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Romania Visa

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Romania is one of the famous European nations known for its hidden treasures. From its mediaeval towns, black seacoast, and vibrant culture, Romania has plenty to offer. The country is located on the Balkan Peninsula and has gained popularity because of its Transylvania region. When it comes to history, the country has preserved spots like Bran Castles, Sighișoara, Gothic-era and more.

The country has been part of Eastern Europe, so travellers visiting for the first time have little expectation. But little did they know it is a beautiful holiday spot that flourished with friendly people and popular tourist attractions. The country is packed with natural beauty and energetic wildlife. Visiting Romania can be an experience of a lifetime, even if you are initially hesitant.

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Entry Requirements for Romania Visa for Indians

Romania undoubtedly houses many tourist spots, such as historical sites, exquisite churches and vibrant cobblestoned streets. Further, the surrounding Carpathian Mountains gave travellers another reason to visit a country that wanted to enjoy hiking and picturesque views. With its high-end clubs and restaurants, you won't feel a burden on your pockets as it is one of the cheapest countries in Europe.

With all those thoughts in mind, if you are considering visiting Romania, you need to have a proper Romania Visa. The visa requirement is a compulsion to enter the country. Some of the conditions must need to be met if Indians want to enter Romanian territory.

You must have a valid passport or document to cross the border, as requested by Romanian authorities.

Travellers must have a proper visa to enter the country.

Other than this, they should have documents that can justify the purpose of the visit to the country.

Besides the travel documents, authorities can ask for financial support documents to sustain their visit to the country.

The traveller's name should be outside the Schengen Information System. Otherwise, authorities can refuse the request to enter the country.

Authorities can deny the request if the traveller's name is on alert in the NISA system.

Is There a Romania Visa on Arrival for Indians?

Unfortunately, Indian nationals are not allowed to get a visa on arrival at the airport.

There are countries that are exempt from visa requirements to enter Romania, but India is not among them. Romania is part of the Schengen area and a member of the European Union. But, it is not part of the Schengen visa agreement.

Nevertheless, if a traveller has a Schengen visa with a length of stay valid and two entries in Schengen, then in that case, visitors don't need to have a special Romania visa.

Romania Visa Types for Indian Nationals

Visa type Validity Duration of Stay
Airport Transit 24 hours 24 hours
Transit 5 days 5 Days
Short stay Visa 6 months 90 days
Long-stay visas  6-month 90 days

Based on the type of travel, individuals need to have a proper Romania visa for Indians. Whether you want to enjoy the unique places in the country or come here for some business, Indian nationals need a Romania visa. The travel permits of Romania are classified into the following types:

Airport Transit- This is the Romania visa for Indians transiting through Romanian airports. It is the permit that allows travellers to roam freely at Romanian Airport. It is basically for air transit.

Transit- This is another visa type for Indian nationals who want to pass through Romania via sea or road. That permit was checked on the Romanian borders by government officials.

Short Stay Visa- This is another type of Romania visa categorised as Type-C, which allows a short stay in the country. The validity of this visa is 6 months from the date of arrival with a maximum stay period of 90 days.

It can be issued for single and multiple entry. The reasons for issuing this visa are:

Tourism- A Romania tourist visa for Indians is a mandatory permit for individuals who are visiting the country to explore

Business trip- Individuals visiting the country to participate in any business conference, seminar or other activities need a business visa.

Private visit- Another visa type for Indian nationals is a visitor visa. It is for individuals visiting their friends and relatives in the country.

Official government mission- Diplomats or other government officials visiting the country for official work need this kind of visa.

Sports activities- Athletes or sports personalities who have participated in any sports events in the country need a sports visa.

Cultural/Humanitarian/Scientific/Medical- Another type of visa issued to individuals visiting Romania to participate in any scientific, cultural or humanitarian activities. Further, those who seek medical treatment are also under this category.

**Long-stay visas **- Lastly, the long-stay visa is issued to individuals who are in the country for a longer duration. The validity for this visa is 6 months with a stay period of 90 days for single or multiple entry. It is a type-D visa. This visa is issued for the following purposes:

Studies- It is the visa for individuals who plan to stay for a long time in the country to pursue their studies. Individuals admitted to any Romanian educational institution must have a study visa to enter the country.

Employment- It is the long-term visa type granted to individuals who are employed in the country. The duration of these visas is longer than 90 days.

Family Reunion- This visa is issued to individuals who want to get connected or united with their family members living in the country.

Romania Visa Requirements for Indians: Documents Required for Application

You must have a proper Romania visa to travel to a beautiful country. The documents that are asked by authorities for Romania visa requirements are:

  • Visitors need an original passport with at least 3 blank pages available and a validity of 6 months before the travel date. Further, they need to have an old passport, too, if there is any.

  • 2 scanned copies of recent photographs in white background and 3cm x 4cm as per the standards.

  • A copy of the submitted visa application form that is signed and submitted.

  • A cover letter defining the statement of purpose in the country.

  • A copy of the income tax returns file for last year.

  • Proof of bank statement for the last 6 months stamped with bank seal.

  • A proof of accommodation that can define your stay in the country.

  • If you have a Romanian tourist visa for Indians, then you need to share your travel itinerary.

  • Confirm return flight tickets to show when you will leave the country.

  • A medical and travel insurance plan copy that is valid in Romania.

Other documents as per your visa type

You must present the salary slips for the last 3 months if you are employed.

Those who are self-employed need to present the registration number of the company.

If you are a student, you must present an ID card from educational institutions.

If you are visiting a relative, you need to show a copy of the invitation letter from the relative explaining your relationship with them and your purpose of visit.

Visa Application Procedure for Romania Visa for Indians

The process for Romania e-visa for Indians is simple and easy. However, checking your eligibility criteria before applying for a Romanian visa is advisable. Once you are sure, you can apply for a Romanian visa based on your visit type. The Romania e-visa for Indians process involves specific Steps:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Romania's e-visa.

Step 2: Select "Apply for a Visa" from the menu after loading the webpage.

Step 3: Further click on the "Apply" section to redirect to the helpful information page. It will ask for your consent to proceed further. After checking the box, click on the "Next" option.

Step 4: The portal then asks you to sign up to create an account. You must enter your email address and an entirely new password to create an account.

Step 5: Once the account has been created, you must fill in all the information in the application form. The information should be correct.

Step 6: Further upload all the scanned documents as the portal asks.

Step 7: After reviewing, submit the application form.

Step 8: Visit the consular embassy division with all the required documents and application forms.

Step 9: After submitting the documents, pay the required visa fees.

Step 10: Wait for your visa status.

In some situations, the authorities may ask you to appear for the interview process.

Romania Visa Processing Time in India

The Romania visa processing time in India depends on the circumstances, such as the type of permit, the volume of applications, etc. After you submit your application, it typically takes the authorities 15 days to process it. Planning for your trip two weeks in advance is advised because visa processing could take some time.

Romania Visa Fees for Indians

Visa Type Romania Visa Fees for Indians
Airport Transit ₹7171.09 (€80)
Transit ₹7171.09 (€80)
Short stay Visa ₹7171.09(€80)
Long-stay visas  ₹10756.64 (€120)

The Romania visa fee for Indians is 80 EUR. The application fees must be paid to the consular embassy while submitting the documents. The visa fee for children between 6 to 12 is ₹3585.55(€40)*.

Depending on the exchange rates, fees could change. If your application for a visa to Romania is denied, your visa cost is not refundable.

[Disclaimer: These fee amounts were taken on 24/08/2023 at 3:-01 p.m. from the official Romania E-visa site.

These fees are in accordance with current conversion rates. However, please note that the fee amounts are subject to change. Always check current visa fee rates from the official embassy website before proceeding.]

Embassy of Romania in India

Country New Delhi ( India)
Address A-47, Vasant Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057, India
Contact details (00) (91) (11) 26140447,26140700
Working hours Mon to Fri: 08:00 - 04:00 pm

Consulate of Romania in India

Country Chennai ( India)
Address 412, Apeejay Centre, 39/12, Haddows Road, Nungambakkam Chennai 600006 Tamil Nadu, India
Contact details 91 7395949369, 44 2822 4949
Working hours NA

Country Kolkata ( India)
Address Shree Ganesh Centre, 216 Acharya B.C.Bose Road Kolkata, 700017
Contact details +91 33 2287 7083
Working hours NA

Embassy of India in Romania

Country Bucharest (Romania)
Address 46, Boulevard Aviatorilor, Sector 1, Bucharest - 011864, Romania
Contact details +40 372 147 431/32
Working hours Mon - Fri: 9:30 - 12:30 pm, 2:00 - 5:00 pm 

Do I Need Travel Insurance to Visit Romania from India

**Is Travel Insurance Mandatory When Visiting Romania?

Yes! Romania still needs to be part of the Schengen Area, but most parts of the country adhere to its rules. As per the rules, travel insurance is mandatory while travelling to Romania. For the entire duration of their stay, travellers have proper insurance coverage.

To get you one, Tata AIG has a budget-friendly international travel insurance policy.

**Benefits of Getting Romania Travel Insurance from Tata AIG

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Romania: Quick Facts

Categories  Specification
Capital Bucharest
Official language Romanian
Time Zone Eastern European Time
Major International Airport Henri Coandă International Airport
Climate Temperate-continental Climate
Average Temperature 2-3°С in the mountains
0 11-12°С in the plains
Best Time to Visit April to October
Best Known for Beautiful landscapes, Monasteries, Castles, and Salt mines.
Top Attractions to See Danube Delta, Bucovina Monasteries, Bran Castle, Cismigiu Gardens and Sulina Beach
Top Cities in Romania Bucharest, Brașov, Sighișoara, Timișoara.


Information last updated Oct 23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is a Romania visa easy for Indians?

Is a Romania visa easy for Indians?


Getting a Romania visa for Indians requires an easy visa application process with a processing time of around 15 days. You can quickly get a Romanian visa if all the documents are proper and you fit the eligibility criteria.

Do Indian passports need a visa for Romania?


To enter the Republic of Romania, Indian nationals must have a travel permit.

Is a Romania visa valid for Schengen?


No, currently, Romania is not a part of the Schengen agreement. So, visitors with a Romania visa are not allowed to enter the Schengen Zone countries.

How much bank balance is required for a Romania tourist visa?


According to the guidelines of the Romanian embassy, tourists need to have ₹44,818 (€500)* in their bank balance to sustain their visit to the Republic of Romania.

How much is the Romania visa fee in India?


While applying for a Romania Visa for Indians, individuals need to pay ₹7171.09 (€80)*.

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