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Travel Insurance Estonia

Enjoy beautiful Estonia with international travel insurance from Tata AIG, starting at 40.82/day*.

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Travel Insurance Estonia

Estonia is among the lesser-known gems of Europe. The country is nestled between the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. Stepping into Estonia is like stepping into the pages of a fairytale. It is rich in natural beauty and culture. The country also abounds in historical significance. If you are travelling through Europe, going to Estonia will be like a breath of fresh air owing to its simplicity and the lack of crowds.

The place is ideal for those who wish to relax and reunite with mother nature. It is said to rejuvenate those who visit and act as an awakening for a person’s spiritual side. When going to Estonia, you must travel not only to the popular spots but allow yourself to let loose and see the things hidden deep within the country. Visit the lakes and the mountain peaks, and let yourself relax and take in your surroundings.

However, before you let yourself be carried away daydreaming about your trip to Estonia, you need to get some requirements in place. These requirements include your booking, visa and travel insurance plan. Remember that you will not be allowed to visit Estonia without any of the three mentioned above. These requirements become stricter as Estonia is part of the Schengen region of Europe. You want to be able to relax in Estonia, and one of the things that can help you do so is your international travel insurance.

When considering a travel insurance, you should look for the best travel insurance for Estonia. Tata AIG’s travel insurance can be just what you need. It comes at cost-effective prices while also giving you comprehensive coverage. Our travel insurance claim, purchase and renewal processes are also simple and convenient. So, when considering a travel insurance plan, always choose Tata AIG!

Major Benefits of Purchasing the Best Travel Insurance for Estonia

As we have already stated above, when you travel to Estonia from India, you will need to have a travel insurance plan in place. However, you should not only be buying Estonia travel insurance because it is mandatory to have one but because of the many benefits having international travel insurance can afford you.

If you have Estonia travel insurance from Tata AIG, you get the following benefits

  • Personal liability cover
  • Passport loss cover
  • Hijack cover
  • Covid-19 cover
  • Flight cancellation or delay cover
  • Baggage loss or delay cover
  • Illness and accident cover
  • Theft cover
  • Assistance while travelling, if you need it
  • A simple travel insurance claim procedure
  • If you need hospitalisation for an illness or injury at the end of your trip and policy period, your travel health insurance for Estonia will be extended for 60 days or until you are discharged, whichever comes first.
  • An extension of your plan for up to 7 days if your return flight is cancelled or delayed due to unavoidable circumstances and your policy is about to expire.

Travel Insurance for Estonia from India

There are some instances in life when you must be meticulous. Planning a trip is one such instance. How you plan your trip, especially a trip abroad, can deeply influence your holiday. You want to keep even the tiniest of mistakes at bay to ensure your trip is not impacted in any way. This may be one of the premier reasons why a person wishes to book an Estonian travel package from India.

But, no matter how meticulous you are and how finely you may think you have planned things out, it is possible to miss out on certain things. This is where having international travel insurance comes in handy. It can be there to help you out when things go awry, and you require assistance. It can also help you feel more secure and comfortable while on your trip. If you are thinking of what kind of

Estonian travel insurance you should buy, you should look at the wide range of offerings by Tata AIG. We have curated our plans to be comprehensive and fool-proof while also providing something different for every category of traveller.

Why Do You Need a Travel Insurance Plan When You Travel to Estonia from India?

When booking your Estonian travel package from India, you may wonder why you need to buy a travel insurance plan. There are many reasons why international travel insurance is a must for your travel to Estonia from India, but we will only be talking about the most obvious reasons.

Having an Estonian travel insurance plan is mandatory to enter Estonia. Estonia is part of the Schengen countries in Europe. There are a group of 26 countries that fall into the Schengen countries list and follow the same rules, of which Estonia is a part. However, if you do not have travel health insurance for Estonia, you will not be allowed to enter the country.

Another reason many people choose to buy travel insurance is because the India to Estonia travel cost is quite a lump-sum amount. When you pour a large amount of money into your trip, you will want to ensure that you have some kind of security to show for it. Also, when you are already paying a significant India to Estonia travel cost, you do not want to have to pay extra in case of sudden emergencies. Your travel insurance plan will take care of all these situations.

A reason why travel insurance is popular among travellers is health. You can never know when a person’s health may turn for the worse. It is also possible that an accident can take place while you are in Estonia. In such a case, you will need immediate hospitalisation, and healthcare is very expensive in Europe. However, if you have travel health insurance for Estonia, you will have nothing to worry about, as your insurance will take care of all healthcare expenses per your policy limit.

Your travel insurance plan also comes in handy when in an emergency abroad. Suddenly, your flight may get cancelled, leaving you stranded in an unknown land. It is also possible that your flight is delayed for over 12 hours while you are at a layover. What do you do in such situations? You need to make quick arrangements which could lead you to pay huge sums of money out of your pocket. It could increase your India to Estonia travel cost monumentally. However, if you have international travel insurance, you have nothing to worry about, and your insurance will cover these additional costs.

Finally, you also need to consider that there may be situations where you may need to be evacuated from Estonia. For example, the country may have an outbreak of war or political turmoil. This would lead to a complete standstill of all commercial air traffic, making it impossible for you to get out of the country. But if you have a travel insurance plan, your provider will make provisions for you to be taken out of the country at the earliest.

Tata AIG's Travel Insurance Estonia Plan: Benefits Offered

When you are getting your Estonia travel package from India and considering getting a travel insurance plan, there are many reasons why Tata AIG should be your chosen provider.

Some reasons you should choose Tata AIG for your Estonia travel insurance include;

Journey Cover - There may be a point in your trip when the hotel you have booked or the flight you are supposed to be on cancels on you. It may also be that you need emergency evacuation because of the country's situation or your health. Your insurance provider will look after all these scenarios and many more if you have a travel insurance plan with Tata AIG.

Medical Cover - Travel health insurance for Estonia ensures that any health emergency you may face will be taken care of while you are there. In addition, you will not have to worry about the monetary costs of hospitalisation if you fall sick on your trip.

If you fall ill or have an accident while on your trip to Estonia, and it happens at such a time when your trip is about to end, and your policy with us is expiring, we want you to know that you need not worry. When such a situation occurs, we extend your plan for 60 days or until you are discharged, whichever comes first.

Baggage Cover - It may so happen that your luggage gets lost or its arrival gets delayed at the airport. However, if you have a policy with us, you can go and replace any essential item you may need, and we will reimburse you for the same as per your policy limits.

COVID-19 Cover - It is possible that you get Covid-19 while you are on your trip to Estonia. In such a situation, getting care for your health can be expensive. However, if you have international travel insurance from Tata AIG, we will take care of any costs related to your treatment, medication, hospitalisation, or quarantine.

It may also happen that someone in your immediate family, or your travel companion, contracts Covid just before your trip, and you need to cancel all your bookings. However, since you are cancelling your bookings close to your commencement date, you could lose a lot of money. But if you have a travel insurance plan with us, we will take care of all of it for you, ensuring you do not lose much money.

Other Benefits - Some other benefits of Estonian travel insurance from Tata AIG include;

a. No extensive medical check-ups while buying your policy b. Any help you require while travelling will be given to you c. Customer support you can count on d. Hassle-free travel insurance claim process e. Ability to buy your policy in Rupees while getting covered in US Dollars

Travel to Estonia from India- Visa Information

If you are travelling to Estonia, ensure you make all the arrangements to get your visa in place because you cannot enter the country without a valid visa. You can get your visa by visiting the Embassy of Estonia closest to you. Please note that you need to get a Schengen visa for Estonia, and getting your visa can take some time, so apply for your visa well in advance. Also, keep in mind that there is no provision for an Indian to get a visa on arrival, so you need to arrange for your visa documents before you can begin your trip.

Another important thing you need to be mindful of is that there are two kinds of visas you can choose from for your trip to Estonia. The two visas differ based on how long you wish to stay in Estonia and what you want to do while there. The two kinds of visas you can choose are;

The Uniform Schengen Visa- If you plan to go to Estonia for a short period, this short-stay visa is an ideal option. The Uniform Schengen Visa allows you to stay in Estonia for 90 days from the start of your trip. This visa is ideal for those who want to visit the country as tourists or those who are going there to visit family or friends for a short period.

The National Schengen Visa- The National Schengen Visa, or the long-stay visa, is to be applied for by people who wish to stay in Estonia for longer. This visa is valid for a year and can be renewed as per your requirements. The long-stay visa is usually opted for by people who are going to Estonia for a job, to study or are immigrating there. It is typically more difficult to acquire than The Uniform Schengen Visa. However, if you can prove to the government authorities that you do not have any bad intentions and have just cause to apply for the visa, you should get it without much trouble.

The visas for Estonia under the two broad categories mentioned above are;

  1. Estonia Airport Transit Visa
  2. Estonia Visa for Business Purposes
  3. Estonia Tourist Visa
  4. Estonia Visa for Study, Training, Research, or other Internship Purposes
  5. Estonia Visa for Culture, Sports, Film Crew or Religious Purposes
  6. Estonia Visa for Medical Purposes
  7. Estonia Visa for Underage Children
  8. Estonia Visa: The Wife/Husband of an Estonian Citizen
  9. Estonia Visa for Members of Official Delegations

Travel to Estonia from India: Documents Required

The documents you need to have on you when travelling to Estonia include,

  1. A cover letter that states why you are travelling to Estonia
  2. Your round-trip tickets
  3. 2 coloured passport photos
  4. Your travel itinerary
  5. Proof of accommodation for the duration of your stay in Estonia
  6. Proof that you have enough funds to cover your stay in Estonia
  7. Your filled-out visa application form
  8. Proof that you have paid your visa fees
  9. Civil status proof
  10. Travel health insurance for Estonia with a cover of at least €30,000

The Indian Embassy in Estonia

Knowing where your home Embassy is when you are in a foreign country can prove helpful. In the case of Estonia, you can find the details of the Indian Embassy in Estonia below.

Estonia Trip: Safety and Travel Tips

Being in a new place, especially one where you may not know the language, can make a person feel uncomfortable. However, if you are vigilant and keep some pointers at the top of your head, it can help you avoid uncomfortable situations to a great extent.

Some pointers to remember when travelling to Estonia include

  • While crime is low in Estonia, there are instances of petty crime, especially experienced by tourists. These crimes usually occur at tourist spots, so be careful of your belongings in such places.
  • Keep your passport with you at all times.
  • Ticks can be a problem in forested regions, be careful and carry insect repellent.
  • Car theft is something that takes place in the bigger towns. Lock your car well, and do not leave valuables in the car.
  • There is an incidence of water-borne diseases in Estonia, so do not drink water unless it is store-bought or boiled.
  • Have your travel insurance plan with you wherever you go.

Safety Recommendations for COVID-19

Covid-19 had made travel very difficult for people all around the world. It took a lot of time, trial and error for governments to develop a system where they could allow people to cross their borders. Finally, now that Covid is manageable, even if it has not been eradicated, governments are allowing people free passage into their countries.

All travel restrictions that were present in Estonia have been lifted post 16.06.2022. This means that people are no longer required to show proof of vaccination when they enter Estonia, nor are they required to take a test before arrival.

However, since Covid remains a threat in our world, here are a few tips you can follow to keep yourself safe.

  • Wear a mask whenever you are in public, especially where there is large foot traffic.
  • Sanitise your hands frequently.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.
  • Stay away from places where you can see a large crown accumulated.
  • Always carry travel health insurance for Estonia.

Major International Airports in Estonia

The most significant international airport in Estonia is the Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport. It is located in the city of Tallinn and sees the maximum international traffic.

Currency and Foreign Exchange

The currency of Estonia was the Estoni Kroon for the longest time. However, post-2011, the Kroon was removed as the country's official currency, and the Euro was adopted as the currency. The link below can show you the conversion rate from INR to EURO.

1 INR to EUR- Indian Rupees to Euro Exchange Rate

When you are in Estonia, it may be helpful for you to carry a small amount of cash just in case there are a few markets or stalls that do not accept major credit cards.

A Few Must-Visit Places In Estonia

Every place has a few spots that become the place's trademark. Like when we talk about Paris, we think of the Eiffel Tower. Similarly, there are a few trademark places in Estonia as well. You should not leave Estonia without visiting these places:

Lahemaa National Park - The Lahemaa National Park is unquestionably one of Estonia's best-known tourist destinations. This park is a short distance from Tallinn and a great place to spend the day. Do not skip the Viru Raba or Viru Bog while in the park. The trees that protrude from the marshy ground are an intriguing sight, giving the magnificence of this region an ephemeral feel.

Tartu- Tartu, regarded as the nation's intellectual centre, is famous for the University of Tartu. It is more intriguing to visit since it is the first built city in the country. The city centre is traditionally constructed with 18th Century structures, the majority of which serve as outlets for current needs. The city's most eccentric appeal is the soup district, where soup ingredients make up street names, such as beans! It is hailed as one of Estonia's top tourist destinations.

Narva Castle- The town of Narva is located in Estonia's easternmost region. During World War II, this specific city was brutally bombarded. But despite the brutality, the stunning and ancient fortress of Narva is still standing. The 13th-century fortress, the Hermann Castle, is located in the city's centre. The castle has a good selection of craft classes where individuals can acquire new skills and a museum.

Rakvere Castle- In the northern region of Estonia, there is a castle called Rakvere. People have been residing in Rakvere for 1500 years, and the Rakvere Castle is the town's primary draw. Every day is essentially a cosplay event because of how everyone is dressed. You may visit alchemists' labs, see knights cleaning their armour, and take a tour of the old wine cellar.

Soomaa National Park- The Soomaa National Park is undoubtedly one of Estonia's intriguing locations. It was predominantly a peat bog created over 10,000 years ago due to the glacier's thawing. Canoeing is the activity of choice here. Deer, boars, golden eagles, elk, beavers, and several more creatures can all be seen in this park. To truly enjoy this park, you must visit it during spring.

Best Time to Visit Estonia

The best time to visit Estonia is in the summer months of May through August. This is when nature is in full bloom, and you can take in Estonia's real beauty. However, this is also the peak tourist season in Estonia, so expect there to be a fair amount of crowds. You may also enjoy visiting Estonia in winter when the country is covered with snow. It offers a separate charm, making the country seem much more ethereal.


All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location.

*Subject to change based on the nature and extent of the coverage.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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1. How much health coverage does Tata AIG’s travel insurance plan offer?

1. How much health coverage does Tata AIG’s travel insurance plan offer?


With Tata AIG, you can get health coverage of upto $5,00,000 that will protect you in case you fall sick or have an accident when you are on your trip.

2. Will my insurance cover costs if I need to cancel the trip if my daughter gets Covid?


If your insurance provider is Tata AIG, you need not worry as we will cover cancellation charges if you cancel your trip, in case your immediate family or travel companion contracts Covid.

3. What happens if a lockdown is imposed in the country I am visiting just as I am about to leave?


If a lockdown is imposed in the country you are visiting and your policy is also about to expire, you do not need to worry, as your policy will automatically be extended by 7 days.

4. Will my insurance help me if I need emergency cash transfers and advances?


If you have international travel insurance from Tata AIG, we will help you if you require emergency cash transfers and advances.

5. What happens if I require a medical evacuation while in Estonia?


If you need medical evacuation to a nearby hospital or to be brought back home to India for emergency treatment, your travel insurance plan will help you in both cases.

6. Does my insurance assist me if I need a family member while I am hospitalised in Estonia?


Yes, your insurance provides a family member with a two-way ticket to come and take care of you in case you are sick and hospitalised while on your trip.

7. How much coverage do I require for my trip to Estonia?


For your trip to Estonia, you will need a travel insurance plan with coverage of at least €30,000.