Round-Year Temperature 15 °C in the south and middle-south and 10 °C in northeast
Best Time to Visit April to October
Best Known for Natural wonders and landscapes, Castles, Danube Delta, beautiful towns, historic attractions

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Do Indian citizens need a visa to visit Romania?

Do Indian citizens need a visa to visit Romania?


Yes, Indian citizens must have a tourist visa to visit Romania.

Is Romania an expensive country?


Compared to other EU nations, Romania has one of the lowest prices. So if you are planning to visit Romania, the good news is that you need not shell out excessive cash for your dream destination. However, budgeting your trip is always recommended.

What is the Romania trip cost from India?


Your Romania trip cost from India depends on multiple factors, like the type of hotel you book, the places you would like to visit, and the activities you are interested in doing.

As per the expenses of the previous travellers, you can expect to spend around Romanian lei 306 ($68) per day in Romania. On average, you can devote lei 104 ($23) on meals in a day and lei 79 ($18) on transportation. The average hotel price for a couple in Romania is lei 227 ($50) for a day. Thus, an average one-week trip for two persons can cost you lei 4,288 ($951).

Note: The expenses are based on the past experiences of travellers for budget-friendly vacations.

What is the best time of year to visit Romania?


Romania is beautiful around the year, but from April to October, the weather is pleasant for visiting castles, experiencing natural beauty and exploring their culture and cities. The views across the country during spring and autumn are splendid, and you will have an ideal trip visiting the castles, churches, and all things Romanian.

What are Romania travel insurance requirements for an Indian national?


Travel insurance is mandatory for entering Romania for any reason, travel, official or work.

How to buy an online travel medical insurance for Romania from Tata AIG?


Travel health insurance for Romania is mandatory, so buy your insurance online from Tata AIG.

  • Step 1: Go to our International Travel Insurance page

  • Step 2: Enter your travelling dates, that is, the date of departure and date of return

  • Step 3: Mention the travellers (or a number of people you wish to take insurance), like yourself, your spouse, children, etc.

  • Step 4: Choose a plan as per your need and budget

  • Step 5: Enter additional details such as your passport number, contact details, etc.

  • Step 6: Make an online payment

We will share your policy details on your registered email address.



All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location. *Subject to change based on the nature and extent of the coverage.